Thursday, June 20, 2013

Huh, what crayon???



Most dogs eat off the floor, pick things up, put them in their mouth, but  that has never been Maggie.  She just doesn't.  You drop food, she ignores it, she doesn't sniff for crumbs, nada, zilch.  

Well, that has all changed since Abby's arrival.  Three year olds leave lots of things behind, things that would entice any little dog, and apparently Mags has decided that she likes what Abby likes.  She has a particular fascination with crayons.  Why, I don't know, but she licks them, she carries them around in her mouth, and her human Mom is not a fan.  I wouldn't think crayons would be toxic, after all they are for kids, but I don't like her carrying them around in her mouth.

Abby is good about not dropping things, but she's not perfect, so occasionally I find "things."  This afternoon Maggie had dibs on an apple slice from Abby's Happy Meal, and she wasn't giving it up.  She just follows Abby around seeing what treasure she can eat and/or play with.  Kids and dogs, is there anything cuter….


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