Saturday, April 18, 2015

Purple Ball Jars Have Arrived...


Oh my, I think this is the best color yet.  I got mine at Target today.  Won’t they be pretty filled with fleurs this summer...

And then, of course you need a Chicken Wire Flower Frog.  

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$6.99 on Amazon

Want it more rustic?  Description says this is a crackle black/red lid.

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Here’s the rustic link

Are you cheap and want to make them yourself.  Not worth it to me for $6.99 but hey, go ahead, knock yourself out if you’re in a creative mood.


Here you go, a DIY Tutorial

I love options.  BTW, if you order from Amazon, check the width on your jar, I haven’t measured yet to see if these are for standard or wide mouth jars.  It says 3” so I’m thinking it’s for widemouth.


~ Jan ~

Monday, April 13, 2015

Jan and Her Three Wheeled Bike


I’ve had a three-wheeled bike for years.  Mostly it’s been stored in the attic and periodically in the spring hubby will bring it down because I’ve decided once again that I will ride it.  

And today is the day, it’s time to once again discover the joys of biking triking. He got it down from the attic, which was a total feat because it’s so bulky, aired up the tires,  adjusted the seat and I was off.

Hey, it’s more fun than I remembered as I sailed down the drive.  Oh, I had forgotten how freeing it is to ride, feel the wind in your face, it’s like I’m a kid again, riding the streets of Enfield.

Through the neighborhood I go, it’s a cool day, my hair is blowing in the breeze, the birds are singing.  Boy Howdy, am I ever having fun riding down a hill.  Then the return trip begins and I have to peddle uphill.  It’s not so fun anymore, in fact it’s pure torture.  OMG, this is why the damn thing is in the attic.  My thighs are quivering, I’m panting like a racehorse, I ache all over. What made me think I wanted to ride this gadawful contraption in the first place.

It’s sitting in the garage now, glaring at me.  Hubby suggested that I might want to take baby steps, just ride it for short distances until my muscles get used to it.  Yeah right, in a pigs eye...

Egads, we don’t realize how out of shape we are until we do something like this.  Whatever made me think that I would enjoy this again at my advanced age?  Wicked contraption, that bicycle, I think it’s possessed by the devil!

Monday, April 6, 2015

It was such a fun Easter

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John and Deanna brought Lexi for Easter.  It’s a busy morning but I just had to share this photo.  Is there anything more precious than a baby granddaughter visiting at Easter, all dolled up in her pretty little dress, pantaloons, ruffled socks and Mary Janes with a baby chick bow in her hair.  This child is such a gift to us, what a darling little girl she is...

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

You can rent goats to mow your lawn!


Amazon has this new service that allows you to rent goats to mow your lawn.  Seriously, this is no April Fools joke.  You can have them drop the goats off, then they will pick them up.  It’s called Goat Grazers and is available from Amazon Home Services.  Of course you have to live in New York, San Francisco or Seattle, so I may have to move.

I’m a huge goat lover, I would so do this just for the fun of it.  It’s great in theory but can’t see how it would actually work, what would keep the goats from running into the streets, but it will be interesting to follow.  When I read this at People Pets this morning, I thought it was a prank, and I kept scrolling down expecting to see APRIL FOOLS, but it’s not a joke. 

And last night on the evening news they say that they can use drones to herd goats.   Absolutely a . m . a . z . i . n . g !

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Ginger Zee's Hair and Makeup Team

 I’m a huge fan of this pretty lady, and now she, along with her hair and makeup team, are posting daily on YouTube.  I was intrigued by the hairspray they use, Allnet by L’Oreal.  It looks like they have a can of the Strong Hold, it also comes in Extra Strong, and Extra Strong for Color Treated hair.  I had never heard of it, but Ulta stocks it,  so I’m hotfooting down to Ulta to buy it!  Hairspray that holds, and lets your hair swing,  that’s calling my name!  

This is a new YouTube Channel, only four posts so far, I subscribed this morning, it’s interesting to see what happens behind the scenes.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Southern Woman, totally charming...



