Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Style Stick


No more gaping blouses, collars that stay down, temporary hemming your pants, all using this water soluble glue stick - isn’t this a great idea?  I saw this on People Magazine this morning, and found this video on QVC.

This product is not available right now on QVC, but you can get it from Joyus.

Two sticks are $22, it doesn’t break the bank, and no more gaping blouses.  Whoohoo, works for me.

Here’s the link, this looks like a winner...

Monday, May 9, 2016

Hubby has a good sense of humor...

IMG 5409 2

Yes, I really did buy this wreath for my front door, but wait, wait, let me explain.  LC is a go with the flow guy, he’s always in a good mood, very agreeable, up for anything, except when it comes to gardening.  Poor guy, he just detests it, but I love it, and 99% of it I can’t do, so he does it for me.  And his normally sunny disposition turns a bit south, because yours truly wants things moved yearly, and it’s always a huge ordeal.  It’s never just a couple of things that I want planted or moved, it’s always this big production and he does not enjoy the process.

And when I saw this wreath it was so funny, I just cracked up, luckily he saw the humor in it as well and it now resides on our front door.  But it could be misinterpreted if people come to the door that aren’t familiar with his intense dislike of gardening, they might think that he’s just a grumpy old man, period.  But do I care what other people think?  At this age?  Not really.  

You have to admit, it made you smile, women get this, they really do.

And happy gardening to you, too.  ~ Jan

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Look who's turning 2 today!

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Oh Lexi, what a joy you are.  This post is full of Grammie brags, but our Lexi is just such a special little girl.

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She’s the happiest little child you will ever meet.  She has the sunniest disposition, full of giggles and smiles and seldom cries.  I always say about Lexi what Minnie Pearl always said about herself, “I’m just so proud to be here."


She’s such a precocious little girl.  She talks non-stop, we’ve been able to carry on a conversation with her for a few months now.  She talks to me on the phone, she FaceTimes me and says “Hiya Grammie” and it just melt my heart.,  She sings the ABC song, knows all her colors, can count to fifteen, and knows all the shapes, told you this was a Grammie brag.  Her mama works with her all the time, and at this age they soak it up like a sponge.


She’s an animal lover, too.  She just loves every animal she sees. She and her Cocker Spaniel, Izzie are besties, she scoops up cups of dog food from the pantry and transfers it to the dog bowl several times daily, to the delight of Izzie and the frustration of her parents.  It’s just the way she rolls.  Izzie loves Lexi, and is always by her side, sitting at her high chair at mealtime of course, just waiting for the bites of food to come her way.  No Dust Buster needed in their household, Izzie licks up every morsel that falls. She’s  a little worker bee, too.  She’s Mama's helper in the kitchen, and loves to transfer all the bottled water from it’s packaging to the refrigerator and she sits on the center island and helps Daddy make cookies.  She likes to help unload the dishwasher, she’s an organized little girl, lines all of her toys in rows and separates them into piles, it will be so much fun to watch her as she grows older to see if these traits stay with her.

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Their family just got back from a trip to Florida.  Disney was a huge hit, this child is a Mickey groupie, and loves nothing better than dancing to the Hot Dog, Hot Dog, Hot Diggity Dog Song.


She loves her Daddy and he is just crazy about her.  They have date nights, just the two of them every month when Mama has hair appointments, he’s done this since she was a month old.  He takes her out to dinner, and then to the park when the weather permits.  She goes down the big kid slide now, how can this be possible?  She loves water, and swimming pools and of course the ocean.  She’s just has the best time, regardless of what she is doing.  But oh, she’s growing up way too quickly.  If we could only freeze time...

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We traveled to Nashville last weekend to celebrated her birthday, she loved every minute of it, especially the Mickey balloons and her little eyes lit up as she dug into her Mickey cupcake with gusto.  She says “Yummmmmm”  when she likes something and this child definitely has a sweet tooth.

Happy Birthday sweet little Granddaughter, you are just an absolute delight!

XXo ~ Grammie

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Today is Daddy's Birthday

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This is Daddy as a young man with his sister.  Today he would have been 102 years old.  What a fine man he was, he was the best father a girl could ever have.  I miss him...

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Summer's Biggest Trend, Culottes

Melissa mccarthy 600x600

What goes around comes around, culottes were popular when I was a teenager.  They were cute then, mine were shorter and I loved the look.  People Magazine says culottes are “in" for spring. But this is one look yours truly won’t be rockin’.

Just not feelin’ the love ladies, baggy, saggy, no thanks, I’ll stick to my fat girl skinny capris.  Women really buy into that term “skinny.”  It’s the greatest marketing ploy of the decade.  Everybody says they’re wearing their “skinny” jeans, even when they wear a plus size.

Women, gotta love em...

Monday, April 11, 2016

You don't have to pluck or wax your eyebrows



Now don’t go freaking out on me, somehow the thought of shaving your eyebrows is a scary thought.  Okay, so I don’t shave my eyebrows, I  now shave under my eyebrows, and the first time I did it I was a little apprehensive, but it’s not a big deal and wow, it’s so much easier than plucking, which we’ve all been doing our entire life or going to a salon and coughing up the bucks for a wax.  I have used hot wax at home, I don’t really suggest this is you are slightly ditzy like yours truly, who one time had the wax drip on my eyelashes.  Oh, that was a fun look until they grew back out.  Who doesn’t like to go around with a chunk of missing eyebrows, not something I would suggest you do...

