Saturday, September 26, 2009

Buttered Rum update…

I just put this recipe on Jan CAN Cook, and tagged it for the Drinks section, that way we won’t lose track of it.  She also sent me a recipe for a Broken Leg, made with hot apple cider and ginger brandy, it’s in Jan CAN Cook as well…

I wish I had a sound recorder right now….

I had chicken and rice soup for lunch, and didn’t eat it all, so tonight when I was making the M&M’s dinner, I spooned that soup on top of their dog food.

OMG, you’ve never heard such slurping going on in your life!  I’m sitting here, just cracking up, no doubt I’m going to have to wash faces in a bit, but they sure are enjoying their food….

Everybody needs a special place, this is mine…


Friday, September 25, 2009

You might want to save this, girlfriends..

My buddy, Carlene, is an awesome cook.  She sent me her recipe for a hot toddy.  If you’re a bit under the weather, this might just fix you right up.  But why wait until you don’t feel good, this would be great anytime – this is one for your recipe files…

~ jan

Here’s what she said in her email this afternoon -

I want to remind you, in case you need it for colds/flu/ H1N1, etc., or just a generally bad (or GOOD) day in Winter, of my Hot Toddy.   It is soooo restorative..... 

Hot Buttered Rum

1-2 tsp. brown sugar
1 Tbs.  good vanilla ice cream
1-2 jiggers of rum
1 tsp. butter
1 cinnamon stick

Mix brown sugar and ice cream in the glass mug, add the rum, fill with hot water...add the cinnamon stick and the pat of butter.

I swear, this works just as well as Mentholatum or Vicks's a great inhaler, even if you don't care to drink it.. 

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Sometimes, dogs can be just like little kids….

I was chatting with Hooterville on IM while ago, commenting on how idyllic it was at my house.  Jazz was playing, the dogs each had a chewie, Molly was lying beside me on her pillow gnawing on hers, Maggie was stretched out in the living room chewing on hers.  It was so peaceful, almost blissful, actually. 

Well, that went to hell in a handbag.  Maggie buried her chewie somewhere, probably in our bed, she does that often, always on LC’s side, too, and then she wanted Mollies chewie.  Well, no way, Mollie was giving hers up, she just turned her butt toward Mags and kept on chewing.  So Maggie started whining.

She cried and she cried, I ignored her, trying to return to my state of bliss, but oh no,that wasnt going to happen,  then she started barking, loudly.  I wasn’t going to punish Mollie because Mags was being a little bully.  I tried sitting her in my lap, that didn’t work, she was still barking, I looked for her chewie, she really hid it well this time, I couldn’t find it, and I wasn’t going to give her another one.

There was no reasoning with her, Mollie, meanwhile was still chewing.  I would have put her in the timeout corner if I could, I swear I would.

I finally gave her a piece of cheese, that seemed to soothe the little savage beast, for awhile anyway.  Maybe hubby will have better luck with her than I did, she’s now sitting on his lap, pouting no doubt.  And Mollie, she’s still chewing, she’s gonna get lockjaw if she keeps this up.  Slow and steady, that’s our Mollie girl, not a lot phases her.

Meanwhile, the little wild child was being really naughty.

Yep, just like a couple of kids…

Your daily dose of cuteness…


You haven’t seen a picture of my Maggie for awhile.  Is this cute or what???

glamour shot '09

A must see, Suryia the Oranguta and Roscoe the Dog, Best Buds…

Are you bored, do you need a good book to read???

I’ve known about this for sometime, now.  It’s the mother of all free e-book sources.  You name it, they’ve got it, and you can download it all, for free.  I don’t know how they do it, I’m just telling you about it, so don’t get your panties in a wad thinking this is illegal.  It’s been around forever, and is really popular.  There is a ton of stuff on here, for instance, go here and you can download 84 Nora Roberts novels.  No, that’s not a typo, there are 84 of her novels on here.  It may take you a bit to get the hang of downloading all these rapidshare files, but it works, trust me….  Tons of Stephen King, all of Agatha Christie, The Twilight Series, Nicholas Sparks, Linda Howard (35 novels), Harry Potter, Elizabeth Lowell (35 novels), John Grisham (16 novels)  to name a few, they are all on here, and they’re all free.

Here’s the link to Freebookspot, all the different areas are in the right sidebar, lots and lots of tutorials, but head down to the fiction area, and start looking.  You won’t believe what’s available. Don’t click on the Fiction ebook at the top of the page, that’s an ad, it’s in the right sidebar.  Here’s the quick click.

Irex Technologies' first eReader to be sold in the US.Jean sent me a link today for a new wireless ereader.  They are really becoming popular now,  and this one looks pretty good.  I still love my Sony reader, but I’m just chomping at the bit for Apple to debut their new Mac Tablet.  It’s a mini computer and a bookreader, and it has color!  All of the readers so far are greytones, and you have to be careful which ones you buy, you want to make sure they’re .pdf compatible and work with your local library downloads.  It’s not a bad idea to check with your library to see which ones are compatible before you plunk down major money.  I never buy books for mine, I’ve downloaded a ton from the library.

I still love my Sony reader, with all of those Nora Roberts novels loaded on it, most of which I have read, by the way, but hey, a girl’s gotta dream.

You can read all about this new Irex reader, here.

