Friday, January 26, 2007

Laugh and the world laughs with you, cry and you cry alone.....

Okay, this is how I now look. My hair pretty much looks like Arnie's, and he has a BAD dye job.

Actually, I'm a bit lighter than him, but similar...

On the positive side, my eyebrows look great!!!

So what's my solution... the same solution I always have.. MAKEUP!!!!! Lots of eye makeup, and I'm thinking my blush color is just not right, so I dig out an old Clinique Berry Stain color, put it on my cheeks, put on all that eyemakeup, shiny lipstick....

Now, I look like a bad imitation of an OLD Kewpie doll. All I need is hoop earrings and false eyelashes. Is that next??? I think NOT!!!!

It isn't really all that bad, not really. Really it isn't. But I'm on my way to the store to buy Tide, just in case. Oh what a day, what a day, what a DAY!!!!
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What have I done now???

When I sent LC to the store this morning, I told him to get me hair color. So he's calling me from the color aisle in WallyWorld, I told him I wanted medium golden blonde, which I have been using for about a year now. My hair was just way too blonde, and I've been slowly going darker, but I'm thinking I might like to go a bit darker even still, so I told him to also pick me up a dark golden blonde and I would decide later which one I would use. Well, it's later... He got some new natural product from Loreal' and it has no peroxide in it. So I thought, what the heck, I'll try it.

And so here I sit, with it on my hair, and it's getting darker, and darker, and I'm just kinda watching it turn this funky color. But I can't wash it out yet, it isn't time...

Oh, I know tomorrow I'll be sitting around with Tide in it, trying to get it lighter. Lordy, lordy, whatever was I thinking? I'm thinking the problem is not the HAIRCOLOR, it's the WEIGHT. I should be "dieting" instead of "dying," know what I mean Vern...

Oh, but that's not all. In the meantime, I decided to wash my pillows. Well the washer was all lopsided, it was walking on me, I readjusted the pillows again and again, I had put two different types of pillows in there, one was polyfilled the other was, omg, it was FEATHERS.... Now why did I do that? So the polyfill one is relatively spun out, the feather one is totally water laden, I take out the polyfill, put it in the dryer, try and spin out the feather one again, but OH NO, it will NOT spin - kerthunk, kerthunk goes the washer, so I'm thinkin' where is that damned LC when I need him.... Arughhhhhhhhh.... So I lean in, mind you I'm still in my nightshirt with this crap all over my hair, I pull out the pillow, and I'm leaning into it, trying to squish out the water so I can dry it. I'm leaning on it with all my might, pushing on the darned thing, and by now my nightshirt is totally watersoaked, but I manage to get a reasonable amount of water out of it, hopefully enough that I can put it in the dryer without it short circuiting and electrocuting me. But now I have this "gunk" on my hair, and I'm wet, so I yank off the nightshirt, no way can I put another one over the hairdye, so now I'm sitting here, totally naked, totally pissed, blogging this. If the doorbell rings I'll just DIE!!!! Meanwhile, my hair is starting to look this awful mousy brown color, oh yeah, and I put the stuff on my eyebrows, too... oh what a day, WHAT- A- DAY!!!!!

Update later....
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It's a three ring circus in Heavensville this sunny Friday morning....

Usually I break up bathtime for the M&M's into two days. It's quite a job giving them both a bath in the same morning, but I it was up early today, so I decided to do them both and get it over with, it wouldn't be a biggie. Munchie was first, I gave her her bath in the kitchen sink, blew her dry at LC's desk in the garage. She's such a good girl, she just sits quietly and lets me do whatever.

And I must admit, Mags has turned into a trooper as well. She used to try and escape out of the sink, but since we do this weekly, she's into the groove, she just sits there and lets me stream water over her without a struggle. I usually dry her at my dressing table, but since I was already setup in the garage for Munchie, I scooped her up in a warm towel and took her out there for her blowdry.

Well, first of all, LC had just left for WallyWorld, so the normally 60+ degree garage had cooled down considerably since Munchie's bathtime. Linds had given Maggie her pricey Redken straightening serum to see it it would help with my constant struggle with tangles in her nappy hair, so I applied a dab of it, I started drying her, and she's off the desk in a shot, bounces off my lap and heads for the hills, she was this little soggy streak, heading for the kitchen.

Meanwhile, I'm making caramel corn for hubby and Ryan and Lindsay, who will be here tonight, and my timer is beeping because it's time to stir it in the oven. So I give it a quick stir, find Maggie in the den, laying on her back on the couch, wriggling for all she's worth in an attempt to get herself dry. I scoop her up, head back to the now frigid garage, put her on the desk, fire up the dryer and bam, she's off again. The phone is ringing, it's LC from the store, so I talk to him, find Maggie once again in the den, ON THE COUCH AGAIN, running back and forth as fast as she can trying to get dry.

Duh, the light dawns, it's the sound of the garage hairdryer she doesn't like. It has a high pitch whine, while mine has a lower sound to it. So we head to my dressing table, she sits on my lap like the little sweetheart she is and I get her dry, FINALLY...

And that's my little Friday tale from my speck o' the net.... Never a dull moment with the M&M's......
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Why do i ALWAYS think about food???

Hooterville says I think about food more than anybody she has ever known. That woman NEVER thinks about it. I swear she can go around on empty all day if she's busy shootin pix. I wish I could do that. Nish and I always say that we will both we eating on our deathbed. No matter how sick we are, we STILL eat. And no matter WHAT I'm doing, when it's mealtime, I have to stop and eat. I just can't run on empty.

Lately I've been thinking a lot about chicken potpie. Now Tonia makes a killer one, it's SOOOO wonderful. I seldom make them, but I've been known to throw back a few Swanson's in my day... No Banquets tho, they only give you a top crust. Miz Piggy, here, wants the bottom crust, too. But of course, the Mother of all Frozen Pot Pies has to be Marie Calendar. The crust is made with lard, and it has a gadzillion fat grams... It's good, not as good as T's, but the best "store bought" available.

I remember as a little girl, Mother would come home from work, bake us both Swanson Beef or Chicken Pot Pies and a fix a salad with Wishbone Italian dressing, the mix in the little packets that you pour in the bottle and shake. She would chop celery and onion into a really small dice, and put it in the salad, tossing it in her big stainless steel bowl, the one that I now use daily in my own kitchen. We would set up the tv trays in the living room, and eat "supper" watching Chet Huntley and David Brinkley on the NBC evening news. Oh, I loved that meal. Jeez, Louise, what made me think of that??? Talk about a trip down memory lane....

I Googled Marie Calendar, looking for nutritional information, and found the recipe for their Pot Pie. I'm posting it on Jan Can Cook.
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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Doonesbury, tellin it like it is.... awesome 'toon

Click on Icky Donald to Enlarge and Read
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Busy little bee...

No time to blog, but I did take time to post some Super Bowl Recipes on Jan Can Cook. Hop over to that board, check them out, the barbecue coleslaw looks yum-o!

And I posted a great looking Potato and Onion Frittata on the Eating Light Board, 238 calories per serving, too.
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