Thursday, October 2, 2008

Madonna – Jaclyn Smith….

MadonnaDo you find this attractive?  Hmmmmmm, didn’t think so.

Even with the best personal trainers,  the finest plastic surgery and all the botox that money can buy, this is living proof that it doesn’t always work to mess with Mother Nature.

Even Madonna can’t stop the clock.

For gawds sake, woman, eat a few good meals and cut way back on the weight training…



Now look at Jaclyn Smith, pictured here with her daughter, Spencer.

Soft, feminine, lovely  for her age…. Madonna is 50 – Jackie Smith was born October 26, 1947 – omg, she is going to be 61 years old.  What an amazing woman she is….  And yes, this is a recent picture, it’s from April ‘08.  

Instead of trying to recapture her youth, she is moving gracefully forward into her golden years…  Has she had a little work done? Probably, but it’s subtly well done…. 

She’s absolutely beautiful, still….


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