Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fly Fishing has been on my bucket list ever since I read Mary Alice Monroe’s “Time is a River.”  And last November, for my birthday, John and Deanna gave me a fly fishing lesson in the Smoky Mountain National Park.

We went earlier this month, stayed several days in a mountain cabin, and oh, it was glorious.  The Mountain Laurel was in bloom, the Honeysuckles permeated the air and the weather cooperated.

I went for my lesson with a great guide, Charity, and when she asked me why I wanted to fly fish I told her about reading the book.  She got a big smile on her face and said that she and Mary Alice Monroe were friends, and she was the one who taught her to fly fish as research for her book.  Her name is mentioned in the book foreward, and that made the trip even more special.

And how did I do?  Remarkably well, actually, I thought I would fall on my rear in the stream, but I didn’t.  It was so beautiful, it’s indescribable, the rushing water, the rocks, the trees, the clear stream with the trout swimming, and it’s not hard to learn, either.

And yes, I actually caught a fish, John took a lesson with me, he caught a couple of them.  I would do this again in a heartbeat, it was just an amazing experience, and one I highly recommend for anyone who wants to enjoy Mother Nature and the simplicity of casting into the water.  It was just awesome… ~ Jan

Friday, May 22, 2015

Road Trippin...



So much to tell you, but no time.

I’ll be back, have a great and safe Memorial Day Weekend, everyone...

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Fly Fishing...

Time is a River


Mia Landan is recovering from breast cancer in a mountain cabin near Asheville, NC, when she discovers the journal of a sensational fly fisher of the 1920s, Kate Watkins. The inspiring words of a woman she never knew finally lure Mia from her shell to connect once more with the world around her. As she learns to fish, she uncovers secrets that span generations--secrets that have the power to change no only her life, but the lives of those in her new community. 




I read this book a couple of years ago and the story absolutely intrigued me, so much so that I put fly fishing on my bucket list.  

Last year, for my birthday, John and Deanna gave me fly fishing lessons in the Smoky Mountains as a gift.  And now it’s about to happen.

I’ve got my gear, got my hat, and I’m going to wade fall in a mountain stream.  I’ll let you know how this all plays out.  Should be interesting ~ Jan

Sunday, May 10, 2015

The Grands on Mother's Day...





Ben is in the driver’s seat.  He was two in August, at that age Miss A had no interest in driving this car.  Boys and cars, I think the fascination starts in the womb!  Can’t believe she’s letting him drive her around.  :-)

And baby granddaughter is on the move, there is no stopping her now.  She and her pretty mama are all decked out for Mother’s Day.  Miss Lexalicious has bicycles on her little dress.  They picnicked in the park.

And Grammie?  Hubby made it a special day for me, even though he kept reminding me I wasn’t his mother.  I’ve been married to this man for almost 44 years now, I know his tricks. Father’s day will be payback time.  Yep, it will...

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

How to grow the best tomatoes...


Want to have the best tomato plants in the neighborhood?  I have the secret...

Years ago I had a neighbor and his tomato plants were stunning, while mine were just ho-hum.  He was a sneaky old guy, when I asked him how he grew such beautiful plants, he just smiled and was evasive.  But he didn’t know who he was dealing with, I was determined to find out why he had the bushiest plants in the neighborhood.  I didn’t see him fertilizing, his soil looked normal, what was his secret?

Well, one evening he wasn’t home, and just before dark, I walked through his garden.  Yeah, I did, I wanted to find out what he was doing to grow such lush plants.  And I discovered his secret, and since I always share everything and it’s tomato planting time, here it is.

That old fart was planting two tomato plants in each hole.  It was just that simple.  So then I started doing it, and my tomatoes rivaled his.  I wonder if he ever figured out that I found his secret.  Sometimes you have to outfox the fox, darn that old man anyway...

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Look who's having a birthday!!!


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Our little granddaughter, Lexi is one year old today.  She’s a busy little bee, rocks her sunglasses on a regular basis, took her first trip to the beach last week, loved the sand, loved the airplane, loved the nightlife, Lexi just loves life, period.  Joie de vivre describes this child perfectly.

As Cousin Minnie Pearl would say, “She’s just so proud to be here."

Happy Birthday, sweet Lexi, Grammie will see you soon.  We’ve got a date with a cake!!!!

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Revisiting the Beauty Blender +++

IMG 0614

I blogged about my new Beauty Blender back in March.  My friend Carlene wanted to know if I still liked it after a month, if I did, she would rethink spending $20 for a sponge.  Well here I am, a month later, in my closet with wet hair and my makeup is blended.  I didn’t retouch the photo, I should have photoshopped out the wrinkles, and I’m a little wild eyed, but hopefully you can see how well this makeup is blended.

And now the verdict is in, this is hands down the best makeup tool I’ve ever purchased.  I will continue to  buy Beauty Blenders and use them daily, it’s an absolutely fantastic tool.

