Friday, March 13, 2009

Drats, that darned camera!

Well, it’s going from bad to worse, fast.  I can’t even access the battery compartment of the camera now.  It was bad enough that I had to hold it on with a rubber band now this.

And I have to go to that wedding tomorrow, and of course I’ll want pictures. I DON’T want to buy a new one, I just got this one not long ago.  But, if I want pictures of the M&M’s, I’m gonna hafta.  Darned Canon anyway…  It should have been made better.  I’m gonna call them up and complain, won’t do any good but I’ll feel better…

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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Okay children of the 50's, do you remember any of this stuff???

Bulova watches, Edsels, Spic and Span, Sanka, Evening in Paris eau de Cologne, Hula Hoops, Kool and Tareyton Cigarettes, Vitalis, Stanback Headache Powder, Carter's Little Pills, Anacins, QT by Coppertone, Tangee lipstick, Ipana Toothpaste, Borax Detergent, and one of my personal favorites, Modess, because…
And if you were lucky enough to grow up in Heavensville in the 50’s and 60’s, you know doubt were on a first name basis with Marcia Yockey, an institution in the tri-state area.

And this last clip is classic, Marcia.  The much loved, zany weathergirl, would do anything for a laugh.
Be patient, it takes a bit to get to Marcia in the following video.

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Let’s talk about BlogHer… do I put ads on my site?  Well, when you click on them it does generate a bit of revenue, so I’m adding them to see if it might work for me as it has for other bloggers.  I must admit, BlogHer ads, unlike the Google ads I used to run, look great, are geared toward women, and actually interesting to read.  And the women from BlogHer couldn’t be nicer, I’m looking forward to the journey with them.
So give them a look from time to time, they will always be in my right sidebar, right now I’m going to check out “How to Clean your Vintage Linens.”  I have a quilt of Mother’s in the laundry basket that I need to work with…
Just wanted to give you all a heads up, since I’ve been trying to revamp and update.  It’s easy to get in a rut with blogging, I’m trying to shake it up a bit…  If there is anything you would like to see me add to the site, or even something you would like me to talk about, or shut up about, suggestions are always welcome.  Just shoot me an email…
~ jan
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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This baby boomer’s blast from the past, the hibachi!!!

Springtime, and our thoughts turn to outdoor grilling.  I was talking to hubby earlier today about how excited I was when I was a little girl to grill out on our hibachi.  He looked at me like I was nuts and started laughing.  Now why would he do that?  Hibachi’s were a wonderful thing.  We would dump in the charcoal, ignite it, and soon we would be grilling burgers and dawgs.

Hubby rained on my parade, telling me about how bad charcoal is for you.  Geezy Pete, it was just a few little ‘ole burgers.

Of course the hibachi is long gone, replaced now by my favorite portable grill, the Weber Smokey Joe.  OMG, Hooterville fires it up and cooks the best burgers you’ve ever put in your mouth, seriously.  I wish you could all try them.

Weber 40020 Smokey Joe Gold Charcoal GrillSmokey Joe is awesome.  Not only is it cheap, it’s easy to take along.  Set it on a picnic table, and you’re in business.  It’s cold once again in Heavensville, our 70 degree temps are gone for now, but I’m dreaming of warmer days and burgers on the Joe…

Sure we’ve got the big ole kick-ass stainless gas grill, that for some reason guys just find fascinating, but not me, gas  just doesn’t give you the  flavor that charcoal does.  I would much rather fire up this little beauty and treat myself to the real meal deal.  Such a simple thing…

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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Spring, glorious spring….

It’s springtime in Heavensville.  A few trees are starting to leaf, the perennials are popping thru the ground, the  daffodils are in bloom.  It’s glorious.

I went for a walk earlier, you could just smell the freshness in the air.  The fragrance of the grass, the earthy smell of the soil, I swear I could have just laid down and rolled in it.  I could have!!!!  Don’t roll your eyes, haven’t any of you felt earthy like this?

Not a good idea, though, the neighbors already think I’m nutzo, can you imagine the buzz  they would spread if they saw me rolling in the grass…

Of course we’re having a big cooldown after today.  That’s the way it goes, warm gusty winds, then cooler temperatures, but oh the wonder of it all. 

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Monday, March 9, 2009

Little boys don’t ever grow up, the size of their toys just gets bigger…

My son, John has always loved building things, and enjoys all the toys that go along with it…  He’s putting a waterfall and a fish pond in his back yard this spring, this is him last weekend on some kind of a digger, obviously  having the time of his life. 

Just had to share, it was one of those Mom moments, I’m sure he appreciates me posting it, too…  ;o)ajn

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We took the girls for a walk tonight…

I bought the M&M’s one of those little thingies that ties them both together, so they walk side by side on one leash.  Um hum, sure they do…

We harnessed them up for the first time tonight, and we were off, with hubby “handling” them.  Did I just say hubby was handing them????  Well not exactly, it was more like they were handling him… Mollie wanted to walk, Maggie wanted to stop and smell the grass, and since Mollie is much stronger, she was in control.  Poor Mags, she was being pulled against her will, so we took pity on her, LC picked her up and carried her, Mollie was trudging ahead, loving every minute of it, but she was panting and not used to walking distances, so I made him pick her up, too.  So here we are, way down the road, with him holding both dogs in his arms, quite a distance from home.I was telling him it was just like he was walking with weights, but he wasn’t buying it.  By the time we got home he was panting, too. *wink*

And where was my camera?  Grrrrrr, at home, of course!  With the rubber band around it, it’s broke, remember!  It was pretty cute, though, take my word for it, those two are just the sweetest little things…

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The red winged blackbird, my favorite bird

I'm sitting here, with my window open, listening to the trill of the red winged blackbird. I've always loved the sound, it takes me back in time to when I was a little girl, our trees were always full of red wings. 

I've imbedded a clip of the sound for you, so when you listen to it, think of a little country girl, long ago, playing on the ditch bank on a warm spring day...  Such good memories...

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Your daily dose of cuteness…

Women are so nurturing?  Even this hen….


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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sunday dinners…

I’m having nostalgic thoughts of pot roast, and fried chicken,  mashed potatoes and gravy, oh, corn on the cob, too, with hot rolls and dessert.  Pies and cakes, all the wonderful foods that Sunday dinners are made of.

It’s not Sunday lunch either, it’s dinner, eaten at noon, and it’s wonderful.  But here I sit, with my memories, eating cheese and crackers and frozen pineapple chunks.  *sigh*  I want the good old days back again…  When the boys were little, sitting on the countertops while I cooked.  When I was a young girl, going to Grandma’ Short’s  for Sunday dinner, hoping that there would be a cousin or two to play with.  And the best Sunday dinners of all, when I would go to my other Grandma’s house, Grandma Smith.  Her food was the best!  Chicken and dumplings and homemade rolls.  It was so good…

I probably wouldn’t be so nostalgic if I would have gotten up and actually cooked myself real food.  Tonight I will.  Hubby is home at 5pm, I have pork chops thawing in the sink.  We’ll have Sunday supper, that’s what we’ll have.  That works, too!  But no gravy, no fried chops, no butter melting over the mashed potatoes and no pie, either.  Healthy Sunday supper, it’s just not the same…

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