Wednesday, March 4, 2015

C'mon winter, give it up!!!!


What a horrid day we’re having in Heavensville.  Snow is piling up, they’re forecasting 10-12 inches before this storm moves through.  The temps are in the high twenties, Mom always said we get the biggest snowfalls at these temperatures.  That’s the bad news, the good news is the weather forecast is in the 50’s for next week.  

Hubby braved the ice this morning to fill the bird feeders. I have a tree full of grateful robins, at least that’s making me smile.

We’re so over this winter….

Beauty Blender, is it really worth $20


You bet your bootie it is!  It’s worth every penny.  If you’re not familiar with a Beauty Blender, it’s a makeup sponge, and you’re thinking, "Jan, you’ve lost your mind, no way am I going to pay $20 for a little pink egg sponge."  Okay, hang onto that $20 but you’re missing out on something really great, you know I always share the good stuff, and trust me, this one is a winner!
I researched this extensively, cause that’s what I do, the majority of the reviewers say to not even try buying a knock-off, the foam isn’t the same, the knock-offs are hard and stiff and don’t absorb the makeup like the Beauty Blender, so you don’t get the same results.  C’mon ladies, it’s like going through Starbucks four times, just cough up the money for this.
What it doesn’t do is turn back time.  There is no way that we are going to take our aging skin and make it look young again.  You still have the sags, the wrinkles, oh aren’t I Miss Merry Sunshine this morning.  But what the Beauty Blender does is blend your makeup flawlessly.  I’m attaching Kandee’s video below, I did just what she did.  Got it wet, squeezed it dry with a towel and got started.  The only thing I didn’t do was apply the foundation directly to the Blender, I think you get more control by putting it in your palm and then dabbing the blender in it.
So I stippled on my foundation like she did in the video, wow, it did to go on smoothly, just like she said, no lines of demarcation, no unevenness, it worked amazingly well.  But did I quit, oh heck no, I just kept going.  I dabbed my concealer in it, put it on, went on smooth as silk, then I dabbed my loose powder in it and did the same.  And I still kept going, I used it to apply my powder blush and I actually dabbed it in my beloved MAC eyeshadow and applied my eyeshadow with it.   Smooth, smooth, smooth, totally blended, easy, fast, it’s a winner.  This thing rocks!  I didn’t spend more money for their cleanser, I just used baby shampoo to rinse it in, and yep, it immediately stains, but  who cares.  The reviewers also say it works great to rinse it in Dawn Dishwashing Liquid.  They also sell it in white and red.  White, I don’t think so, and I’m not a fan of red, pink works for me.
This thing is a staple from now on for this old makeup junkie.  Do you want one and not leave your house?  Get it from Nordstroms, free shipping, it will arrive in a few days.  Why not Amazon?  Because reviewers say that sometimes they are knock-offs from Amazon, and I didn’t want to chance it.  I didn’t want to wait, so I got mine at Sephora, don’t try Ulta, they don’t have it. But it’s a cold day,  it’s snowy, it’s winter, just order the darn thing.  You can get it from Beauty Blender’s site, too, but they don’t have free ship like Nordie’s does.
Here’s the click to order, take a deep breath, fork over $20 for a sponge that’s hideously overpriced and you too can have flawless makeup.  Some things are just worth the money.  Know what I mean, Vern...
Oh, you can email me and thank me after you buy it, you’re gonna love this one, trust me.  ~ Jan

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Eyelash Curler Tip

 I’ve been curling my eyelashes since the stone age.  I distinctly remember the first time I used an eyelash curler, I was probably fourteen or fifteen, I didn’t know what I was doing and I clamped both the upper and lower lashes at once.  Wowza!!!!  Comprehension has never been my strong point, and that little incident was painful beyond words.  But I persevered and have been curling daily ever since.

Now comes a new way to do it.  I saw this video on Facebook yesterday and was intrigued.  I got up this morning and tried it, and it really does make a difference.  Now you have to remember that at my advanced age, eyelashes are not what they used to be, they’re sparse, yeah, sparse that’s a good word.  But I did this little trick, slightly apprehensive that it would hurt, but it didn’t, and they're definitely curled.

