Friday, October 31, 2014

Love this kitchen...


I saw this earlier today and just had to share.  Is it not perfection?  Love the coziness, the colors, the details, notice the lamp inside the cabinet.  And of course the roosters, what is it with me and roosters...

Happy Halloween, stay safe and bundle up!


Hubby's latest project...

Pantry organization

My spices are a pain in the patootie.  I have a cupboard for them with staggered shelves, but I constantly knock the front ones over trying to see what’s in the back.  I usually end up having hubby find things for me because I can't reach far enough back.  Waaaaaa

Enter Pinterest.  I have a renewed love affair with Pinterest this month.  Organization is the key, that’s always been my motto, and thanks to just searching pinterest for Jewelry Organization I’ve come up with some great ideas that we’re implementing.  So then I found this pantry door organizer on Pinterest and hubby jumped on it like a hot potato!  It’s his weekend project, building this for the inside of my pantry door.  I’ll let you know how it works out.

And back to Pinterest.  I have a new Jewelry Organization Board if you want to take a look.  So far he’s sprayed an iron shelf with hooks with Old Gold Spray Paint, mounted it in my bathroom and I have a lot of my necklaces hanging from it.  On top I have candlestick holders for my bracelets, and more.  I’ll update with pictures soon.  It’s working great!  On the other bathroom wall I want a picture frame with mesh in it so I  can hang my earrings and maybe another picture frame for rings. But I can’t have just two frames, I need three, so I’ll figure out something else.


I thought this idea was so clever, wine corks with push pins.  Not for me, but somebody was really creative with this one.  You know, back in the day, I thought I used to dream up some pretty creative things, but now realize that I didn’t really have a clue.  I’m constantly amazed at the things people come up with.  It’s so frustrating being old(er) and not having space for all these new ideas.

Oh, the possibilities.

Here’s the click to the board, I know you want to take a peek… ~ Jan

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A smile for you this morning...

Lexi10 26jpg

I snapped this picture of bebe granddaughter last weekend in her high chair.  Miss Lexilicious, she's just the berries!  Had to share, it’s a Grammie thing...

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Anybody remember flour sack dish towels?

Flour Sack Dish Towels for Kitchen and More

I was perusing Vermont Country Store’s site this morning.  It had been awhile, I was suffering from withdrawal, and look what I found!

The dish towels of my childhood, snowy white, bleached to perfection, line dried flour sack towels.  Well, Mother’s were perfection, and she made them herself.

She  kept me supplied in them thru the years, and I didn’t realize what I had at the time, but they were just the most absorbent kitchen towels ever.  Mother was a great supplier of all things simple.  Hubby always had a never ending supply of rags for his garage, always washed and cut in precise pieces.  

In the winter, she cut and rolled balls of rags, then had them made into rugs.  I wasn’t a fan, probably because they were the rugs of  my childhood, but I would be today.

She always took simple things and made something productive from them.  I miss her crafts and her dish towels.  Guess my only choice is to buy these from The Vermont Country Store.

Are you old enough to be interested as well?  Here’s the link...



Thursday, October 23, 2014

Yardley Soap, a Blast from the Past...

71D3hzJY1aL SL1500

I loved Yardley products back in the day.  Way, way back to the sixties, think Jean Shrimpton.  Yardley of London was very pricey then, but not anymore.  It’s still wonderful and now I buy the good smelling English Lavender soap at my local Dollar Tree for a dollar a bar.  Best deal around, it’s awesome for drawers, too.  It’s so soft smelling, brings back memories of days long ago and it’s cheap!

They have other varieties as well.  Oatmeal & Almond and Shea Butter with Buttermilk.  I bought these, too, but nothing compares to Lavender.  Maybe it’s an old(er) lady thing.  Sure works for me, though and it can work for you, too if you have a Dollar Tree in your town.

If not, you can buy them on Amazon Prime for $9.44 for four bars.  Not as good of a deal, but stlll worth it.

Here’s the link, enjoy.  ~ Jan

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I'm in love with this Thanksgiving table...


I don’t host Thanksgiving at my house these days.  I’ve passed the torch to the kids, they have big houses and families and it just makes more sense to visit them for the holidays.

But in my dreams, I would so duplicate this idea for Thanksgiving.  I found it in Country Living this morning, it’s everything I love.  A piece of barn board, hoisted up a bit to give it depth, candles, gourds, grapes, maybe add a pear or two and scatter some nuts in their shells, and some grasses picked in a field instead of the green wheat, oh wouldn’t it be de-lovely...

And speaking of tables, here’s a snapshot of mine right now.  And yes, of course it’s overdone, I always overdo it,  and no, you can’t sit here and eat, we eat at the bar.  It’s overdone, too, it’s just the way I roll...


 Sunflower dishes, gourds, candles, roosters and my fat market pig on a lazy suzan so loaded down it won’t turn.  


And on my bar, vintage Dept. 56 egg plates, smiley face mugs, a Scentsy jack-o-lantern pot and more roosters and a turkey.  Makes me happy just looking at it….

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Streisand Partners interview with Katie Couric




This interview was a good one and there were glimpses of what she’s really like.  She wasn’t particularly warm to the idea of making an album in the future with all females.  Also her son, how did she not realize that he couldn’t sing until he was an adult?

I’m not particularly a fan of the lady, way too much attitude,  but oh that voice, nothing will ever compare.  And will I buy the album?  Of course I will, I’m a fan of collaborations anyway and this one looks fantastic.

Here’s the link, it’s worth watching...

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Mercedes GLA Commercial, best EVER!

