Sunday, September 14, 2014

Lexi's in the pumpkin patch!


Four and a half months of adorable baby cuteness, just had to post this!

And can’t wait for pictures of Ben and Abby in the pumpkin patch.  Grammie’s are equal opportunity employers after all.  Oh what a fun time in my life, having all these sweet little grandchildren and so thankful for the technology that allows me to share them with all of you!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Skillet Apple Pie

Skillet Apple Pie with Cinnamon Whipped Cream Recipe  Trisha Yearwood  Food Network

Trisha Yearwood made this pie on Trisha’s Southern Cooking this morning.  And since I just blogged about how a piece of pie and cup of coffee gives me pleasure,  I’m thinking, “To heck with healthy eating for a meal," I’m going to make this pie and have a piece!”  

Of course I don’t have a 9” iron skillet, mine is 10.5, and she say’s that’s too big, because you want a deep dish pie, so I’m either going to have to add more pie filling if I use the 10.5”  iron skillet, or I suppose I could use a 9” cake pan, that would work, but there is just something about cast iron, I love cooking in it, much more in my old(er) age than when I was younger.  Mother always used cast iron, and of course I had to break away from it and become an independent cook, but life does come full circle and I’m once again enamored with cast iron, it runs a close second to Ball Mason Jars.  So the thought of making this pie in a cake pan just doesn’t do it for me.  Maybe WalMart has a 9” Lodge Cast Iron Skillet, it’s worth a try.

So, I posted the recipe on Jan CAN Cook, if it intrigues you as well, check it out.  It takes 5-10 minutes to make, you start by melting a stick of butter and a cup of brown sugar in the bottom of your skillet, and then start building the pie.  What’s not to love, this has to be good.  I may make chili to go with it, too.  I’ll update you when I make it...

Here’s a quick link to the recipe on Jan CAN Cook

Happiness Vs. Pleasure



I’ve often talked about happiness being fleeting moments in time but inner peace is what I strive for.  Then I read an article about happiness vs. pleasure and it made me step back and think about what gives me pleasure.  It’s not revelations, yet reaffirmations of what I already know.  At this age, I know myself pretty well, warts and all, and most important, I accept who I am.  And if you read me regularly, you can pretty much figure out what gives me pleasure, but I may throw a curve ball at you, so here goes...

  • The obvious, family, grandchildren, a simple phone call is all it takes to give me great joy.  FaceTime takes it to a whole new level and actually makes me giddy.
  • A furry little body sitting by my side, silently warming my soul.
  • Walking to the window with my morning coffee, in the summer stepping outside to feel the wind on my face, observing the wonders of Mother Nature is the most calming thing in my world.
  • Accomplshment.  My mother always said “Never let a day go by without accomplishing something” and as usual Ma was right, even doing a little job that I’ve procrastinated about gives me pleasure when I actually do it.
  • A smile, whether it be from a loved one or a stranger, just the interaction with people is uplifting.
  • A good hair day, yes dear hearts, I’m a vain woman and there is nothing like a good hair day to perk me right up.
  • Oh, I can’t forget cutting the tags off of new clothes.  I don’t know if it’s the clothes themselves that give me such pleasure, or if it’s cutting the tag off something that actually fits without going up a size.  I’m sure you can relate.
  • A touch, a hug, human kindness.  We need more of it in our world.
  • Giggling, happy children.  It always sends my pleasure endorphins into overdrive..
  • A loaf of warm crusty bread, a rarity in these days, preferably shared with my boys who are both bread lovers like their mom.
  • Date night, no surprise here, but nothing gives me more pleasure than Friday nights out with hubby.  
  • Pine trees after a rain, nothing more fragrant, the smells of nature are a wondrous thing.
  • Food, doesn’t it give us all pleasure?  A piece of homemade pie with a cup of coffee, a plate of pasta, takeeoutee chinese eaten in front of the television, homemade candy, preferably caramels or fudge,  all the things that give me pleasure, and the very things I deny myself 95% of the time. 
  • Clean sheets, I haven’t had line dried ones in years, but there is nothing better.
  • Occasional solitude.  I’ve discovered I really do like my own company.
  • Those in my life who love me in spite of my transgressions.  We’re all human, doing the best we can, living the best life we can.  

I could go on and on, actually no big surprises here, what about you?  Think about what gives you pleasure and make it happen… Today!

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've aways loved to read...


"If you’re a reader, you may remember the book that took you down. The one that hooked you, that made you realize: I love to read."

