Friday, January 18, 2013

Okay, so I put on my big girl panties and got a flu shot...


This was a major step for yours truly.  Eighteen years ago, the year I got bacterial meningitis, was the only year I had ever gotten a flu shot.  I know it had nothing to do with the meningitis, but I've had a huge mental block about flu shots since, and understandably so. 

But this this year the flu is raging and I have been so leary of getting sick.  I've stayed home the past few weeks, only venturing out a few times, and it's ridiculous.  I blogged about getting the shot days ago, and I still didn't do it.  But we're going to be out this weekend, and next weekend, and hopefully next week, so I just sucked it up, went to the grocery store pharmacy and did it!

The pharmacist was administering the shot, and I'm telling him that I don't even feel it.  "It's because I haven't done it yet," he said. And then he says "damn."  It's a bit concerning when the pharmacist curses, and when I asked why, he said he was just frustrated because the plunger wouldn't go into my arm.  But then I felt a sting, and the deed was done!

But you know what, I had zero symptoms afterwards.  I didn't feel bad, my arm wasn't even sore, it was painless.  Had I not felt the sting, I would have sworn I didn't really get a shot.

And now I'm protected, well as much as I can be, so I'm going out and enjoy my life.

But I didn't get a sucker, and I think I should have!  He didn't even ask if I wanted one.  *sigh*      

Aunt Bea's in the kitchen...


Just like Aunt Bea, Jan's in the kitchen cooking.  The kids are coming home for the weekend, the weather is going to be gorgeous, life is good.

Missing the grandkids like crazy, though.  But I'll see them soon, just can't take it much longer without seeing those precious little faces..

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Best Friends–a kid, a dog and a puddle…

My friend, Mary sent me the link to this.  Another cute video.  You just can’t beat kids and animals.  This one is precious, but there will never be one as cute as little Emma and her Mustang Cinnamon, I’ve watched it over and over again.

Here’s the link if you want to watch it again, too….

Now the eyelashes are going, what's next????

Actually, the eyelashes are just going on one eye, the one that I got the blob of wax on.  But this happens a lot, I lose a clump of lashes right in the middle of that eye, not the other one just the left one.  Didn't you always want to know this????  Usually when I switch mascara they regrow, but I switched a couple of weeks ago, and so far they aren't coming in when I stare into my 10X mirror.  Eeeeeks!  Panic time!!!!

So I'm researching false eyelashes.  Hey, I'm desperate!  I Googled "Good Drugstore Eyelashes" and these came up.  People like them, they're super cheap, so  I started reading the comments.  Here's what one woman said:

"Use either a safety pin or a needle to apply the glue to the lash line. Press gently with another safety pin to the lash line to apply and the glue dries perfectly without any white showing."

What???? What???? A needle????  Me stick a needle on my eyelid????  Are you kidding me, no way, no how.  This is a disaster waiting to happen!

This obviously isn't going to work, I guess I'll just start wearing a patch.  Or maybe I'll grow my hair long and wear it over one eye like Veronica Lake did in the old days.  I know, you're asking, "who is Veronica Lake?"  Like I remember her???  Even I'm not that old, I just had a brain flash and her name popped into my addled brain.  She was born in 1922 after all, that was my mother's generation, not mine.


Oh I might just as well give up on this, if I did manage to get the things on I would look really stupid!  There is just no hope, there just isn't!  Poor pitiful me!!!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Oprah says Lance Armstrong's confession interview is riveting



I don't care how riveting it is, I wouldn't give former saint Oprah or Lance Armstrong one minute of my time.

She's in it for the ratings, why he is doing it is beyond me.  They announced on GMA this morning that he left his home in Texas yesterday and flew to Hawaii.  Is this bozo living in the real world?

Maybe not now, but he may be singing a different tune after all the lawsuits hit.

Oh, I'm so opinionated in my old(er) age.  The older I get the more I sound like my mother!