What is it about a Southern Woman’s voice.  It just soothes, like slow dripping honey.  When we saw Jeanne Robertson a couple of weeks ago, I once again was struck not only by her grace, but by her voice.  I think I may have lived in the deep south in another lifetime.  I like to think I’m southern, but actually my Heavensville twang is not exactly attractive, it grates rather than soothes.  

I have a daughter-in-law from North Carolina who is the quintessential Southern Woman.  It’s a lovely thing to witness, and even if you aren’t from the south, you can certainly adhere to the wonderful traits in this excerpt from Southern Charm’s website.

1. Create warmth wherever you go. Be warm and inviting in relationships, with family, at the office, in your home, in the rooms you enter. Be open and enticing rather than cool and aloof. Shower those in your presence with engaging smiles. Make everyone feel welcomed into your world. Southern hospitality is the standard by which the rest of the world is judged. That special brand of hospitality begins with tremendous warmth, openness, and the giving of one’s self.

2. Always notice everyone around you. As you walk through the mall, down the aisle at church, or along the hall-way at the office, acknowledge everyone with a nod, a smile, and a word. Don’t allow yourself to be caught up in your own world, oblivious of other people – even if they are strangers. This kind of openness is a very important part of charm. People mirror your treatment of them. If you are warm, you receive warmth in return. Coolness is reciprocated with aloofness. People respond eagerly to warmth, which enables you to get more of what you want from life because people are more willing to help you. 

3. Establish instant rapport. When introduced to someone, lean toward the person (out of your personal space and into theirs) to establish immediate intimacy. Stop a foot or so from the other person’s face, smile, establish eye contact, and say a few kind words. In the South, we hate instant potatoes, but we love instant warmth!

4. Treat everyone with equal kindness and respect. From cabdrivers to waitresses to your boss to your prospective mother-in-law. Shower them all with smiles and courtesy. Everyone, regardless of his or her position in life, deserves courtesy, respect and kind words. 

5. Be gracious, thoughtful, and always considerate of others and their feelings. It is possible to be both tough and nice. You do not have sacrifice one for the other; you must only know when to use each one. However, 98 percent of the time, nice works best.

6. Catch more flies with honey than vinegar. End of story. 

7. Be utterly feminine. Men cannot resist a feminine woman – personally or professionally. In business, men become mentors to these women, enhancing their careers and professional knowledge. Personally, they become protectors, never suspecting that the woman is the true backbone of the relationship. In the South, our secret motto is “Let him think he’s the boss, but we know who the boss really is!” Men love strong, but soft, feminine women. They are enthralled by them. They are not personally or professionally attracted to women who conduct themselves like men – especially for long-term relationships.

8. Flaunt your femininity. But don’t overdo it. 

9. In the business and social worlds, femininity is a plus, not a minus. Boldly use your femininity professionally and personally. We socially flirt at the office, wear feminine, soft clothing, and shamelessly use our feminine wiles to get what we want professionally – plum assignments, raises, and promotions. We never cross the line into inappropriateness, but we have been known to stretch it to the limits. 

10. Sassy self-confidence requires faith in yourself and your ability to achieve. Remember: Faith is like a muscle; the more you exercise it, the stronger it becomes. Use that strong faith to chase away the insidious doubts that threaten success and self-confidence. Do not forget that it is within your power to succeed or to fail. Southern women are fiercely proud and therefore staunchly geared toward success in all they do. 

11. Be spunky, not aggressive; assertive, not brash. Southern women are not timid in going after what we want, but we do it in a charming, self-assured manner, not in a rude, win-at-all-costs mode. When we get what we want, we don’t step over the scattered bodies as we make our victorious exit. We walk out with heads held high, knowing that everyone was treated ethically and respectfully. 

Read the entire Southern Charm entry here



Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Candace Bergen on Weight Gain


Isn’t it refreshing when a celebrity owns it.  The woman is sixty-eight years old, she’s a real woman with a real body and she stands up and says she’s fat and she loves food. She’s put on thirty pounds and she’s healthy looking, not a slave to dieting and she isn’t making excuses.  She quite simply looks her age, and that’s okay.  Good for you, Candace!

