Saturday, July 27, 2013

Well, I have the coffee, still trying to find my joy this morning...



I don't like change, never have, I want things to stay the same and they don't.  It was a sad day here yesterday, we sold Milly.  Oh, we upgraded our golf cart to a spiffy little Yamaha, and Milly was getting old(er) like the rest of us.   I had such good times on that golf cart over the years,  Maggie has ridden in her since she was just a pup and Abby has ridden in her since babyhood, she loves Milly.  *sigh*

When she pulled out of the drive for the last time, I was tearing up, she was a good old(er) girl, my Milly.  She went to a good home, I sure hope they appreciate her and respect her age!

I'm sure I'll get sentimentally attached to the new cart, after all, Abby will grow up and drive her, Ben, too, but little Ben won't even remember Milly.  Oh, here I go again,  Geezy Pete, I gotta get a grip!

I'll post the last pictures of her and the new kid on the block, who is yet to be named, later.  Just needed to get that off my chest this morning.  Waaaaaaaaaaa


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