Friday, May 24, 2013

The Family

IMG 0172


Ben is a giggly, smiley little boy, who's drooling and teething.


IMG 0226


Abby answered questions about her Dad at school this week.


IMG 0114


John and Deanna visited the Leaning Tower of Pisa, one of my favorite pictures so far.


IMG 0104


IMG 0108


Earlier this week they went to a cooking school in Tuscany, but that's a story for Deanna to tell...


IMG 0173


IMG 0174


And finally, Lindsay just shared two more pictures of the kids playing on the swing set.  See what I mean about iPhone sharing - it's a steady stream.  LOVE IT!!!  

Thursday, May 23, 2013

My latest obsession...


Okay, so I' ve been living under a rock.  I just never watch network television, ever.  But last week, my buddy, Ang, told me that Scandal was her all-time favorite television show and I had yet to  see it.

So, the first season was on Netflix, hubby and I queued it up and watched three episodes the first night, an episode last night, and no doubt we will finish the remaining three episodes this weekend and then watch newer episodes on the computer.  We're hooked, and he enjoys it as much as I do.

It is absolutely fantastic acting.  What a good show, lots of action for the guys, it's very fast paced, the cinematography reminds me a bit of Bourne Identity.  Olivia Pope has amazing clothes for the women, sex, intrigue, politics, all make for something we rarely see these days, good  television.  If you've missed this ABC show, give it a watch this weekend.  The weather in Heavensville is going to be cool, showers, a perfect weekend to catch more of this great series.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

iPhones are a wonderful thing….

I'm so tired of people constantly bashing Apple.  Among other things, they say they are too propietary and they have lost their edge since Steve Jobs died.  Well, maybe they are too controlling, but that control isn't all bad, it results in a consistently good product!  I find the people that are most vocal  are the Android phone people, it's like they are the underdog and have a point to prove that their phones are better than Apple.  Now I have absolutely nothing against Android phones, they are wonderful, innovative pieces of technology, in many ways superior to iPhones, but they aren't for me.  I'm a diehard, died in the wool Apple fan girl, and what I'm showing you below is a perfect example of why.

John has an iPhone, as does Lindsay and they photo share with me.  I see far more pictures of my grandchildren then I ordinarily would, because you it's so easy to click and share pictures with our iPhones.  Since it's a native application built into the firmware instead of a third party app, it's lightening fast to share.  The pictures come to me, not only on my phone, but instantly to my iPad and my desktop iMac.

John has always had a Blackberry for business, but now has an iPhone, and for the first time, I'm getting vacation pictures in a steady stream.  I'm seeing their trip to Italy on a daily basis.  It's wonderful, it's like I'm along on their vacation with them, and when I don't talk to them, I still know all is well because I'm getting a constant feed of photos.

Here's a sample this morning, and a big thank you to Apple for making it so simple to quickly share pictures.

We're a total foodie family, so it's no surprise that he sends me a lot of photos of the local cuisine. 

IMG 0070

IMG 0066

IMG 0072

IMG 0067

IMG 0076

IMG 0059

IMG 0056

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When a monster storm suddenly becomes personal


I was working at the computer yesterday when early information about the Oklahoma tornado started coming to my inbox.  My friend, Holly, the same Holly who sends me the wonderful handmade cards, lives in an Oklahoma City suburb and I quickly sent her an email, naively saying that I hoped she was okay.

Then additional reports started quickly coming in, I went to the den to watch the coverage with hubby, and realized that the tornado had struck Moore, Oklahoma.  I got this sick feeling, quickly pulled up Holly's address, and sure enough, my fears were realized, she lives in Moore, Oklahoma.  I didn't have her cell phone number, so I started emailing her again, and Larry pulled up her address on Google Maps.  It looked like she was right in the path of destruction.

I surmised that both she and her husband were at work, as this happened mid-afternoon, but the scene that unfolded was just, as you all know, horrifying.  Finally, last night at 8:30pm, I got an email from her.  She was in Hilton Head on vacation, had finally gotten thru to one of her neighbors and found out that the tornado came within three blocks of her house and thankfully, her only damage was dirt and slime.

This is a perfect example of how quickly our lives can change.  There is no power over Mother Nature, we only rent space from her, and it can be taken away in a heartbeat. 

I'm very relieved for my friend this morning as I watch coverage of this horrible tragedy, but so, so many others were not so lucky...

Monday, May 20, 2013

Flowers make me smile...



I plucked an iris and peony from my neighbor's yard and put them in old milk jugs in a wire carrier on my kitchen counter  Such a little thing, but it gives me so much joy.

It's the simple things, ladies.  Works for me every time ;o)

Ben at 9 months

ben 9 months


Thought I would brighten your morning with a smile,  a picture of my sweet little Grandson…  Happy Monday!!!

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