But seriously, does he think he'll get redemption for confessing his sins.  This is the biggest travesty in the history of sports!  The man is a disgrace, not only to his fellow athletes, but to all people around the world that admired him at one time and especially to the the younger generation that emulated him!  Shame, shame on you Lance Armstrong...

Monday, January 14, 2013

Dinner was a TOTAL disaster!

Oh you have no idea how bad this was, it ranked right up there with my jumbo cornburger, one of the most horrible things I've ever made.

I don't know about you, but I have my "go to" meals, things that are quick, fast, simple, and yummy.  One of my favorites is to put frozen chicken breasts in the crockpot with a can of cream of chicken soup, and in 3-4 hours I have tender chicken and a flavored gravy like broth that I can just mix cooked noodles into.  And who doesn't like chicken and noodles, it's comfort food on a cold winter day.

So this afternoon we had to run errands, I got out a bag of frozen chicken breasts, put them in the crockpot, but I only had a few, so I asked hubby to get another package, with a butterflied chicken breast in it, out of the freezer to add to them.  He was such a help, he added it to the crockpot for me, added the can of cream of chicken soup and we were out the door.

We come home to dinner simmering in the crockpot, life was good!  WRONG!!!!!!!

I finish dinner, cook the veggies, cook the noodles, add them to the crockpot, and stir it up like I always do.  But wait, something's not right, there is a brown film on one of those breasts.  I'm thinking, ewwwww, it must have been spoiled.  So then I pulled it apart, and it flaked.  IT FLAKED!!!!  Hubby had gotten out a package of mystery fish, thinking it was chicken, and added it to the crock.

Ever the optimist, I'm thinking, maybe it's a nice mild fish, it will be okay, or if not maybe we can just eat the minuscule amount of chicken and the noodles, right????   So I plate dinner, we sit down at the bar to eat, take one bite, and it's like oh no, oh no, oh no, this is wrong on so many levels.

Poor LC, he felt so bad, he got up and made mac and cheese and hot dogs, while I sat and fussed.

I may never feel the same about chicken and noodles again.  And I love chicken and noodles.

Oh dear, what a flop that was!!!!!  I may need some ice cream to recover….

Sunday, January 13, 2013

A little online window shopping on a rainy Sunday afternoon


Screenshot 1 13 13 2 29 PM

Soft Surroundings - I know, I know, you want the link.  Here it is, enjoy!


and this ring from Sundance


and their Smoky Mountain Earrings


and their gemstone 5 wrap bracelet


and this great ring for spring
, i do love turquoise

No, I'm not buying, just dreaming.. Spendy, spendy...



Film vs. Digital, a little giggle for you this afternoon..

NewImageThis is so true.  I remember back in the day, when I got ready to take pictures of Ryan's high school graduation, his 8th grade graduation pictures were still in the camera, same roll of film.

Now we take thousands of pictures, which we never develop.  Are mine organized?  Oh heck no, they're strung out all over the computer and backed up on multiple external hard drives .  I remember a few years ago when I got my MAC, I was so excited about iPhoto and face recognition.  Well, that lasted about a week, and I gave up on tagging all those pictures.  And I think at this point, the number of pictures i have is so overwhelming that they will never be organized into any type of albums.  

I suppose when I'm pushing up daisies and the kids are going through my things, they will have to figure it out.  Somehow, I doubt that it will endear them to me, but that's just the way the cookie crumbles.

It's too mind boggling to even attempt figure it all out, so Scarlett will just let the family go for it!  Let's see, I'm sixty-three now, so if I live another twenty or twenty-five years, that's gonna be a whole lotta pictures.  Forget the endearing, they are going to hate me!  

But they will go through them, because by then they will want to see what they looked like all those years ago.  Sucks to be them, huh...

And remember, no matter how much we dislike having our pictures taken, we will never look better than we do right now.  I look back at pictures of myself from five or ten years ago that I thought were terrible at the time and now I think they don't look so bad.  ;o)

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