People Magazine has an article about her, but it’s the comments that are interesting, so much support for this lovely lady.  Of course there are  critics, that’s to be expected, but so many people only have positive things to say.  Every woman has her day and eventually age is going to get all of us.  Sometimes we just need to enjoy the ride and not spend every waking moment obsessing about what we do or don’t eat. I just thought it was courageous that this lovely lady has the guts to address an issue that dogs all of us.

I especially like what this woman has to say:

"Don't think she really qualifies as FAT, but good for her! She's 68 for pete's sake. At that age, why spend the rest of your life counting every calorie and fretting over what other people think. I've never heard of anyone on their death bed saying "I'm sure glad I didn't eat the ice cream......."

Here’s the article and more importantly, scroll down for the comments...

Friday, March 20, 2015

John Boos Butcher Block


Fifteen years ago I bought a John Boos Butcher Block, just like the one above but smaller (18x18”).  When we moved to the condo  I decided we didn ’t have room, but that was before I took down my wall of upper cabinets. (link to that post here).  I loved that butcher block, thought it was the coolest thing ever and I’ve regretted many, many times that I got rid of it.   

Hubby and I both are in the kitchen cooking, since we share duties, and I have so much crap all over my counters that space is really limited.  Oh what I wouldn’t give for a center island, but there is just no room.  So on a whim, I had him take a bar stool, build a mock-up butcher block around it, and we left it in the kitchen for a few days, worked around it and decided that it just might work for us since we don’t have all those upper cabinets anymore and our kitchen doesn’t seem so closed in.  We measured and calculated and determined that the 18x24” size would be much better, we had the required three ft. of space needed to open the stove and the dishwasher, and so the search began.

Now all of you know that I love a deal, and there was none to be had for these butcher blocks. John Boos is the Cadillac, the best of the best with a price tag to go along with it.  Prices ranged all the way for $699 to $800, websites threw in free shipping, but it was still a major expense.

I finally found a place in Rapids City Iowa called Rapids Wholesale that offered the same butcher block at wholesale price for $388, and their site said free shipping except for furniture.  So I called them up, knowing it was too good to be true, and sure enough it was, they considered the butcher block furniture and the shipping charges were atrocious, $150 to ship, and an additional $50 to drop ship to residential addresses.  Grrrrr, that good deal was now going to cost me $588, still a lot cheaper than the other websites, but…..

So hubby got online, realized that John Boos manufactured these blocks in Effingham, Il, a mere two hours drive from Heavensville.  Boy Howdy, that was doable, so I called Rapids Wholesale back and asked them if I could pick it up.  “Sure” they said, that’s not a problem.  And then I asked them if I had to pay tax.  “Nope” since I paid online, it was tax exempt.  I whipped out that credit card faster than a New York minute and ordered it for $388.  They had to build it, it took a few days, and they called me and told me when  we could pick it up.

So a couple of weeks ago on a bright, sunny Friday morning we took off for Effingham.  We had the nicest day, picked up the butcher block, stopped at antique shops, went to a great little lunch place, it was all good.  And in the back of my mind I’m wondering how that butcher block is going to work in my small kitchen.


I aso bought this cutting board, it works great for my measuring spoons.  I really like this idea I found on Pinterest of separating your measuring spoons in small Ball jars, it’s so much easier to grab what you need that rummaging around for the right size spoon.


My buddy V has been eyeing up this 18” beauty.  Pioneer Woman gives it away occasionally, but it’s really spendy, $179 on Amazon.  Ouch, I only had to pay $20 for mine.  I wish I would have known, I would have checked prices in their store, I’m thinking it would have been a lot less than they sell them for on Amazon.  But back to my story...

We’re back home, LC had to call his buddy, Juzar, to help him unload this because it weighed 160 lbs., they brought it in, set it up, I angled it because I angle everything, and you know what, it’s perfect!  I love it!!!!

I rubbed it down with Beeswax and Mineral oil cream that John Boos gave me, refrained from decorating it, except for the tomato cutting board.  I know, it’s a butcher block, why don’t I cut on it?  I don’t want to screw up that nice finish, and we use it constantly.