Haunted castle - The neorenessaince style Schlossberger Castle in Tura, Hungary, built in 1883

I watched this commercial, was totally fascinated and researched to find out where it’s located.  Noticed the ferris wheel in the background in the frame with the carousel horse.  Can you imagine what this must have been like at the turn of the century?   Such grandeur could never be repeated today, oh, and the car isn’t so bad either :)

Then I kept digging and found that the movie, The Secret of Moonacre was filmed there.  It’s on  NetFlix Instant Stream.  Guess what I’ll be watching this evening...


Granny Panties...

Lollipop Underwear | Comfortable Cotton Panties | 3 Pack

Okay, go ahead and laugh at me, but I’m tired of itchy lace, unbreathable, bunching, twisting, crotch riding uncomfortable undies.   I’m old(er) now, is it time for Granny Panties?

Maybe it is.  I was on, as you all know, one of my very favorite sites, Vermont Country Store, and they have Lollipop Panties, and they come in beige now.  There were glowing reviews, women love these, and the price is right, three pairs for $20 and some change.  I’m still vain, I couldn’t handle  white, but beige is a definite possibility.  And you’re all thinking you wouldn’t be caught dead in these things, and neither would I even five years ago.  So go ahead, wear your fancy schmancy ones, I will wear mine, too, but just not when I’m hanging out at home in my ancient yoga pants, these would be the perfect pairing.

Here’s what the Vermont Country Store has to say about these...

For over 60 years, Lollipop cotton underwear has been known for comfort and great fit. We think you deserve that same comfort today. 100% cotton underwear has a gentle elastic waist, a ribbed-knit cotton comfort leg, and a double-lined cotton crotch. Machine wash, line dry. Imported.

100% cotton panties with gentle elastic waist

Double-lined cotton crotch Ribbed-knit cotton comfort leg<

Pure cotton underwear and panties at The Vermont Country Store. Your favorite Lollipop cotton panties are made to be just as comfortable now as they were years ago.

These are the undies of my childhood, probably yours, too.  Are you laughing out loud yet?  And yes, I know they’re ugly, but I bet they’re comfy and I’m all about comfort now that I’m in my mid sixties.  Well, I’m just going to order these up and see what they’re like.  I might just like them.   And after all, everything does come full circle.  And it’s time to shake it up a bit on the blog, you all haven’t had an eye rolling experience in months now!  

Too much information?  Oh puh-leez, you all know I have no filter and will talk about anything.

You can check them out here. Go ahead, do it, I double dawg dare ya’  and nobody is watching, nobody cares.  hehehehe

Monday, October 13, 2014

The Harris Sisters...


My daughter-in-law, Deanna and her sisters, Misty and Donna, did a Halloween photo shoot last week when she was in North Carolina.  They posted it on their blog, Harris Sisters GirlTalk, and It’s so special, I thought some of you might enjoy taking a peek.  

John was their photographer and he did an awesome job.  Deanna said that they took the pictures in the woods behind her sister, Donna’s house, and they did get a few strange looks from passersby….

Here’s the link

I've been having a few issues...



I attribute all the discontent, not only my life, but friends and family a well, to last week’s blood moon.

There was a cancellation of a long planned trip, medical issues, a head laceration requiring stitches, neighbors being carted off to the hospital, broken bones, you name it, it happened! Last week was a total disaster, nothing went right… Shall I go on?

And to top it all off, I haven’t been able to blog because of a glitch in my much loved Mars Edit blogging software.  Surely this week will be better, won’t it?  Surely it will… 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Looks who's having a birthday, today!

Happy Birthday Abby Leigh, you're the cutest five year old granddaughter in the whole world!
XoXo ~ Grammie

Thursday, October 2, 2014

The Old Closet Switcheroo....

No, this isn’t my closet or my grandchild, but a picture is worth a thousand words, even if it's not your own.

I have a huge pile of clothes in my bedroom, and it’s time once again to switch it out.  Oh, how lucky was I when we lived in the Gingerbread House and I had an entire bedroom papered with pretty wide pink and white striped paper that hubby had turned into a closet for me.  I had a dressing table that overlooked the backyard, a window seat, enough racks for summer and winter clothes, lots of bins and cubbies, it was really awesome.  *sigh* Those were the days, and I didn’t appreciate what I had until now.  I do have a "walk-in" closet these days, but that's about all you can do, just "walk-in."   And LC uses the guest closet for his clothes, because he knows he doesn't have a shot at stuffing his things in my closet.  And he's a neat freak, the clutter would drive us both 'round the bend.

But no matter how messy my closet gets, I can’t compete with a certain family member that is dear to my heart, whose entire closet collapsed last month from the sheer weight and volume of the clothes. It’s not my story to tell,  but it sure is a doozey if it ever does get told ;)

Every year I whine about changing my closet, I vow to throw things away and keep it organized, but I never do.  Now my kitchen pantry has stayed in great shape for a few years now, ever since I put in all those baskets.  But my closet, oh it’s a disaster of epic proportions this fall.

But I have to switch it, cooler weather is coming  and it looks like this is the weekend.  We were headed to visit Ryan’s family and celebrate Abby’s 5th birthday, but the kids and Lindsay are sick so not only do I not get to see the family, I have no excuse to not clean out that damn closet!

Remember a few years ago when I got so overwhelmed with my closet disaster that I sat in the middle of the bed and cried and hubby had to bail me out?  Well, I feel another one of Abby’s come aparts about to happen this year as well.  I already warned poor long suffering LC that I’m not coping well.  I just can’t stand a mess in my older age.  And boy do I have one ahead of me!

So, wish me luck, ladies, it’s not going to be pretty around here Saturday, but a girl’s gotta do what a girls gotta do, unless she has a husband who will do part of it for her. *grin*

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