Saturday, July 30, 2011

Grammie’s secret weapon, my iPad!!!


Abby is twenty-two months now, a sweet little girl who runs and plays and adores her “P-Pa.”  Yes, P-Pa, he’s no longer Gampa, now he’s P-Pa.  And me,  I’m still just a blip on her radar screen, she only has eyes for him.

She and Lindsay visited this week while Ryan was out of town.  We had so much fun, friends came to visit, her Auntie V got to play with her, and we went for rides on Milly, and out to lunch with Ang, it was such a good time.

After a few hours of her ignoring me, I decided I needed a “gimmick.”  I brought out my ipad, and downloaded games and flashcards, and my little techkie granddaughter decided that Grammie was okay, after all.  She loved the iPad, we played games and watched videos, and she laughed and clapped those little hands, and her fingers were busy tap tapping away on the screen.  She was good, too.  She could figure out all the toddler games.

I’m so glad that I’m smarter in my old(er) age.  Sometimes you just have to bring out the big guns and change with the times.  So much for baking cookies, forget the cookies, entice them with the electronics…

Monday, July 25, 2011

Out, damned spot!! Getting rid of age spots on the cheap…


We all have them, the dreaded age spots.  Years in the sun, genetics, whatever the reason for them, they are horrid and we just want them gone!

Whether you have the discoloration, the flat darker ones, or the raised moles, what would you say if I told you that you could get rid of them for under $10?

Intrigued, sure you are, and you can do it!  I read a few years ago about using Gel Wart Remover to get rid of age spots, and I’ve been using it ever since.  I asked both my dermatologist, and a family doctor if this was a safe way to remove them, they both said it was.  Of course they aren’t going to promote this, they get big bucks for removing age spots in their office.

Using wart remover is just like a mini chemical peel.  You put a dot of it on the age spot, let it dry, and peel it off.  In a couple of days you can repeat it, but don’t do it too often or it will burn your skin. You don’t see results immediately, but in a few days, you will see the age spot dry up and then you can peel it away.  Moles, of course take more applications, just be patient.  You feel a slight tingle when you apply the gel, this is normal.

When the spot is gone, you are left with a red dot where you used the wart remover, but that disappears quickly.  Of course you wouldn’t want to use this on spots that look “suspicious” but for regular, ugly age spots it works perfectly.  I may have blogged about this previously, and even if I have, it’s worth a repeat.

You can all write and thank me later for saving you so much money.  Now head out to the drugstore and give this a try, you will be impressed, pinky swear you will.

~ jan

Monday morning…

It’s cool this morning in Heavensville, I sat outside, drinking my coffee, watching the M&M’s scamper through the yard, and the horses were looking at me through the fence.

My flowers were abloom, the birds were singing, and it was so peaceful. Life is good this Monday morning.

It’s those simple things, again…

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