Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Jan’s favorite things on the cheap, Day 3

http://images.condenastinteractive.co.uk/cgi-bin/GPAOnline2/id/790951/Class/ShowsLarge/MarkupName/Stylefinder%20Item/v/o/790951.jpgI’m always trying new types of foundation,  usually courtesy of Angie, who tries them first and then tells me what I should buy…

I’ve been using Rimmel Lift and Renew Foundation since she told me about it last year.  I find it at Wally World, it costs $6.99, and I buy both the liquid and the mousse, and rotate them.  I have really sensitive skin, and have no problems with this.  It’s a good product, goes on smoothly, and more importantly, stays on all day.  Give it a try, it’s an inexpensive way to try something new.  Rimmel has blush, also – they come in small sizes, but they only cost $2.99.

Tomorrow, the best makeup remover, ever, I’ve used it for years, and never found anything that works better…


  1. A few years ago a girl at Wally World told me that Rimmel was Coty--don't know that for a fact, but Coty was always one of the best when I was growing up.

    p.s. I'm going to try your hair color, Jan. The minute I get one that works & I love, they go & discontinue it on me! I hope that your color isn't a regional thing--I guess all things aren't available everywhere, but I'm going shopping tomorrow.


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