Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Grammie's post stories about the grandkids, it's what we do...


Of course I think Abby's antics are positively hysterical, the rest of you, probably not so much.  But, hopefully, my blog archives will be intact when she is grown and she will be able to look back at the stories of her life that she would never know about had it not been for my Daily Dish.

This is Lindsay's recent Facebook post.  Abs is totally obsessed with Finish Dishwashing Liquid, and last weekend, she told me she also liked All.  Too bad Art Linkletter isn't still around, oh the stories we all have.  

My friend Trisher's Hayden, who's three, told her grandma last week  that she shouldn't go up on the rocks, because "Boys and Ivy are up there."  

So this is Lindsay's Facebook post, it's so funny...

It can't help but feel personal that Miss A is totally obsessed with Finish. Yes Finish, the stuff for the dishwasher. When she saw the commercial for the first time, she looks at me and says "I wish that I would have Finish. It would make my house sparkle." I tried to gently explain that's not how it works and after she saw the commercial a couple more times (thanks Nick Jr) she realized it was just for dishes.

However, that didn't lessen her desperation for Finish. After leaving the grocery store on Tuesday, Ry called from wherever he was last week and Miss A wanted to talk to him. The first thing she did was tell him she was mad at me for not getting her Finish. So, because he is awesome like that, he brought her some as her special surprise he always brings home from trips. Girlfriend straight up lost her mind. All day she has been telling me I need to put dirty dishes into the dishwasher so that she could put Finish in and they will be sparkly and wonderful. She always ends with, "You need help with dishes, don' cha?" 



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