Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I’m not a Mickey Rourke fan, however…


In a recent interview he said that he likes little dogs because you can hold them close, smell their fur and feel their hearts beating.

Very well put, Mr. Rourke.  I understand this feeling completely.  There is nothing quite like a little furry soul snuggling on your chest, feeling it’s warm breath against your hand as you stroke it’s fur.  You have total trust from these sweet little creatures.  He gets it, he really gets it!  Maybe this guy isn’t so bad after all…


  1. Yeah...and his favorite little dog just died the other day. He's had a rough road in life, I'm sure b/c of the choices he's made, but I think he's turned his life around finally and he says the dogs were always there for him. Very very touching.


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