Saturday, April 25, 2009

Bea Arthur died today….

Golden Girls Star Beatrice Arthur Dies| Tributes, Bea Arthur, Beatrice Arthur, Betty White, Estelle Getty, Rue McClanahan

Was she really eighty-six years old? Time stands still with Golden Girl reruns, I still think of her as as the bossy, opinionated, vibrant Maude, she was so good in that role.

Mother was such a fan of Golden Girls, I would call her on the phone, and she would often say to me, “What’s new, pussycat?”  She loved to parody Estelle Geddy.

My favorite part of the show was the clothes.  Those ladies really dressed, they were always perfectly coordinated in bright colors, and oh my, did they wear shoulder pads.  And who didn’t love Betty White, and Rue McClanahan was such a hoot.  It was a wonderful show, but not my favorite.

My show has always been  Designing Women.  It ranks right up there with Lucy and Andy.  I adore southern women, I always have, and Dixie Carter in her day was an amazing lady.

It’s sad that we don’t have shows like this anymore.  They were so much fun.  One of my faves was the Elvis episode, if you have time for a peek, it’s a goodie, ladies… Enjoy…



Friday, April 24, 2009 has a brand new look…

I did take time to build a new look for my webpage yesterday.  Easter is gone, my rabbits needed to hop away, so this is what I came up.  It’s not my normal look, but I think I like it, I really, really like it…




cleanhouse.jpg image by klacey80I’m the world’s worst at putting things off, or as I so aptly put it, “Scarlett will do it tomorrow…” And since I don’t “work,” it’s even easier to postpone to tomorrow what I should do today.

It’s so easy to bury myself in a computer, and be totally oblivious  to everything around me, but sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do.

My closet beckoned me, it was time to change from winter to spring.  My refrigerator looked like tornado passed thru it, the laundry bins were filling up, you get the drift here.

And so, I sadly got up from this stupid machine and did manual labor.   Do I have that sense of fulfillment people talk about when I’m finished?  Heck, no!  I’m fifty-nine years old, do you have any idea how many times in my life I’ve changed out my closets, and done loads of laundry?  How many times I’ve cleaned that darned fridge?  You know, you’re all here with me.  Some of my friends find housework  rewarding, Veronica Jeanne to be exact, she finds cleaning fulfilling and atually enjoys it.   But me, I do it resentfully, all the while longing for rides on Milly, or typing blog entries, or building a new slideshow for this page,  or playing with the fur kidz.

I’m weary of what needs to be done, and long to do exactly what I want to do.  But, unless I want my little world to go to hell in a hand basket, I have to do chores.  So that’ what I’ve been doing this week, chores…..

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Secret dreams…*um2T2Owv4UsAXK39N-9h/FieldOfFlowers.jpgMy mother has been gone for three years now.  I don’t have a lot of regrets about the past, but there are a few, things that have been on my mind lately, and last night as I was watching Dancing With the Stars, and remembering how much she enjoyed ballroom dancing, that little nagging voice in my head was asking me….

Why didn’t I ask her more about her dreams?  What did she enjoy about her childhood the most, who was her first love, what did she always want to do with her life when she was a young woman?  Did she envision herself as a dancer twirling around the floor as she watched those programs? It’s those questions that I have regrets about.  Why didn’t I ask?  Mother was a private person, she didn’t talk much about her life, but why didn’t I probe her a bit, to find out her stories? Maybe it wasn’t as important to me as I was younger, and now that I want to know, it’s too late.

Mother’s Day is approaching, if you still have your mother, take the time to spend a day with her, walk in the sunshine, encourage her to talk about the secret dreams in her life.  We all have them, and even if they aren’t important to you now, someday they will be, trust me.

I’m much more open than my mother, I talk about my past.  My family knows that I always aspired to be a lawyer as a young girl, in later life, as ridiculously silly as it sounds, I would have loved being a P.I., probably from watching too much Perry Mason as a child.  I always wanted to dance, not ballroom, but tap and jazz, I always wanted that horse I didn’t get. 

I’ve always dreamed of living on the water, with a sailboat nearby to take for daily jaunts.  I wanted the gifts of music and art, the natural talented that is rooted deep in your soul. I wanted siblings, and more contact with my cousins.  But these things were not to be, and I’m grateful for what I do have in my life, a wonderful family, great friends, the country life, my sweet little dogs, but we all have secret dreams, maybe this post will make you remember some of yours.

~ jan

Monday, April 20, 2009

Bonnie Hunt’s reaction to Susan Boyle…

You tell em’ Bonnie!  This is one celebrity that has her head on straight.  Bonnie you’re awesome!!!

Guess who went to Rural King today…


Sunday, April 19, 2009

Octomom on Radaronline. This is better than any reality show ever made…

Has there ever been a good reality show, really??? And I’ll be the first to admit that I was hooked on Denise Richard’s lame attempt at one  last season, and it was total garbage.  Most of them just bore me…

But now, Octomom is having regular updates on RadarOnline, and I’m totally hooked.  It beats any reality show I’ve seen.  Yesterday, they had all of those petite bebes in strollers, and they were just precious. 

Today she’s riding in a race car thingie with one of her other  children after explaining how she never worked in a gentlemen’s club, but admitting to entering a lingerie contest in a bar, which she won.

It’s really entertaining, or I’ve totally lost it, or probably both…

Here’s the link, if any of you want to catch the latest installment… 

And here’s the link for those sweet little bebes…

Shhhh, it will be our little secret, I won’t tell anyone you watched it.  Pinkie swear…


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