I saw this quote and I knew immediately which one it was.   I was back in elementary school reading a little book I had gotten at the annual school book fair, and the name of it was The Trolley Car Family.

Here’s a synopsis:

This is a feel good story about a family of 6 and a once grouchy neighbor in the mid twentieth century.

The father is a trolley car driver who feels lost and upset when the trolley cars are suddenly replaced by busses. He not only refuses to drive a bus, but takes his trolley car instead of severence pay. During a family meeting to brainstorm their options grouchy neighbor Mr. Jefferson, who delivers milk in the wee morning hours and is usually unable to sleep due to all the noise, comes over to see why it is so quiet next door.

Thanks to contributions from all, the family decides to live in the car out in the country. And, the adventure begins . . . The new neighbors they meet there, the spring, the cherry trees, the curiosity, the changes some of them make . . . all make for a wonderful, warm reading experience.

I read this book over and over again.  I loved it so much that hubby bought it for me a few years ago on eBay and I read it again.  I tried to interest Abby in it last year with no luck, I’m hoping that in a few more years I may be able to entice her to read it with me.

I was also a Bobbsey Twin fan and as I got older I think I read everything Zane Grey ever wrote.
I remember being in the third grade, and every day after lunch we would have rest time.  We would put our heads on our desks, and Mrs. Wageneck would read us chapters of books.  One in particular was so fascinating, it was the story of children who lived in adjoining large castle like homes, they were forbidden to play together and so they dug an underground tunnel from one home to the next.  I’ve tried in vain to find out the name of the book, with no luck at all, but I remember it being a wonderful story.
And then our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, read us Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It horrifying and frightening, I was not a fan!
And so it goes, a little literary trek down memory lane on this cool Tuesday afternoon in Heavensville...


Monday, September 8, 2014

Look who's having a birthday today!


Lexi’s Daddy!  He is having such a good time with his little pumpkin, and LC and I are really enjoying watching him interact with her.  He loves her so much it makes me teary eyed.

So Happy, Happy  Birthday to John, my firstborn, what a special birthday this is for him..

Joan River's Favorite Recipe


 This is pretty funny ladies.  A little giggle for a Monday morning.  ~ Jan

Friday, September 5, 2014

Abby's riding solo


That’s our Miss A in the white helmet, riding her horse out of the barn.


And she’s off.  Her Mama posted a video on Facebook last week of her cantering her horse.  Grammie broke out in a sweat watching it, but Abby did great!


We’re all so proud of her, this is quite an accomplishment for a not quite five year old with an overprotective Daddy and a not much better Grammie.  What a wonderful thing for a little girl to do, especially one that lives in horse country.   You’re living Grammie’s dream Abby, I’m so excited for you...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Grandchildren melt my heart...

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I look at these precious little children and sometimes I can’t believe how lucky I am.  Oh, what sweet little souls they are.  It’s hard to believe that Ben is two and Abby will be five in October.  Time passes so quickly and having baby Lexi brings back so many memories of Abby and Ben as babies.


We were in Nashville last weekend, Lexi is four months old now and she’s just the sweetest little puddin’ pop.  She babbles non-stop, crows like a little rooster, laughs out loud, and loves her bouncy chair.  It was Abby’s when she was a baby, and I have such wonderful memories of Abby in it, and now Lexi.

Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure I’m not dreaming.   How did I ever get this lucky...

Friday, August 29, 2014

Sometimes I amaze myself...


So I had an appointment for a haircut yesterday at 4pm.  I’m so organized, I put it on my iCal, set my alert for an hour ahead, I’m good to go.  At 1:50 I check my calendar to make sure of the time, yep, it’s at 4pm, so on a whim I look at my text from my hairdresser, Rachel, because nobody actually calls for hair appointments these days, we just text, and it says Thursday 2PM.  TWO PM!!!!! Oh no, oh crap, I’m in my grubby clothes, no makeup, hair a rats nest, cause I had washed it night before and let it go au naturel, which translates to a curly mess.  So I quick text Rachel at 1:52 pm, tell her I will be there ASAP, I hotfoot it to the bedroom, throwing off clothes as I go, I jump into something presentable, smear some makeup base and eyeshadow on, clip up my hair and I’m off.  Hubby takes me, he had errands to run anyway, and Rachel is just five minutes away from the house if you speed.

Well, he roars in there at 2:05PM.  Yes, sports fans, 2:05!  It was a sprint to the finish, and a record for yours truly. Except now LC will expect me to always be that fast...

