Friday, April 19, 2013

So what really happened to my favorite sleep shirt????


I'm  not a happy camper, ladies, not at all.  My very favorite sleep shirt, the one that has been lovingly washed until it's as soft as butter, butt ugly but soft as butter, is missing.  It's my go to, my comfy, cozy,  feel good sleep shirt, and it doesn't even have holes in it!  It is older than dirt now, and so, so, so soft, and it's nowhere to be found.

Hubby swears that he didn't pitch it, but I don't know about that.  He has been known to throw articles of well worn clothing of mine away in the past.  But I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt on this one, but if he really didn't throw it away, what happened to it???

I've torn the house upside down, searched high and low, every drawer, nook and cranny, and it is just gone!

Do you think it was stolen?  Some thief slipped in and took it?  After all it takes years to get cotton this soft, women would kill for this softness!

Oh, of course nobody took it, but what happened to it?  Is this going to be one of those unsolved mysteries?  Geezy Pete, this is upsetting.  And I needed it after my burnt hand fiasco, it would have made me feel so much better.  Waaaaaaaaaa

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boy, isn't this the truth!

Mustard really does relieve burn pain



I baked an egg white omelet in a small skillet in the oven this morning, took it out sat it on the cutting board, got out a plate and grabbed the handle to flip it!!!  Immediately threw the pan in the sink as the pain from the steel handle was unreal.  I never put skillets in the oven, and the handles don't get hot on top of the stove, just totally screwed up ladies.  The entire palm of my hand is burned, along with thumb and lower index finger.

Hubby wanted me to go to convenient care, but I didn't want major pain meds, I hate taking that stuff, instead I put ice on it, we called Ryan, who talked to pharmacist at CVS and we picked up several different aloe products.  Meanwhile my hand is screaming with pain, it's a solid 10, I can't tolerate not having ice on it, the aloe products maybe took it down to a 9, and I'm desperate.

I came home, looked online and The People's Pharmacy said to slather it in yellow mustard.  The comments were positive, over and over people said it worked for them.   I was really skeptical, I just didn't see how I was going to stand it without the ice, but hubby got my beloved Plochmann's Mustard out of the fridge, squeezed it all over my hand, and the relief was immediate.  

I was still skeptical, but it continued to feel better, he wrapped my hand in gauze, now the pain is a 4 and this is a bad burn.  Remember this home remedy ladies for when you have a burn, I'm just amazed at how well this works.  Of course you smell like mustard and crave a hotdog, but I'm surprised that I can even joke about this right now.

I'm going to be reading more about People's Pharmacy, I'm so impressed...

Read what other people say about this remedy

Words of Wisdom on this sad week for our country...


Monday, April 15, 2013

I don't know about you, but I need a teehee this morning ;o)))))


Jenna Bush Hager's Baby Picture


This came in my email this morning, it was too sweet not to share.

Apps that will save you money $$$$$$$$$

If you're a Smart Phone user, I have apps for you this morning.   They are all compatible with both Apple and Android devices,too.NewImage

For immediate gratification seekers the app is REDLASER

When a number of major retailers stock the item you want, you can buy it directly from the app and arrange for in-store pickup at the customer service desk.  No time consuming hunt thru the aisles.  It's free!


For Eagle-eyed Shoppers there is SMOOPA

If you're in a store and find that the number on the price tag is lower than the prices cited by the app, Smoopa will reward you with cash, gift cards and more.  It's free.

Customers willing to wait - DECIDE

This standout display's an item's current prices and tells you whether those numbers are likely to drop within the next two weeks.  The predictions are 80% accurate and if the app gets it wrong Decide will reimburse you with the difference.  This one isn't free, there is a $5 a month charge for this, but if you're making a major purchase it would be so worth it.

Eco minded consumers - GOOGLE SHOPPER

As you compare prices, you'll see product grades from  site that helps users select earth-friendly brands.  Free

The best App for gift givers - PRICEGRABBERS

This cool app has a perk called the "gift shake" - Select a category and a oat level then shake your phone to see a suggestion.  Keep shaking to come up with a winner.  Free

Now you're armed and dangerous.  Let's go shopping!!!

Sunday, April 14, 2013

The Grandkids



9 Facebook 1



9 Facebook 2




Nothing cuter than kids playing outside on a warm spring day…  And yep, P-Pa provided Ben-Jammin with his first hot-rod...

Chickies Cleavage Coverage, what's your take on this...


I never was a fan of showing cleavage, not even in the day.  My buddy V, say's I'm the only big boobed woman she knows who never showcased the girls.  But it just wasn't me, and now that i'm old(er) I certainly don't want to.  So I'm looking at my Real Simple Magazine, and they're talking about Chickie's Cleaveage Coverage.  It's kind of like a tube top, no extra straps, not a lot of fabric to make you hot in the summer, or extra bulk to make your mid-section look even bigger - this fastens to your bra, looks pretty good, doesn't it.

That's the pro, the con is the darned thing is $33 plus shipping.

I have the "As Seen on TV" Cami Secret, that I got at Walgreens, and it's so-so, since it doesn't wrap around, the sides of it tend to show if you have a low top on, and the lace doesn't go with everything.


Well drats!  Looks like I'm going to have to cough up $33 plus shipping, and of course I could use one in black, too.  And the colors look great as well.  It never ends, does it?  

Yes, I know, you want the link.  Here it is...



Rednek Margarita Glasses


I'm a lover of anything Ball Fruit Jar makes.  A late bloomer to the Ball bandwagon, I credit Pioneer Woman for reintroducing me, as she's also a lover of all things Ball.   I heard about Rednek Wine Glasses last year,  and I just wasn't onboard with those, I thought they looked pretty hokey.  But I was at Rural King today, and they now have these margarita glasses.

Okay, they're charming, I must admit, they're wider than a regular Ball Jar, and totally captivate me.  They're $7.99 each at Rural King, which I thought was kind of pricey, but then I came home and looked on Amazon and they're $11.98 each.  And on eBay, they're even more expensive, some sites have BUY IT NOW for $20.00.

I'm thinking these would be oh so cute this summer for any kind of drink.   They're large, 16 ounces, they would be great for Iced Tea.  Maybe, I'll just have to go back to Rural King and buy a set of these, ya think?



They also have smaller Martini Glasses, I like the shape of these, too.  Still don't care for the wine glasses.  The martini glasses are half pint size, would be pretty spiffy looking filled with fresh berries and a little Greek Yogurt...

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