Friday, June 12, 2009

Former President Bush joins the mile high club, ummmm kinda…


No, not that mile high club, and not that  former President, this is the old guy, the  85 year old former President…

He parachuted on his birthday.  Impressive???  Well, not in my opinion.

I think the old fart is actually pretty stupid.  Geezy Pete, he has brittle bones,  his ticker is probably on it’s last leg and he’s parachute jumping?  Now that’s really smart.

Oh my, I bet Babs was watching him from the ground, hanging on to that pearl choker and his life insurance policy for dear life.  Silly old man!

What guys won’t do to chase a thrill!!!!  Even the old ones…

Men Schmen!!!

Do you remember baby doll pajamas? made me baby doll pajamas,  just like these, when I was growing up.    Mine  always had bloomer bottoms,were trimmed in  ruffles and lace, sometimes they were made of pink or lavender or my favorite yellow gingham checks, I had a pair made from white eyelet, and several pairs made from  breezy cotton prints.

They were adorable, those pajamas.  Now, girls,  (women, too) sleep in tank tops or tee shirts and boxers, nothing even resembling pajamas.

They don’t know what they’re missing.  These PJ’s that look so dated now, were absolutely the cutest things in the day.  Mine were always dried on a clothesline, and smelled fantastic when I slipped them on.  Such good memories…

Oh my age is really showing,  isn’t it… 

Spoiled little dogs…..

The M*M’s are so rotten that they won’t eat if I’m not in the room with them.  They will leave their food in the bowl until it dries up and turns brown.

I make them lunch, go in the other room, they follow me, and stare at me.  So I cave, I bring the food to where I am, and they happily eat every bite!

Are they spoiled, do you think?????

And about that flea spray.  It really works, but holy crap, my house is starting to smell like cloves.  When I go out, I smell like cloves! 

I don’t wanna smell like grandma’s Christmas cookies!!!  I called the company, asked them if they were going to make this in another scent, of course they aren’t.  But the girl did say that she sprays this stuff on herself, that its a great mosquito repellent.

I might as well go ahead and squirt it, I reek of cloves anyway….

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Aging and not being in the loop

I’m fifty-nine now, that big 6-0 is staring me in the face and I’m finding more and more that I have a hard time “fitting in” with our youth obsessed culture. 

My taste is diversified, I was always a fan of of magazines like Glamour, In Style, Good Housekeeping, Redbook, and Ladies Home Journal. to name a few.  But when I look thru them now, I can’t identify with the content.  Their pages are geared toward women in their thirties or forties, or young mothers and twenty somethings, all of which I’m not.  I can remember the days when I couldn’t wait for the latest Glamour to arrive in the mail, I thumbed thru one the other day and couldn’t relate to any of it. 

For a time I subscribed to MORE Magazine, for women over forty, but now it’s hard to identify with it when you’re approaching sixty!

It’s depressing to shop, my friends and I lament all the time about the fact that there are no great clothes for women our age.  There aren’t a lot of choices out there.  All we want are cute clothes, unique designs that don’t look like they are something our daughters would wear and definitely not things that look matronly.  But the choices just aren’t there.

The department stores are the samo-samo, the other day I was in Macy’s, it was just gawdawful stuff, and on my way out I walked thru the Junior Department.  It was filled with color and style, really great clothes, none of which would work for me, of course. It was really depressing!

Movies?  It’s rare that there is something that really appeals to me any more… And television, forget that.  Just can’t relate to what’s on the tube, maybe that’s why I’m so involved with the computer, I have more choices.

And so I trudge along, getting more and more out of sync with each birthday, wondering what it will be like for me in another ten years if I’m having these problems now.  Will I give up and just not care?

I’m not ready to settle down and read AARP Magazines, I suspect a lot of you aren’t either and can easily relate to this post,

What new interests do we develop at this age that work for us, it’s unchartered territory.  Part of it is cosmetic, do we color or go gray?  Do we need to give up the bronzer and settle for soft pink blush?  Heaven forbid we embrace mom jeans!!!   Silly stuff, I know, but we’ve changed, our bodies and looks have changed, how do we make it work now?

