Saturday, December 20, 2008

I bought the most gawdawful wrapping paper…

I don’t know what happened this year, I usually buy really pretty wrapping paper, but the stuff I have my presents wrapped in is butt ugly!!  What was I thinking???  I was out and about with a Tri-State-Boomer sinus headache, and I bought multiple rolls of this snowman paper.  I guess I liked it in the store, my brain must have been foggy from all the sinus meds, I brought  it home, hubby wrapped the gifts, that’s what we do, he wraps, I put on the ribbons, and after he got them all wrapped I really looked at that paper and Geezy Pete,  it got hit by the ugly stick!

I was putting on lots of curling ribbons, loading it up with all kinds of geegaws in a desperate attempt to make it look presentable, it still looked horrid, so in desperation I went to WallyWorld and bought raffia, now I’m gonna try loading it up with raffia.  I seriously considered throwing all the paper away and starting over, but figured hubby would throw a hissy, so I’m trying a work around.

I’ll update you on how that’s working out for me.  Probably not so good….


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