So give it a go, what else do you have to do this dreary winter day.  We’re getting more snow tomorrow,  they can’t forecast how much yet, anywhere from 6 to 13 inches.  THIRTEEN INCHES, oh surely we won’t get that much!  My crocus won’t be up until June at the rate we’re going….

Monday, March 2, 2015

The robins have arrived in Heavensville


They’ve been flocking to my bird feeder this morning, sometimes as many as twenty at a time.

You know what this means, don’t you?  Spring is coming!!!!

I look at the snow covered around and it still seems so far away, but it won’t be long now.  Soon, very soon...

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Barnyard...


IMG 9929

First came roosters, then came pigs, then Clover the cow came to live on my cabinet door.  And now more cows have invaded the dining room.

Where will it end?  Is this it, am I finished.  Nope.

That clock and those plates just don’t look right with that cow, they’re too fussy.  They need to go, and that lamp on the shelf, it’s not right now either.  And I don’t like the pitcher with the grapes.  One thing leads to another and the search is on!

IMG 9931NewImage

What I really like this is this Holstein cow head.  Just having a hard time pulling the plug on the price, and it’s too big, the scale is off.  And hubby isn’t a fan, one mounted cow head in the kitchen is enough.  


Antique Farmhouse does have this mounted pig head.  But it’s kinda creepy, definitely passing on this.  But, a mounted rusty rooster head now would be nice, that would work.

I think I’ll email Decor Steals about it.  Yeah, sure thing, like that’s going to do any good.

And why am I posting all of this?  It’s February, it’s snowy, there isn’t a lot going on and I’m seriously lacking any ideas for content.  And if I work this through in my head, maybe it will help.  And yes, I know I have too much stuff on my dining room table, but Mikey likes it...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Industrial Warehouse Cart Redo

 IMG 9886

IMG 9884

Back in November I blogged about the industrial warehouse cart we bought at an auction.  Here’s a link to the the original post.

Hubby redid it for me, it took several days and Mother Nature didn’t always cooperate.  But he finished it on a warm November day and it’s now in the den.  It had a wooden handle that the workers used to pull and push the cart with, we weren’t going to use it, but decided it needed to be complete, and it’s a great hat rack.

The picture below is the what we started with, and above is how it looks now.  He sanded the top but left some of the paint, the wheels were rusty beyond belief, I wish I wouldd have had a before picture.  He soaked each piece of steel  in vinegar overnight and then wire brushed to remove the rust.  We stained the top, then applied several coats of polyurethane, and it turned out even better than I expected.   It was such a fun project, and our total cost, including materials and several gallons of vinegar was under $150.  Great price, great job, hubby!  


He also finished our vintage door mounted on a barn door slider.  It’s coming soon….  ~ Jan

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vacation 2015


Vacation 2015 stars a grown up Rusty and his family.  Will it be a hit or a miss?  I’m not a fan of remakes, except for The Thomas Crown Affair, which was much better than the original.

This does have Chevy Chase and Beverly D’Angelo, so that’s a plus.  Will I watch it?  Oh yeah, I’ll be there, front row and center checking it out.  Coming October 2015...

Thursday, February 19, 2015

This Siberian cold front is brutal, BRUTAL!!!!


Okay, so it’s cold, and we have snow, and did I mention that it’s cold???

We have had such a mild winter, we’re spoiled, but boy did we get blasted this week.  Hubby and I ran errands yesterday, it was so windy that the blowing snow felt like needles piercing our skin.  And this morning it was -4.  Brrrrrrrr...

Oh, whine, whine.  It will be over soon, spring is only a month away.  When Abby was two, she was visiting and was playing barefoot by the creek on March 17th.  Seems unreal, but it the weather was wonderful. 

What can we expect this year?  Mother always said, early Easter, early Spring.  And Easter is April 5th.  A girl can only dream...