Here’s what I’m finding after using it for a month - 

  • I’ve experimented a lot, putting dabs of foundation on my face with my finger then using the blender and smoothing, I’ve put it in my palm, then dabbed the blender in it before using it to apply it, but it was a pain.  The easiest, fastest way is to just put makeup in your hands, rub your hands together and press it all over your face, don’t rub, just press.  It’s thick and very ragged at this point, but then just take the damp blender and start blending and it works like a charm.
  • I use it for powder, for concealer, just dab, dab, dab.  I don’t use it for eye shadow, but I do clean up the edges with it.  
  • And how is it lasting after a month?  Great, I just wash it with a little liquid soap, squeeze the water out, and I always have it damp when I use it.
  • What about staining?  It stains immediately, but it’s no biggie, it doesn’t seem to get worse, it’s just discolored.  

And last month I also blogged about Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade.

This took some getting used to for me because I’ve never had defined brows.  The trick with this is to use a light hand.  I start at the arch of my eyebrows underneath, lightly draw it to the edge, then draw the top of my brow, I’m making a frame, then fill it in lightly and brush it out so it isn’t harsh. Just use a little product, ladies, unless you want to really vamp up those eyebrows.  

And, something new I’m trying but the verdict isn’t in yet.

ELF Makeup Mist and Set - I bought this because it’s a dupe for the pricey $30 Urban Decay Makeup Mist, this one is $6.  The first time I used it I applied way too much, and my eye makeup was running down my cheeks. Of course we were getting ready to go out to dinner and I was in a panic.  Live and learn!!! I backed off the next time, now I  just give it 3-4 squirts, it seems to make makeup last and makes your skin dewy, but we’ll see what happens when the weather is warmer.

Finally, let’s talk about foundation.  Like everyone, i’ve tried so many kinds over the years, including many brands of the pricey stuff, but I’m a drugstore makeup junkie and always go back to Revlon ColorStay for Combination Skin.

This stuff has staying power, it lasts all day into the night and best of all, you don’t shine.  It stays on in heat and humidity, it never slides down my face and did I say it doesn’t shine ;).  

I was buying it locally for about $12.99, but it’s cheaper on Amazon and you don’t have to trudge through the drugstore.

Fresh Beige is such a good color, and this is an absolutely wonderful product for the price.  It was $10 the last time I ordered but they’ve dropped the price even further to $9.30.  Interested, here’s the link...

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Purple Ball Jars Have Arrived...


Oh my, I think this is the best color yet.  I got mine at Target today.  Won’t they be pretty filled with fleurs this summer...

And then, of course you need a Chicken Wire Flower Frog.  

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$6.99 on Amazon

Want it more rustic?  Description says this is a crackle black/red lid.

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Here’s the rustic link

Are you cheap and want to make them yourself.  Not worth it to me for $6.99 but hey, go ahead, knock yourself out if you’re in a creative mood.


Here you go, a DIY Tutorial

I love options.  BTW, if you order from Amazon, check the width on your jar, I haven’t measured yet to see if these are for standard or wide mouth jars.  It says 3” so I’m thinking it’s for widemouth.


~ Jan ~

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jan and Her Three Wheeled Bike


I’ve had a three-wheeled bike for years.  Mostly it’s been stored in the attic and periodically in the spring hubby will bring it down because I’ve decided once again that I will ride it.  

And today is the day, it’s time to once again discover the joys of biking triking. He got it down from the attic, which was a total feat because it’s so bulky, aired up the tires,  adjusted the seat and I was off.

Hey, it’s more fun than I remembered as I sailed down the drive.  Oh, I had forgotten how freeing it is to ride, feel the wind in your face, it’s like I’m a kid again, riding the streets of Enfield.

Through the neighborhood I go, it’s a cool day, my hair is blowing in the breeze, the birds are singing.  Boy Howdy, am I ever having fun riding down a hill.  Then the return trip begins and I have to peddle uphill.  It’s not so fun anymore, in fact it’s pure torture.  OMG, this is why the damn thing is in the attic.  My thighs are quivering, I’m panting like a racehorse, I ache all over. What made me think I wanted to ride this gadawful contraption in the first place.

It’s sitting in the garage now, glaring at me.  Hubby suggested that I might want to take baby steps, just ride it for short distances until my muscles get used to it.  Yeah right, in a pigs eye...

Egads, we don’t realize how out of shape we are until we do something like this.  Whatever made me think that I would enjoy this again at my advanced age?  Wicked contraption, that bicycle, I think it’s possessed by the devil!

Monday, April 6, 2015

It was such a fun Easter

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John and Deanna brought Lexi for Easter.  It’s a busy morning but I just had to share this photo.  Is there anything more precious than a baby granddaughter visiting at Easter, all dolled up in her pretty little dress, pantaloons, ruffled socks and Mary Janes with a baby chick bow in her hair.  This child is such a gift to us, what a darling little girl she is...

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