Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Bobbsey Twins at Home

When I was a little girl I loved The Bobbsey Twins. My favorites were "The Bobbsey Twins at the Seashore" and "The Bobbsey Twins in the Country." I read my books over and over again when I was a child, I've loved to read my entire life.

Tonight I was messing around on my iPad and on a whim I Googled "the bobbseyntwins .epub" and right away this book popped up, I downloaded it and now I'm reading it, and I'm eight years old all over again. I can't help but wonder if Abby will enjoy these little stories or, belonging to this generation of children, will she be too sophisticated for these simple books. Time will tell, and you can bet that Grammie will do her darnedest to instill my love of reading the children's classics to my sweet little granddaughter.

Maybe I'll start picking them up on eBay now, and by the time she's old enough for them I'll have a big collection for her to chose from. Oh, would I have loved having more of these wonderful books when I was a little girl...

And who says you can't go back in time. Sure you can, you just have to be open to finding ways to experience life again through the eyes of your grandchild...




Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Don’t you love a pretty sunset…


It’s that time of year, switching out my closet….

Now, this is a job I detest in the best of times. My mother had a saying for chores she dreaded, and it was “I’d rather take a lickin’ from a chicken” and I most certainly would rather take a “lickin from a chicken” than switch out my closet, especially this year!  I long for my closet in our last house, hubby took a bedroom, complete with window seat, and turned the entire room into this wonderful closet, tons of shelves and bins, a dressing table, a white ceiling fan, it was wonderful and we wallpapered it in this really wide girly pink and white striped wallpaper, it was pure heaven and I never had to switch out seasons. *sigh*  And even though he gave me the walk-in closet in our master bedroom in the condo, there is no way that it will hold all of the clothes that I never wear.

So he got my summer clothes out of the attic, and I painstakingly, and I do mean painstakingly went through them and sorted them into piles.  Here’s how it went…

I have this enormous pile of cute clothes,  I call it, “not a shot in hell!”

I have a large pile, I call it, “if I diet religiously until July and eat nothing except salad-in-a-jar with no dressing, I “might” be able to wear some of this crap.

And then there is this itty bitty puny pile that I call, “if I really, really suck it in and ignore the muffin top, don’t button my pants and never look at myself from behind, I can wear these butt ugly clothes.

Just another day in paradise….. ROARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR

And did I ever mention how much I hate shopping for fat clothes?  Well, I do!!!!!!  So I won’t!  I’ll just stay in the house and wear caftans!  Long, flowy caftans, maybe  leopard ones, and I’ll wear turbans so I don’t have to straighten my hair.  Hey, it worked for Thelma Roper back in the 70’s, why won’t it work for me?

I’ll be sure and post pictures…

Oh, what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day….

I took my breakfast down to the creek this morning for a solitary little picnic, and it was absolutely, positively spectacular!  I’m enjoying this unexpected early spring so much, I haven’t spent this much time outside in years.  I snapped a few pictures, Mother Nature is really strutting her stuff this year!!!!





Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A little gardening going on…

It’s cleanup time at the OK Corral.  We’re busy as bees on the patio, getting the pots ready for planting. 

It was such a mild winter, a lot of my herbs are coming back, I pruned, hubby raked, it’s been a productive morning.

In the back of my mind I keep wondering if we will get a snowstorm in April.  If those temperatures dip below freezing we are going to be in big trouble. I keep watching the extended forecast, so far so good.  But it’s an illusion, it’s too early to put in annuals, I just need to contain my spring fever until this time next month, and it’s easier said that done.

And that’s my morning on this sunny Tuesday.  Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine at your house.

~ jan

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