Friday, October 16, 2009

Nosy little dog….

Deanna sent me this picture tonight of my Granddog, Oreo, snooping in the fridge.  I needed that smile after the day I’ve had!  Thanks sweet girl!


If life is good, keep it to yourself!

I was having such a good day yesterday, spent the day with Hooterville and her son, Doug, and I commented to Ang on the phone how good life was.

Not fifteen minutes later, I was making chili, cut my finger on a can lid, almost to the bone.  Then I dropped my cellphone in the sink, splashed water on it.  It died!!!!!  I didn’t take out the battery, instead charged it, now it’s really dead, Fred.  Oh, and my car died, too.  Had to have it towed, they put in a new starter, got me all fixed up.  WRONG!!!

LC took my Blackberry apart this morning, it wasn’t even wet, but the keyboard won’t work.  Ry said I shorted out the circuit board.

Veronica came today, her birthday is Sunday, so we were going to shop and have lunch.  Maggie jumped on the back of the chair, started limping, wouldn’t put weight on her foot.  She didn’t yelp, so I knew it wasn’t serious, but anyway, I was going to drive, we got in the car.  Nada, nothing, el zippo, dead, dead, dead!

Just got home  a bit ago, decided I needed to turn on the fireplace, it won’t light….  But the good news is that Maggie is no longer limping, and V and I had a great day!

What happened to the good life I had just twenty-four hours ago???  Where did it go???  If you’re having a good day/week/year, whatever, just keep it to yourself, don’t tell anyone, you’ll jinx it!!!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cuppycake’s first scrapbook page…


Girlfriends are a wonderful thing…

I’ve gotten so many emails and phone calls about this new granddaughter.  She has touched so many  lives, people that her parents have no knowledge of.  I’m constantly amazed when the phone rings, this morning it was Cindy, earlier it was an email from Sandy.

It’s been a steady stream since I announced her birth on the blog.  Life is indeed wonderful for me this fall.  I wish I could bottle these feelings and keep them always.

Peggy said to me last weekend that life is full of hills and valleys and that the valleys make you appreciate the hills.  Well, I’m definitely on a hill right now, ladies, actually I’m on top of a mountain

Love you, all

~ jan

Monday, October 12, 2009

Whatever was I thinking??????

I’ve decided that my makeup has gone to hell.  It’s just wrong.  My base is too dark, nothing is staying on my face,  my base just fades away in a few hours, my eye makeup is not staying in place, either, my eyeliner is sliding down to my cheeks.  Drastic measures were called for.

Even though I haven’t used liquid eyeliner since my early 20’s, I decided to switch from the MAC Powdered one and give liquid a go again.  I talked with Nish, she has used it forever, it doesn’t slide down her cheeks, it sounded like a good idea.  But………

Silly me, hubby ran into the grocery store for me on our way to WallyWorld, oh yeah, I go to all the classy places, Target, WalMart, umhmmmm, you betcha…Anyway I was sitting in the car with my liquid eyeliner purchase from Tar-Jay, and I decided to give it a spin. 

What, was I crazy????  First of all I had no 7x magnifying mirror, only the pop-down one on my visor, but I’m never one to be deterred by the small things.  So I rip into the container, pull it out, unscrew the cap and swipe the liner under my eye, it goes across in this jagged line and then this huge glob of dark brown liner plops off the wand right under my eye.  OMG, I can’t have that, I have to go to WallyWorld after all, so I grab a napkin, spit on it, yuck, and try to wipe it off.  All it does was smear, now I have this big swipe of dark brown going across to my hairline and it’s drying fast, and underneath my eye looks like somebody socked me.

I’m desperate now, my face looks like something from the Rocky Horror Show, and I have nothing to get this stuff off with.  I know I need to get it off fast, LC will be back any minute, take a look at me and really think I’ve lost it.  The only thing I have in the car is hand sanitizer, which I have been slathering on constantly the past few weeks, so I take a big squirt of it, and put it under my eye.  Well, that stuff is alcohol based, and of course a little bit of it gets into my eye, so now I’m tearing up as well as stinging, and it still isn’t coming off.  I just keep rubbing, spot some hand lotion in the back seat, put that on, also, it seemed to help get it off, kinda.  But now I have this red, irritated eye to deal with, one eye has makeup, one has none, except for a dark shadow residue of eyeliner underneath my eye,  and I still have to go to WallyWorld.  Oh, wtf, lots of people in WalMart look as strange as I do, I just put on my sunglasses, even though it was cloudy, kept my head down, so hubby didn’t get a look at me, and walked right in.  Thankfully, I didn’t run into anybody I knew,  I got what I needed and hotfooted it outta there, fast.  I came home, tried using it again, this time with the 7x mirror, and now I remember why I quit using liquid eyeliner in the first place.  OMG, it’s really hard to get a good line!!!!  Maybe I bought the wrong kind!!!  I think I need to go to plan B.  But I don’t have a plan B. Maybe I need to watch some YouTube videos about applying liquid liner.

And even if I do master it, I still have to  deal with my makeup base not working.  I need something new.  Anybody have any ideas for me?  I’m getting desperate, here….  The only thing I’m sure of is that I will never, ever try any kind of new makeup product in the car, ever, ever again… I pinkie swear, I won’t!!!

I have to tell you about Peggy Jane…

Women are full of baby stories, everybody has a good one, and of course that’s all we’re talking about these days, but this one is a goodie.  It’s actually not funny, but if you knew Peg, my buddy with Kentucky roots and a drawl to match, you would have laughed as hard as we did.

We went to dinner Saturday night, we’re sitting in Kipplee’s eating a veggie pizza and she is telling me about the birth of her first daughter.

Peg is in her 70’s now, and she had Jane Ann when she was nineteen, and having a baby in those days in a hospital in rural Kentucky was nothing like most of us have ever experienced, thank goodness.

She was in labor for twenty-five hours, she should have had a c-section, but they didn’t do them in those days, and they wouldn’t let her husband come in her room and be with her, they wouldn’t let her Mama come in, she said the nurses were downright nasty to her, and they gave her nothing for pain.  She was all alone, scared to death and in unbearable agony.

So she said to me, “Girl, it was so bad, I couldn’t stand it, so I thought, well, I’ll just have to jump out the window!”  She was seriously going to jump, but she couldn’t get the window open.  Poor Peg, can you imagine?  As I write this, it’s not coming across as funny, but if you could hear her tell it, you would see what I mean. The woman is like a breath of fresh air, she’s just the best .  I should have videoed her, darn one of these days I will so you can all see what I mean!!!!

Abby update…

I’m happy to report that Ryan is sleeping thru the night, already. Eye-rolling

Seriously, he’s a great Daddy.  He was so ready for this baby, he’s doing diaper duty and changing baby clothes.  I hear excitement in his voice every time I talk to him…. 

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Trying to settle down...

I've been absolutely giddy for days now, trying to settle in today, get back to "normal" except that word has taken on a whole new meaning.

It's so hard not to bore all of you with constant bebe talk. I'll try to keep it to a dull roar, gang...

This has just been so totally overwhelming, that it's hard to find my rhythm... Duh, Jan what rhythm???

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