Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Notes from the kitchen….

I made quite a few things from Jan & Friends Christmas Recipes yesterday.  Cousin Phyllis’s Red Velvet Cake was a breeze to make,  my only problem was the cooked flour and milk mixture that you chill and put into the icing to thicken it – you have to do it at a really low heat, and it tried to lump, but I put it thru a strainer and it was fine.

cmarti's-grape-saladMarti’s Grape Salad is in the fridge, it tastes wonderful, haven’t seen  how everybody is going to manuever eating those whole grapes yet, hubby thought I should cut  them in half, but the juice  would run into the dressing, so I vetoed that. 

We’ll just chew with puffy cheeks and hope the grapes aren’t too juicy.  I tried to get small grapes, but couldn’t, these things were really large so eating this could be interesting :0)


coffeecakeJohn’s Cleaning Ladies coffeecake turned out well, despite LC turning off the oven in the middle of baking it.  He thought he was turning off the timer, and I didn’t catch it for awhile, but it turned out fine…

Veronica’s Mackinac Fudge was easy to make, too.  She told me not to beat it with a mixer for the full six minutes, just to beat it until it got thick and glossy, so that’s what I did, I probably beat it for about 3-4 minutes, John gave it a thumbs-up, he loves that recipe.


ccherry-pie The No-Cook Cherry O Pie I made for myself, yeah, I did.  I’ve loved it since I was a teenager, and since I’ve been carb deprived for weeks, this was my Christmas food of choice.

The recipe for it is on Milly Scraps, here’s a quick click if you want to check it out.


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