Sunday, October 21, 2012

Still switching out my closet…


You all know that I’ve been switching out my closet.  And when I start doing something, I tend to go overboard, and that usually involves poor hubby having to do something major.

Well, last week, actually the night before we went to visit Charlie and Nisha in Muncie, it was 5pm, I had clothes all over the bedroom, all my winter clothes were in tubs, I was going thru that stuff like a rabid dog, and realized that it was totally out of control.

And you all know those tubs had been sitting in my bedroom for days *shame on me* and I just couldn’t handle it for another minute.  So I started switching it out, and by 8pm I was finished and had a huge, and I mean huge pile of clothes that I pitched.

Let’s face it, was I ever going to wear those cropped sweaters in a size medium that I had in the 80’s?  Or those multiple pairs of corduroy jeans?  I buy corduroy and I never wear it, all it does is make me look fat(ter).  I swear, I will never, ever buy corduroy again.  I even hated it as a little girl, why I keep buying it I’ll never know.  Okay, so I saved three pairs of the least offensive ones.  I’ll never wear them, why did I keep them?  Probably because I just bought them last year.  Jeesh!

But back to my closet.  So I switched it out, and then I took a deep breath, looked at it and didn’t like what I saw.  And did I take before pictures???  Of course not. *grrrr* I’m not posting pictures of the finished closet today, because I don’t have my Flip-n-Fold, which is the most amazing thing ever, mine is at Dilly’s.  But Ang has one, I’m borrowing it, and after I Flip-n-Fold my knits, I’ll show you what it looks like.  And no, that pile of clothes in the picture isn’t mine, I just like to post a picture with my posts. ;o)

I’m getting sidetracked.  I have a walk-in-closet, not a big one, but it is efficient because hubby did build-ins for me.  Sweet man uses another bedroom closet for his clothes so that I can have the entire closet.  But I had too many hanging bars, and I don’t really like hanging that many clothes, but I had to because I didn’t have room to fold them, so everything that was hanging was just crammed together and it was impossible to see what I really had.  So, he added more shelves for me, twelve additional shelves, actually.  And now it’s so much better.  I haven’t been this excited in years.  Yes, I know I need a life!

So today I tackle my jewelry drawers, which are totally out of control also.  I’m going to take pictures of that as well, will I post them?  Oh why not, no filter, remember, I tell it like it is.  So that’s what I’m doing this afternoon.  Pictures to come soon.  Maybe it will give all of you some ideas for your closet.  I’m so excited!!!  And so lucky that I have a husband who goes along with all my hair brained ideas and knows how to build things!


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