Friday, March 18, 2011

Do you know what’s in your bottle of Downy?

downyYou know that bottle of Downy Fabric Softener you have sitting on your shelf in your utility room?  The same Downy that, if you’re like me, you’ve used forever.  Do you know what one of the active ingredients is?  It’s animal fat!  Seriously, “dihydrogenated tallow dimenthyl ammonium chloride:  A derivitive of rendered fat from cattle sheep and horses.”

Isn’t that totally disgusting?  That’s why it makes it so soft, it’s grease doing that!  And that’s why the automatic dispenser gets all gunked up, it’s grease doing that, too!

LC told me this, and I didn’t believe him, but when I Googled it, sure enough, he was right.  So I owe him one for this little tidbit of information.  Bet I made your day, too, huh.  You’ll never look at that bottle of Downy quite the same again….

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Abby at the park….

Lindsay and her friend, Kristen, took their kids to the park today. Those little legs are getting so long...

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Seana's Salsa Deviled Eggs

My friend, Seana, emailed me after she read the post about my deviled eggs, and shared her favorite recipe with me.  You can find it on Jan CAN Cook, it's a must try here, next week for sure.  Thanks Seana, this sounds awesome, lots better than those awful things I made yesterday!

I think I've been watching too much FoodTV

I don't know why I'm so addicted to FoodTV,  I don't even like most of the chefs.  I use that term loosely, because most of these people are celebritiy wannabe's, not real chefs, well except for my beloved Barefoot Contessa, that is.  And I do enjoy Paula Deen, even though I've become a closet Paula Deen watcher in the last few years, since just about everybody I know, except for my buddy V,  can't stand her.  But I like her grissly husband, who is so uncomfortable on the show it's funny, and she does love her boys, you have to give her that.  Plus the woman is a southern cook, which is near and dear to yours truly, so yeah, I admit it, I like Paula Deen.  So there!

But you all know how much I detest the Neely's.  That stupid man prancing around, going "baby, baby, baby" just works on my last nerve.  And Giada DeLaurentis must weigh all of ninety pounds soaking wet, and I have never trusted a skinny cook.  Plus the way she overpronounces italian words just drives me round the bend!   Rachel Ray with her annoying giggle is just so butch that she is a total turn-off, and then there are the recipes.  You have to wonder where all of these recipes come from anyway.  Do these "chefs" think all these things up, day after day after day.  Of course not, they probably just show up, read the recipe that somebody puts in front of them and start cooking.

However, due to all of this FoodTV watching, I tend to experiment more, and not always with good results.  Sometimes the old ways are better, but the people on FoodTV can't cook the samo samo every day,  so they come up with new twists, and of course, I fall right into the trap of trying them.

Yesterday I made deviled eggs.  Now I've been making deviled eggs for forty years now, a little Miracle Whip, a healthy squirt of Plochmann's mustard, salt and lots of fresh cracked pepper,  whirl all the yolks and the MW in the food processor, plop them into the cooked egg whites, sprinkle with paprika, sometimes chives, and voila, deviled eggs.

So why didn't I just do that yesterday?  I make yummy deviled eggs, but oh no, after seeing some yayhoo making them on FoodTV, I decided to do it their way.  I substituted Ranch Dressing for the mayo, and not even regular ranch, this was my tofu ranch, oh I don't even want to go there.  But anyway, I used horseradish mustard and dusted them with smoked paprika.  Hubby was a trooper, he said they tasted "pretty good" but let's face it, they tasted awful!  Sometimes you just don't mess with perfection.

Now if I would have taken a mini walk on the wild side and crumbled bacon on top, instead of using that tofu ranch dressing, they would have been fantastic, instead the darned things taste like a smokehouse with all that smoked paprika on there.  Will I ever learn?  Probably not, I do love to watch FoodTV when I cook.  So tonight I'm going to stir-fry bean sprouts with soy sauce and a little sesame oil.  Will that go with a burger, ya think?  Of course not, now I have to come up with some asian hamburger recipe if that's even possible.  This should be interesting, wonder what old man Neely would do with this idea!!!  Egads, I can't stand to even think about him - "baby, baby, baby!!!!"

Sunday dinner at Grandma's...

I have wonderful memories of Sunday dinner's at grandma's.  Regardless of what was going on in our lives or how busy we were, we always took the time to spend Sunday with grandma.  There were always cousins to play with, great food to eat, lots of family around, those were such special days, little did I realize at the time.

Sometimes I talk with friends that have their families nearby, and I wonder if they realize how lucky they are, just to have them stop in for a vist.  There is just something special about Sunday, it's a day for families, but today's families are so scattered, that a lot of us don't have that opportunity.  So we enjoy what we have, and look forward to the times we can all be together, but sometimes it tugs at the heartstrings, when the house is quiet, nobody is here, and no good smells are coming from the kitchen.

So I'll make dinner for hubby and I, and as enjoyable as it will be, it's just not the same as if they were all here.

~ jan, feeling a bit nostalgic this chilly March Sunday...

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