Monday, September 10, 2012

10 things I need to do…


1.  Brush Maggie’s teeth, so much fun, you can’t imagine!

2.  Order Ryan’s birthday present, I have a plan, Stan!

3.  Order Abby’s birthday present, same order as Ry’s free shipping ;o)

4.  Eat healthy for the rest of my natural born life.  This weekend was not pretty!

5.  Spend more time in the sunshine, less on the computer.

6.  Get up at 5am 4am 3am so I can finish what I need to do on the computer to go outside.

7.  Cut back on Diet Cokes, easier now that I’ve discovered my love for Mr. Pibb Zero

8.  Post that great bread recipe that contributed to my weekend binge.

9.  Make soup, cooler weather equals soup chili. 

10.  Don’t even think about making a raisin pie to go with that soup chili!

I could go on and on, so much I need to do, but I really don’t want to, know what I mean, Vern???

I actually am on the wait list for NetTalk Duo this morning, I’m caller number 75 and my estimated wait time right now is 1 hour, twenty minutes, and did I mention they have bad music.  Why am I doing this???

Because hubby is cheap and he got us phone service that costs $30 per year.  But it wasn’t working so well, so NetTalk Duo sent us a new unit  and now our telephone number is gone and they are routing us thru Albania or some such country.  So, if you have had no luck calling me on the landline for the past month, that’s why, or if you see an incoming call to your phone from some obscure number you’ve never heard of, pick it up, it’s probably me!  So that’s why I’m now caller number 75, trying to get my old number back again.  I hope they speak English!

And I might add, that V’s hubby Rich is about as cheap as LC, so he got them NetTalk Duo, too and theirs isn’t working so great either.  When we talk using it, we get these screeching sounds and have to hang up and redial.  Jeez…

But who calls me on the landline anyway?  Nobody, except friends that don’t have Verizon because I’m always about to go over my minutes on my cellphone usage, and if that happens, I’m in deep doodoo because it’s like $.45 per minute.

So why do we even bother with NetTalk Duo?  Because it’s $30 a year, that’s why.  AND, I might add, you get what you pay for, thus the telephone number from Albania.

Oh-oh, I’m now I’m hearing no music, which probably means they have cut me off, and I’ll have to dial back in and probably be caller number 135.  Oh phooey on this, Scarlett is going to worry about this tomorrow, too!!!! ROARRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!


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