Friday, September 14, 2012

I’ve got to figure out my down comforter dilemma


A lot of times I use this blog to just work through things in my mind.  It’s cheaper than a therapist, and probably bores the beejus out of most of you, but it’s what I do.

Enter JAN’S DOWN COMFORTER DILEMMA!  Now I’ve blogged in the past about my love for my fluffy comforter, cool in the summer, warm in the winter, light as a feather, ”fluffy,” well, it is if you keep flipping it from end to end, which you have to do because those feathers shift.  It’s the “traditional” comforter, the one that has no channel quilting, even though quilted comforters are really popular these days, probably because people don’t want to deal with the lumps of the old-fashioned ones, but I’m wondering if I’ll get the same lofty experience with a quilted one, looks to me like it flattens out the feathers. And no, this isn’t a picture of my bed, mine is actually puffier than this one in the picture, well it is when I flip it.  Correction, it is when hubby helps me flip it. 

And since I have an iron bed, the one I blogged about back in 2008, the one where you all did a poll and chose not the one I bought, you all liked the Contessa and the Hamden, but I bought the Interlude.  The others were a little too much “Little Whorehouse in Texas” for me, I think that the old fashioned style comforter just looks better on my bed, it’s so inviting.  You can read the old entry here, but it’s not entirely accurate, because the painted armoire didn’t go to Lexington after all, because once I got the big sleigh bed out of the room, I had plenty of room for it.  So poor Linds and Ryan will have to wait until they cart me off to Happy Acres Retirement Home to get the armoire, and by that time they probably won’t even want it because they bought a lovely one.

So maybe, when the time comes, I can put it in my room down at Happy Acres, open it up and put my computer in it, and all of my fleece stretch clothing in the drawers.  Holy crap, I’m not looking forward to old age!!!!   And egads, I’m off track, but here’s the click again if you want to see the bed post.  Haaaaa, “Bed Post” good one Jan, good one!

But back to my dilemma, now hubby is not a fan of the down, not because of how it sleeps but because of how it looks.  He says the bed looks terrible, with that lumpy comforter folded on top of it,  so this summer, he convinced me to put it away, and instead I used a really pretty quilt.  Pretty, but hard and stiff and heavy! I hate that quilt!!!!  I spent my entire summer not being able to snuggle into soft downy feathers.  So I overruled him this week and the down is back on the bed, and did I mention that he is not a fan?

So what do I do, do I “try” the quilted kind, or do I we just keep flipping my fluffy one.  I might add that Maggie is a huge fan of the down, she sinks her little Yorkie body deep into it, sighs, snuggles in a ball and she’s out.

I think I may just have answered my question.  Lumpy, fluffy it is.  See, that wasn’t so bad was it, and I saved myself a bundle.  Therapy must be really spendy these days!


LC will adjust to it, he’s gotten used to every other wackadoo thing I’ve done for the past forty-one years.  I’ll just buy yet another duvet, freshen it up a bit for the fall.  Mags will love it, me, too…

Soft Surroundings Clothes, oh so pretty….


You know how I’m always lamenting the fact that I never see pretty clothes.  Well, my friend, V, told me about this site earlier in the spring, it’s called Soft Surroundings, and they have a gorgeous collection of fall clothes.  Everything I love, bohemian chic, soft flowy skirts, boots, oh my.  Did I mention that the models are stick thin?  *sigh*

Take a look for yourself.  Here’s the click….

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Just in case you missed Puppy Love…



They’re airing it again on The Hallmark Channel, Saturday, September 15th at 4 central time.  Record it people, it’s an awesome “feel good” movie.

And Candace Cameron is rockin’ the greatest haircut, ever!  Such a cute movie, try it, you’ll like it.

 Dog face ~ Pinky swear you will ~ Dog face

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Nordstrom’s iPhone 5 Case

kate spade new york _la pavillion_ iPhone 5 case (Nordstrom Exclusive) _ Nordstrom  Oh my, the new iPhone just came out today and Nordstrom’s is already selling cases for it.  Heart be still, this is calling my name!  And it matches Tootie!!!!!  Yes, I realize it’s Kate Spade and it’s $40, but somethings are just worth it!  And I am having a birthday after all, well, in November I am.  But I do have my BlogHer stash, thanks to all of you clicking on the BlogHer link in my sidebar, and it’s my mad money.  Well it is, and Mikey really, really likes this!  Oh my, I just clicked on the link and the “expected” ship date is 12/6/12.  That’s fine, some things are just worth the wait.

One of life’s “foolish” pleasures. Winking smile

You like it, too?  There are lots more to choose from, here’s the click, enjoy!  ~ Jan

Monday, September 10, 2012

10 things I need to do…


1.  Brush Maggie’s teeth, so much fun, you can’t imagine!

2.  Order Ryan’s birthday present, I have a plan, Stan!

3.  Order Abby’s birthday present, same order as Ry’s free shipping ;o)

4.  Eat healthy for the rest of my natural born life.  This weekend was not pretty!

5.  Spend more time in the sunshine, less on the computer.

6.  Get up at 5am 4am 3am so I can finish what I need to do on the computer to go outside.

7.  Cut back on Diet Cokes, easier now that I’ve discovered my love for Mr. Pibb Zero

8.  Post that great bread recipe that contributed to my weekend binge.

9.  Make soup, cooler weather equals soup chili. 

10.  Don’t even think about making a raisin pie to go with that soup chili!

I could go on and on, so much I need to do, but I really don’t want to, know what I mean, Vern???

I actually am on the wait list for NetTalk Duo this morning, I’m caller number 75 and my estimated wait time right now is 1 hour, twenty minutes, and did I mention they have bad music.  Why am I doing this???

Because hubby is cheap and he got us phone service that costs $30 per year.  But it wasn’t working so well, so NetTalk Duo sent us a new unit  and now our telephone number is gone and they are routing us thru Albania or some such country.  So, if you have had no luck calling me on the landline for the past month, that’s why, or if you see an incoming call to your phone from some obscure number you’ve never heard of, pick it up, it’s probably me!  So that’s why I’m now caller number 75, trying to get my old number back again.  I hope they speak English!

And I might add, that V’s hubby Rich is about as cheap as LC, so he got them NetTalk Duo, too and theirs isn’t working so great either.  When we talk using it, we get these screeching sounds and have to hang up and redial.  Jeez…

But who calls me on the landline anyway?  Nobody, except friends that don’t have Verizon because I’m always about to go over my minutes on my cellphone usage, and if that happens, I’m in deep doodoo because it’s like $.45 per minute.

So why do we even bother with NetTalk Duo?  Because it’s $30 a year, that’s why.  AND, I might add, you get what you pay for, thus the telephone number from Albania.

Oh-oh, I’m now I’m hearing no music, which probably means they have cut me off, and I’ll have to dial back in and probably be caller number 135.  Oh phooey on this, Scarlett is going to worry about this tomorrow, too!!!! ROARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012

It’s okay to recycle…


I liked my header so much last fall, that I dusted it off, spruced it up a bit and put it on again.  What’s not to love, it’s just the best cartoon characters of all time.   In fact, I like it so much that I may use it next fall, too, and the fall after that, it just might become an annual thing.

And anyway, I’m not particularly industrious this weekend.  Okay, I’m lazy this weekend, I admit it, I’m not coming up with anything I like better than this cute little header.  Scarlett will worry about a new one next month and trot out something for halloween, but for now, it’s too pretty of a day to sit here and work anyway, so I’m not! 

I know, you’re trying to figure out what this picture of a bridge and autumn trees has to do with anything.  Nothing, really, I just stuck it in here.  It’s that kind of day…

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