Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Beauty Blender, is it really worth $20


You bet your bootie it is!  It’s worth every penny.  If you’re not familiar with a Beauty Blender, it’s a makeup sponge, and you’re thinking, "Jan, you’ve lost your mind, no way am I going to pay $20 for a little pink egg sponge."  Okay, hang onto that $20 but you’re missing out on something really great, you know I always share the good stuff, and trust me, this one is a winner!
I researched this extensively, cause that’s what I do, the majority of the reviewers say to not even try buying a knock-off, the foam isn’t the same, the knock-offs are hard and stiff and don’t absorb the makeup like the Beauty Blender, so you don’t get the same results.  C’mon ladies, it’s like going through Starbucks four times, just cough up the money for this.
What it doesn’t do is turn back time.  There is no way that we are going to take our aging skin and make it look young again.  You still have the sags, the wrinkles, oh aren’t I Miss Merry Sunshine this morning.  But what the Beauty Blender does is blend your makeup flawlessly.  I’m attaching Kandee’s video below, I did just what she did.  Got it wet, squeezed it dry with a towel and got started.  The only thing I didn’t do was apply the foundation directly to the Blender, I think you get more control by putting it in your palm and then dabbing the blender in it.
So I stippled on my foundation like she did in the video, wow, it did to go on smoothly, just like she said, no lines of demarcation, no unevenness, it worked amazingly well.  But did I quit, oh heck no, I just kept going.  I dabbed my concealer in it, put it on, went on smooth as silk, then I dabbed my loose powder in it and did the same.  And I still kept going, I used it to apply my powder blush and I actually dabbed it in my beloved MAC eyeshadow and applied my eyeshadow with it.   Smooth, smooth, smooth, totally blended, easy, fast, it’s a winner.  This thing rocks!  I didn’t spend more money for their cleanser, I just used baby shampoo to rinse it in, and yep, it immediately stains, but  who cares.  The reviewers also say it works great to rinse it in Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.  They also sell it in white and red.  White, I don’t think so, and I’m not a fan of red, pink works for me.
This thing is a staple from now on for this old makeup junkie.  Do you want one and not leave your house?  Get it from Nordstroms, free shipping, it will arrive in a few days.  Why not Amazon?  Because reviewers say that sometimes they are knock-offs from Amazon, and I didn’t want to chance it.  I didn’t want to wait, so I got mine at Sephora, don’t try Ulta, they don’t have it. But it’s a cold day,  it’s snowy, it’s winter, just order the darn thing.  You can get it from Beauty Blender’s site, too, but they don’t have free ship like Nordie’s does.
Here’s the click to order, take a deep breath, fork over $20 for a sponge that’s hideously overpriced and you too can have flawless makeup.  Some things are just worth the money.  Know what I mean, Vern...
Oh, you can email me and thank me after you buy it, you’re gonna love this one, trust me.  ~ Jan


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