Monday, February 16, 2015

Leslie Gore Dies at 68...



The year was 1963, I was thirteen years old and I thought It’s My Party was the “coolest” song, ever!  I loved Lesie Gore and copied her flip hairstyle, sleeping in those rollers every . single . night.  She died of lung cancer, today.  R.I.P. Leslie, you left us too soon.


Aren't grandchildren adorable...




Oh Ben, you are just the cutest little kid!!!!

A Monday morning smile for you...


Bebe granddaughter’s first Valentines Day.  Pure joy!

Monday's With Marlo...

Image 1358288567

Wow, are we getting snow this morning in Heavensville.  Hubby ventured out to put out the trash and fill the bird feeders.  They are right outside my sunroom window, I sit at my computer and watch them, and they are just flocking to the feeders to eat. Woodpeckers, cardinals, blue jays, sparrows, you name it, they’re on here.  It’s a good thing, feeding the birds, just giving a bit back to help Mother Nature.

I don’t know if you are all familiar with Monday’s with Marlo, if not, you might enjoy giving her a watch.  She posts a new video every Monday morning, interesting topics, and there’s not much else to do this morning.  It’s a curl up and read, veg out in front of the tube, make a pot of soup, play around on the internet kinda day.

Here’s the link to Marlo…  Stay warm!  ~ Jan

Friday, February 13, 2015


Abby came home from school today with this Valentine Card for mama.  She’s the only girl in a class with all boys, and her teacher has two sons.  Looks like the teacher had a lot of fun dressing her up for this picture.  Love the camera!

She is such a darling little child, our Abby.  My grandchildren are all the sunshine of my life.  

The Galloping Gourmet Spurtle



FullSizeRender 1

Do you need a laugh today?  If so, read on and be sure and watch the videos.  Guaranteed giggles.  Pinky swear...

Does anybody remember this blast from the past?  I’ve always been a foodie and back in the early 1970’s, Graham Kerr’s tv show “The Galloping Gourmet” started the trend, he was the first cooking show I ever watched.

He was this goofy English guy who cooked food that I would never make, but he did have great wooden kitchen spoons that he called “Spurtles.”  They even gave them away in cereal boxes, but I bought a set of them from an address he posted on his show. They’ve always been my favorite kitchen tools and they’re still going strong all these years later.

Pictured above is my collection, and yes I use that Bakelite Grease Jar.  I low carb, I always have bacon grease.  I’m going back to my roots, people, my mother always had a jar of bacon grease next to her stove, I bet yours did, too.

But back to the Spurtles.  I’ve picked up additional sets and individual pieces when they’ve been available on eBay through the years and now have quite a collection.  Some of them have holes in them, some are shorter, some are angled,one is a spatula,  but the traditional Spurtle is the one I use over and over again.  It’s the long one with a curved bottom and straight side.   They all have the GG Emblem burnt into the handles and they’re my treasures, I’ve used them daily since the 70’s.

If you do nothing else today, click and watch this video below, and if it doesn’t make you laugh until tears roll down your cheeks, something is seriously wrong with you.

Oh, The Galloping Gourmet, he was one of a kind, there were no retakes on this old television show, they were taped before a live audience and what you see is what you got.  Funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

And then I found this other video of a lady demonstrating her Spurtle.  She’s a little, ummmm “odd”  and she totally cracked me up just watching her.  She’s very passionate about her Spurtle, but she does a fair job of explaining how it works.  Oh, my, the things you find on YouTube.

 And finally, if all this talk of spurtles is making you think you have missed out all of these years, you can still get one.  Not the original, but this guy on Etsy has copied the design and is selling them for $20.  


Here’s the click, I would so invest $20 in one of these if didn’t have my original collection.  What’s so good about them other than nostalgia?  They are just designed so well, they have a curved bottom that gets in the corners, a straight edge that cleanly stirs sides of pots.  Oh, just buy the damn thing, trust me it’s a good thing.  ~ Jan

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