Saturday, August 4, 2007

Am I the only one???

Who can't open ANYTHING??? I can't open my newest summer find, that yummy Fuze Slenderize drink. I twist and turn the cap, rap on it with a knife handle and will it open, NO!!!!! Jars are impossible, but Ryan and Lindsay bought me an electric jar opener, which works great, but unfortunately hubby keeps taking it off the counter in the garage and putting it on a shelf.

And ya know those little foil thingies on the tops of bottles to seal them. They never come off. NEVER!!!! I end up poking them with a knife and then they squirt crooked and soak me.

Sometimes my Diet Coke tabs fall into the can. And wine??? OMG, forget that. I always have the cork swimming in the wine and have to strain the damned stuff...

But I do wonder why hubby never has these problems. EVER!!! He patiently takes what I'm trying to open and smoothly executes it. *sigh*

I think my problems with this started as a child. I remember being at the Queen's Grill in Carmi, eating my favorite cheeseburger basket, and at that time ketchup came in those little oblong pods with foil on top. Well, somehow I managed to squirt ketchup on the headliner of Mother's car. They say everything is rooted in childhood, and I can definitely pinpoint the beginning of this affliction.

I don't even TRY and put the M&M's flea meds on them, I would pour the whole dose in the wrong spot. There is just no answer for my problem, either. Even when I slow down, I still can't make things operate like they should..

I had a fiasco with my mascara wand last week that I won't even blog about.

And so here I sit, with this stupid virus, feeling pretty much, as Ang likes to say, like "dog shit." I'm sleeping my days away, but it's so darned hot I wouldn't be doing anything outside anyway. I walked 2/3 of a mile this morning, and was so weak I had to quit. And we have another week of this 95 degree + heat forecasted for Heavensville Hellville...

I'm outta here, gonna do SOMETHING, maybe I'll drown my sorrows in watermelon. Then I'll be up all night going potty...

Jan here, signing out, pretty much in a suxy mood...


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