Is there hope, I like to think there is, I just haven’t figured out a new “fit” as I’ve moved away from the old one steadily thru the years.  I think we need a trendy magazine for women 50 and beyond.  A great television show for women our age would be wonderful.  But so far it isn’t happening…

It’s pretty bad when we have to look at what Paula Deen is wearing to get ideas.

Egads, this is a depressing post, but it’s reality…

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Home again….

My allergies, which by the way I never had until the past two or three years have been giving me fits. 

I was fine in Nashville, no scratchy throat, no itchy ears, or watery eyes.  This morning we got about an hour from home, my throat closes up and allergies are giving me fits!!!

What is it anyway???  Something has to be blooming or flowering here but not in Nashville.  Egads, it’s only three hours away!!!!

So here I sit, blowing my nose and rubbing my eyes, oh, it’s soooo good to be home!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Spray’s flea season, and I always seem to have more problems than most.  We wonder if it’s because the horse pasture is right in front of our condo, and are probably transmitting them to our yard.

I use FrontLine Plus on the girls, but lately it hasn’t been as effective, as it should be, after a couple of weeks I start to see fleas on them, so a couple of weeks ago I tried Advantix. 

Well, that was a disaster for Maggie.  She had an allergic reaction to it and was scratching and biting her fur, and I was giving her a bath at 12:30 in the morning trying to get rid of the stuff!

So here we are, two weeks later, at John’s, Mollie is doing fine, no fleas on her, the Advantix worked for her, but Maggie has fleas again!  And we’re at somebody elses house!!!!!

So I’m in a panic, not knowing what to do, and absolutely hating every time I put those toxic drops of flea killer on them anyway, but I’m desperate!  I’ve Googled myself silly trying to find alternative flea prevention, and the words cinnamon oil and cedar wood oil mentioned over and over again.  But I had no luck finding essential oils in Heavensville.

So today we trekked to the pet store, the clerk showed me where the flea and tick sprays were located and John spotted this Natural Chemistry Flea and Tick Spray for dogs.  It said it was all botanical, non toxic, totally healthy for your dog, and the ingredients were, you guessed it, oil of cinnamon, oil of cedar wood, and oil of cloves!

So I grabbed a bottle, and the checkout lady informed me that she has nine Chihuahua's and two great danes at home, and this is the only product she ever uses and never has fleas.  Well, that sold me!!!

So I buy it, and we come home with the guys teasing me, telling me that I’m such a sucker and that lady probably doesn’t even have a dog.  Yeah, right, she was a nice old lady, I believed her.

So I come home, take Mags out on the deck and start spraying her.  The fleas died, in just a few minutes they were GONE!!!!

So, naturally I’m doing the happy dance here, showing those silly men that it really does work, and thrilled that I got rid of those pesky fleas without chemicals.

So, just had to share, some of you might benefit from this, too.  We’re back home tomorrow.  Back to my regular routine, whatever that is.  I’ll update you on how well this spray continues to work…

~ jan

Monday, June 8, 2009

Bread & Co., oh it was so yummy…

My lunch today was low fat chicken salad, edaname bean succotash and black beans and corn with a sourdough roll. 

Since yours truly has been dieting seriously since April 1, this food tasted absolutely amazing.  This little Nashville deli is so good, it was fun to just sit and people watch.  This restaurant is supposed to be a favorite of Nicole Kidman, I can see why, the food is amazing…

Coppertone, oh, does it ever take me back to the ‘60’s….


We’re at John’s in Nashville for a few days, he’s building a waterfall and pond in his back yard, Dad is helping, Mom made breakfast, and tried not to interfere, but first thing this morning he brought me sunscreen to put on him, I took one whiff, and it was like going back in time.

Does anything smell better than Coppertone Suntan Lotion?  The smell hasn’t changed a bit over the years.  Deanna says Coppertone reminds her of sunshine, it reminds me of being young again, listening to my transistor radio, and drinking Pepsi out of a bottle, while laying in the sun giggling with girlfriends.

Oh, it smells so good.  Hooterville has a bottle of the oil, and regularly takes off the lid and smells it because she likes it, too.

Yours truly is going to be hotfooting it down to WallyWorld to buy my own bottle.  Then I’ll slather it on, and just enjoy!!!  I just bought a new bottle of Johnson Baby Lotion because I’m addicted to the way it smells, I’ll just add Coppertone to my rotation….

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