Jeez oh pete, what a disaster.  I know what happened, too, hubby had a haircut last week at 4PM, and my befuddled brain just wrote down the wrong time.  Inspector Clueless here….

Saturday, August 23, 2014



Buy this right now, today, IMMEDIATELY!!!!!  You know I always share the good stuff, and this product is the best ever for aging, thinning or fine hair!  My friend Carlene told me about it, she lives on the East Coast, they’re always ahead of us in Heavensville with trends, and her hairdresser clued her in.  She hadn’t even tried it when she told me about it, but I ordered it as soon as I read her email.  I went right to Amazon and bought it, and let me tell you, it’s a game changer.

Okay, for the details.  I’m old(er) now, my hair is thin on top, thin on the sides, but thick, thick in the back.   I’ve used every mousse, volumizing shampoo, root lifter known to (wo)man with absolutely no luck.  Well this power comes in a little tube, you only use a little bit, just wash and style your hair like you regularly do, then sprinkle it at the roots where you want lift (I section the top of my hair, put the powder behind the section, sprinkle it on and rub it in with my fingers.  It disappears, but gives you natural looking lift, volume, texture and best of all, it doesn’t go flat mid-day.  It doesn’t even go flat the next day.  You wake up to hair fuller than when you went to bed!  Seriously!!!!

Now I have a friend, who shall remain nameless, that only washes her hair probably every five-six days.  I can’t go even one day!  I flat iron the next morning, it’s not bad, by mid-day it’s limp as a rag.  But with this product, I can flat iron my hair the next day and it looks great all day!   Just can’t pull the plug and go three days without washing it, but I bet it would still work!  Reviewers say you can use it mid-day or before an evening out for instant volume and lift.

Okay, here’s what not to expect, a miracle.  C’mon, your hair is thin, this product isn’t going to make you look like a Pantene commercial, but it will give you noticeable lift that lasts.  It’s just the best find in years!  And don’t go crazy sprinkling it on when you first try it.  Try a little bit at a time to see how it looks or you will end up with really big hair.  I mostly use it in the crown area, that works best for me.

The cons - the only one is that it does make your hair feel tacky where you sprinkle it.  It’s sticky like hairspray.  But it’s just the roots, the rest of your hair is soft, it’s no big deal, and the best part is that it doesn’t give it up an hour after you use it.  No more flat hair!

And the price - $20 from Amazon, it’s a really small bottle, but you use such a small amount it will last for months.  It’s the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time.  Here’s the link

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Making Summer Memories

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I continue to be a huge, huge fan of HGTV’s The Fixer Upper with Chip and Joanna Gaines, and of course I love her blog.  She had a post this week about celebrating family and one of the things they did at the dinner table was to talk about their favorite summer memories.

And now that summer is almost over, I have a few of my own and of course most of them revolve around grandchildren.

So let’s gather around this picture of Joanna’s table and I’ll tell you a few of mine.

Blog 4

Baby Lexi visiting us for the first time at at a month old, and early mornings when John would bring her and put her in bed with me so Mama could rest.  I would feed her and lay her on a pillow and just watch her sleep.

Abby’s annual summer visit.  Watching her excitement at finding pirate treasure every day she was with us, seeing her interact with my friends, introducing her to Grammie’s favorite place, the river, taking her to Burdette Park to feed the ducks.   After she left hubby and I relived her visit over and over again.

Ben, our sweet, giggling, laughing little boy who loves to ride on the golf cart.  Saying the phrase “cock-a-doodle-do" and hearing him always repeat “Bob” afterward and then bursting into laughter every single time.  Watching his love of the outdoors, playing with a ball and running full steam ahead, his short little legs churning as fast as they would go.

Our “summer project" landscaping our walk and watching the flowers grow.  It has been so much fun, having early breakfast outside most mornings, just sitting at the little bistro table, drinking my coffee, watching the butterflies and honeybees flitting around and the finches lighting on the coneflowers, it’s just so pretty and serene.

Spending as much time as possible outdoors because we’ve had such wonderful weather.  Lots of evening rides on the golf cart, talking with neighbors, just doing the simple things, living in the moment and enjoying nature.

And summer’s not over yet, there’s still time to make more memories.  Make every day count ladies, we never know what tomorrow will bring...

If you want to read Joanna’s entry about Celebrating Family, here’s a link to her blog.

Pictures courtesy of Magnolia Homes

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