Sunday, December 21, 2008

Jan’s favorite things on the cheap, Day 7

See full size imageToday it’s Micro Tweeze.  It’s a jar of wax, you take off the lid, heat it in the microwave for two minutes, or a bit less, just until the center starts to liquefy, then you put the lid back on until you get to the bathroom – heaven help you should trip and spill that wax all over your floor! Then just get out the magnifying mirror, take a q-tip, an orange stick would work, too, I use a q-tip, dip it into the jar and get a big glob of wax – this is the secret, heavy application, if you smear your brow with a thin layer of wax it will not come off and you will curse me and rue the day I was born. 

It took me awhile to get the hang of this, but you can learn from my mistakes.  I’ve done it so much, that I can roll the q-tip and distribute the wax thickly and evenly. Don’t try rolling it on!  You’re a newbie, gotta learn what you’re doing before you graduate to rolling, first you glob!

So you need to dot a thick glob of wax on your outer brow bone, then another glob closer in toward the arch of your brow, and maybe still another if you need to,  just make sure the globs touch so that it all comes off in one piece.  Press the wax into your skin, being careful not to get it into your eyebrows or heaven forbid your eyelashes, let it cool until it hardens, and starting from the outer corner, quickly rip it off!!!  OUCH!!! Of course it stings, but only for a minute.  You don’t put cloth strips on it like they do in the salon, just glob it on and rip it off. 

It works really well, yeah, works for your upper lip and those pesky post-menopausal chin hairs, too – ughhhh, just don’t go out of the bathroom until you’re finished…. I don’t even let the dogs see me, don’t want to traumatize them.

The jar says you can use it on bikini line, too – you’re on your own with that one, I’m not gonna go there.  I have a girlfriend, who shall forever remain nameless, that had a total disaster with waxing her bikini line herself… YOWSA!

This jar of Micro Tweeze lasts forever, and costs under $12 – less than one salon visit - is that a good deal or what????


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