If this interests you, you will need to download Adobe Digital to read these books on your computer.  It’s a freebie download.  Yeah, I know you want to the link to that, also.  Here it is…

~ jan

I’ve got a goodie for you this morning…

TitanTV - Free Customizable TV Listings

If you’re a regular reader of this blog, you all know that my techkie buddy, Hooterville, knows all the good stuff.  Well, she’s done it again.  I was complaining a few days ago about not having a good online tv grid to check upcoming television shows.  I have been using Yahoo’s tv grid, and the one from TV Guide, and they’re both pretty lame.

So she tells me that I need to be using TitanTV.  She told me how great it is, how you can create an account, save all your preferences, then log in from any computer to view your lineup.  It’s really customizable,  here’s a link to a quick overview.   One feature I really like are the drop down menu’s.  For instance, you can change and view choose the day and time you want to view a grid from a drop down, instead of having to right arrow and scroll, which takes forever.  I also like how you can set up different folders with saved stations in them, so you can quickly view a lineup instead of having to go thru the whole enchilada.  It will also send alerts to your mobile phone, reminding you of upcoming shows.

Here’s a screen shot of my default screen.  Hop on over to TitanTV, register, and give it a try.  It’s really amazing… Pinkie swear.

~ jan

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Good Wife, it was actually good!

I have such a hard time with television programs.  Nothing appeals to me, and every fall I’m on a mission, trying to find something that is interesting.

I had read positive reviews about “The Good Wife” on CBS, watched it last night, and really liked it.  OMG, I really liked it!!!!!

Juliana Margulies is excellent, and her law firm’s in-house investigator, played by Archie Panjabi, yep, Archie is a girl, is quirky, edgy, just perfect for the role.

So, it looks like I have a solid Tuesday night lineup for this fall.  Dancing With The Stars and The Good Wife.  How about that!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Something you may not want to try….

In a misguided attempt to rid myself of the mother of all sinus headaches, I not only swallowed a Sudafed and two Excedrin, simultaneously, but also consumed multiple cups of coffee, three glasses of iced tea,  a caffeinated Diet Coke and a Monster Energy Drink.

I can now say that I have not been this edgy since beginnning my last menstrual cycle which was more years ago than any of us care to remember.

Lord have mercy, whatever was I thinking?  I’m about to jump out of my ever lovin’ skin….

Monday, September 21, 2009

Don’t know what to cook, tonight?

logo This is a great site, you just put in what you have in your kitchen and it generates recipes.

Setting this up works best if you have two people, one typing the ingredients in your kitchen that you want to add, the other telling you what you have in your pantry and fridge.  It’s much faster if you do it this way.


The first thing you need to do is create an account at SuperCook, so that they remember your choices, then you simply add the ingredients, and then when you want to make a dish, you just click on the ingredients you want to use and recipes are generated on the right side of the page, as shown in the screen shot of what I have  in my kitchen.  You then can save these to recipe boxes, it’s like a cookook.

From just my three ingredients, red beans, chili power and red peppers, this program generated 126 recipes!  Pretty neat, huh???

You’ll love this, pinky swear, click here to give it a try…

~ jan

Sunday, September 20, 2009

What was your favorite school cafeteria food?


Oh, this was an easy answer.  It was hands down, sloppy joes.  The ones I had in elementary school sparked a love of this gooey sandwich that I still enjoy to this day.  I have fond memories of sloppy joes, not only in school cafeterias, but at country auctions, and church socials, as well.

It’s a tradition in our household to fix sloppy  joes and potato chips on halloween.  We’ve done it since John and Ryan were little boys, and now they do it in their homes.  I have a killer recipe, too, from my neighbor Susan, in Denver.  It’s one that I’ve published before, and will again at halloween, this year.

Unfortunately, other than sloppy joes, my other memories of cafeteria lunches were not good.  I remember things like cornbread and beans, with cornbread so dry you choked on it, and cheese sandwiches, with hugely thick slabs of cheese between white gummy bread, no doubt a government commodity, that just tasted horrid.  We also had inferior peanut butter that they slathered on the bread, no jelly, no honey, just dry bread and lots of peanut butter.  Blecht!  One year there was a surplus of the stuff, the cooks put peanut butter in meat loaf to bind it, we had cookies and cake, you name it, they made it with peanut butter.

They would also serve us instant potatoes and a sausage patty.  Oh, that was not good, either.  The taste was vile.  When high school came along, I quickly abandoned the mandatory school cafeteria for lunches at the local diner, Alice’s Cafe.  I happily ate a hamburger, french fries and a coke, for a total of fifty-five cents, every single day for four years.

But oh, those sloppy joes, maybe I’ll make them this week…

Do you want to hear Jennifer Aniston sing?

She is such a cutey patootie.  I saw her new movie, Love Happens, this weekend, and really liked it.  She was adorable, her name was Eloise, and she had a flower shop and drove this cute old Falcon hippie van. It’s worth seeing the movie just to see the fleurs.  There were lots and lots of huge cabbage roses, the prettiest I’ve ever seen.

Here’s the Ellen clip.  Egads, she needs to do something about her hair, though, it was in her face constantly, and drove me crazy watching her constantly flipping it back…

Thirty-four years ago this morning….

I had just given birth to Ryan.  And now he’s about to become a father.  I feel like life is coming full circle…

It’s a good day, the anniversary day of your children’s births.  My world is peaceful this morning…

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