Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice, ice, ice…

We’ve been housebound since Monday, going stir crazy, and after talking to several people late morning, they told us the roads weren’t that bad, and it wasn’t that cold and it was a bright sunshiny day, so hubby decided we should get out and he would stop by Kelly’s for a haircut.

So we venture out, the side roads were pretty hideous, trees everywhere were bent to the ground, many of them snapped by the weight of the ice, but it was a winter wonderland with the sun filtering thru the thick ice on the trees.  Once we got on the expressway it wasn’t that bad, we have four wheel drive, and just took it really slow.

We wanted to find somewhere to eat, everything was closed, we were having no luck at all, but finally as we got to the other side of the city, we actually found a Captain D’s that was open.  That was pretty much it, nothing else, no chinese, no mexican, nada.  Naturally the whole city was there since it was the only place open, and after standing in line for thirty minutes, their credit card machine went belly up, and since hubby only had three dollars on him, we were sh*t outta luck.  So we get back in the car, and finally find a Hardee’s that was open.

If it wasn’t for the fact that we were starved, we would have passed, but we didn’t, and after once again standing in line for thirty minutes we ate the WORST fast food meal in the history of the world.  Never again will I EVER go to Hardee’s, EVER!!!!

As we approach the area where Kelly lives, the tree limbs were everywhere.  Streets were blocked, cars were stuck, it was a total mess.  And in front of her house sat…. a fire truck.  Oh yeah, lights flashing and everything. So I’m on my cell calling her to find out what was going on and she said she didn’t have any power, that there was a fire on the power line, and that LC would have to walk in, but she didn’t need power to cut his hair.  So he’s trekking down the street, and all of a sudden there is this huge BOOM, that absolutely scared the beejus right out of me, apparently a transformer blew.

He had parked me away from the trees, but I’m sitting there waiting on him to come back to the car, and all of a sudden there is this huge cracking noise, and a whole half of a tree falls in the yard of the street across from me.

In other words, it was NOT smart to be out, even if the roads were passable.  We hotfooted it for home, where I will stay until this friggin ice melts, probably about the first of March! 

It’s really bad here, we’re just hoping our power stays on.  Ry and Lindsay in Kentucky have no power, haven’t had any since this morning, their only heat source comes from their gas fireplace, so of course I’m worried about them.  However, John didn’t have any problems at all.  Nashville seems to be far enough south that they always miss the bad stuff.

Mother always said that the worst winter weather is always the last week of January.  Well Ma, you were right again!


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