We got quite an education at the John Boos retail store.  They’ve been making these butcher blocks since 1887, they had one in the showroom from the 1930’s and they still look the same.  Mother had a round one that she bought from an old grocery store years ago, it was always in my kitchen when the boys were growing up and now it’s in Ryan’s basement.  John bought a large rectangle one years ago, it’s in his garage, it seems that the love of butcher blocks runs deep in our family.  Someday I hope they will be able to use theirs, at least they are hanging on to them.  


John Boos has expanded their line greatly, now even Williams-Sonoma sells them.  When Deanna and I were shopping in Nashville a couple of months ago, we saw this Gathering Block at their Williams-Sonoma, except with  mustard yellow legs.  Oh my, it’s fantastic, I loved it but it’s too big for my kitchen.  

I’m really a happy girl with the one I got,  just had to share this, and if anybody is in driving distance of Effingham, Il, you can order from Rapid City and get a heck of a deal.  And I know, I know, I can’t cram one . more . piece . of . furniture . into . my .  house.  ~ Jan

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Gardener's Supply Deep Seat Garden Kneeler



Spring has sprung in Evansville and the warmer temps last weekend made me realize that I really needed a new garden kneeler.  My old one bit the dust, last year I used a bucket and it was quite a feat getting on and off the darned thing.

This isn’t my first rodeo with garden kneelers, some have wheels, which are good in theory but they don’t work in flower beds and they roll when you’re just trying to rock, so that was out.  My last one was too narrow, it wasn’t stable and easy to tip over, and yes of course I tipped the darned thing over, more than once I might add.

So I did the research online and was instantly smitten with this bright purple beauty.  It’s from a reputable company, and best of all it’s deep seated, which is perfect for the mature derriere, oh for Pete’s sake Jan get real, it accommodates big butts!  And best of all it’s purple, bright, vivid, glorious purple!!!

So I ordered it Sunday evening, it arrived today, folded into a cardboard box with no assembly required.  Whoa doggies, hubby was excited about that.  

It’s perfect, it really is, it’s nice and wide and stable, easy to get on and off of, and I also coughed up an additional $10.99 for the pouch that slips over one side to hold my gardening tools.  


Of course the cart is available in green, but why would anybody want green when they can have purple!

And the cost, not bad,  $49.95, plus $10.95 for the tool pouch, plus shipping.

And in retrospect I probably should have ordered their gloves, too.  Gardener’s Supply Company’s online catalog is just chocked full of amazing things, I have a feeling I’ll be ordering those gloves plus a few other necessities.


Okay all of you gardeners, I can see your wheels turning.  I know you like this spiffy purple cart, too.

Here are the links, go for it!  Just cruise their whole site, you’re gonna love this!

Deep Seated Garden Kneeler

Deep Seated Tool Pouch

Nitrile Gloves

And then there are the purple clogs.  Overkill, Jan, o.v.e.r.k.i.l.l, I don’t need purple clogs to match my purple cart.  Just fuggedabout it….

Garden Shoes Women s Classic Garden Clogs | Gardener s Supply

But you might like them, they come in lots of colors, too.

Garden Shoes Women s Classic Garden Clogs | Gardener s Supply 1

Here’s the link

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Happy St. Paddy's Day!


The grandkids are all ready for St. Paddy’s Day, such a cute picture, just had to share.

I’m baking corned beef and cabbage this afternoon, it’s a blustery St. Patrick’s Day in Heavensville.  This isn’t the normal year for sure, March 17th is always my marker, usually the crabapple trees are in bloom, my  neighbor’s Mary Jane Magnolia is starting to pop, but not this year.  

I do have crocus blooming, and my daffy’s are budding.  Temps down to 25 degrees next week, that should nip everything. Grrrrr

Mother would have been planting peas today if she were in her prime.  She always had a big garden and planted her peas on the 17th.  Peas and new potatoes, oh my, what a treat that was.  So wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, Happy St. Patrick’s Day...


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