So, it’s another YouTube tip.  Quit rolling your eyes, I know you are, thinking, “here she goes again!”  These are such great ideas, and I always share the good stuff.  So order these little beauties from Amazon, only $4.39 Prime and in two days, you can have awesome results with just a few strokes of this little shaver.  I put a dab of foam on my eyelids, pull them taut, and carefully shave at a slight angle in an upward motion.  No pain, none, nada, no teary eyes either. Wipe off the foam, gel, lotion, whatever you use, but please use something to make your skin more pliable  and TADA, you have perfectly smooth underbrows.  I just touch up a bit directly under my brows with tweezers and I’m good for a few days.

Here’s Tammy’s original video, she shaves the peach fuzz off her entire face, oh the joys of post-menopausal women.  I don’t have to do that, but some of you might want to give it a go.

And I’m not finished yet, I have lots more ideas for you, I’ll be back in another post with more.  Oh, quit rolling your eyes.  Stop it right now!  You know I always give you great tips :-)

The Amazon link is below, now hop over there and order these pronto, these are cheaper than a trip to Starbucks!  They have other brands in your local drugstore, but according to Tammy, these are the best and this lady knows her stuff.

Here’s the click, go for it!

And here is Crazy Miss Tammy and her defuzzing video.   

I’m thinking I need a sign-off tag for these posts.  Tammy’s is “Be happy, be healthy, be beautiful, but most of all be lovable"  Mary Ellen’s is “It’s all good, it is ALL good”  So what could mine be, hmmmmm, how about “Old age is kicking us all in the ass, don’t go down without a fight.”  Uh, maybe I better work on that a bit.  Have a good day and give this a try, it’s a pinkie swear good tip.  ~ Jan

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Anti Aging using Retin-A, Vitamin C Serum + More...


 Okay ladies, let’s talk skin care this morning.  My ongoing obsession with watching the Mature Ladies of YouTube has led me to Vitamin C Serum, and I ordered from Timeless, 20% Vitamin C + E + Ferulic Acid Serum, Hylauranic Acid and Hylauranic Acid Eye Cream.  I’ve used Retin A for the past 28 years, I’m going to link to Melissa55, one of my favorite YouTube ladies, she’s 61 and looks 35, and she’s also used it for the exact same time, 28 years.  I read about it years ago in Women’s Day, that’s why I asked my doctor for a prescription.  I often wonder what my skin would look like had I not used it, and now I’m going to add these Timeless products to help even skin tone, build collagen and brighten my face.

 Its hard to believe that Melissa is sixty-one years old, she is just the sweetest southern woman.   I enjoy watching her so much, she’s like a gentle breeze, flowing through your life.

I say often that the horse is outta the barn with me trying these new products, I’m sixty-six years old, but then I look at another one of my very favorite ladies, Mary Ellen from Mary Ellen After 60, and if you watch her skin care videos since she started using these products, you can see the improvement, her skin just keeps getting better and firmer.  She has a lovely complexion and often videos with no makeup, only her permanent eyeliner.  I’m just amazed at how clear and wrinkle free her skin is, she just glows.  No Mary Ellen, you glow, you don’t shine (after all, you use Mally’s Face Defender religiously for that shine) you glow from within :)

 Mary Ellen also uses The Clarisonic on her face, this did not work for me, my skin is too sensitive.  I think her skin looks lovely, it’s so smooth with no wrinkles or discoloration and she’s had no cosmetic procedures.  Go Mary Ellen!!!!!

The products from Timeless are very inexpensive, and there are coupon codes on their main page, I ordered three products and got 20% off.  Order four and you get 30% off.  Educate yourselves about the Vitamin C Serum, it’s sensitive to light and oxidizes after about 3 months, A lot of these ladies store half of the serum in a dark bottle in the fridge (some going so far as to wrap it all in aluminum foil in the fridge to keep out all of the light) and this extends the life of the serum, enabling you to use most of it, some women can use it all of it, before it oxidizes. Keep the bottle that you’re currently using in a drawer, so that it’s always in a dark environment to help keep it from oxidizing.  They all say, don’t be stingy when you use it, because it takes such a small amount, put it on your neck, your chest and the backs of your hands, Angie from Hot and Flashy also uses this serum from Timeless, others, like Tammy from UppiesBeads59 and Patti from rckstrmom make their own weekly, Elle from Elle is for Living makes her nightly.  So many women have had such good results with Timeless that I don’t want to bother with making it like some do.

They also say to always buy directly from Timeless, not Amazon, as it is fresher.

Here’s what I bought from Timeless, total cost was $43.08, including shipping using the coupon code 3bottles, since I ordered three products, I got a 20% discount.  These products will last for several months, so it’s very inexpensive.

Vitamin C Serum + Ferulic Acid 

Hylauranic Acid Serum 100% Pure 

Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Eye Cream 

I would show you a before picture of my skin, but I’m not as gutsy as the other women, but I am going to take pictures, maybe in a few months if it looks better I will post a before and after update.

Don’t be scared of the word Hylauranic “Acid” - it’s very good for your skin and moisturizes it. Here are videos and several links.  If you’re interested in skincare, grab a cup of coffee or a cup of tea and watch these lovely women, they are all are seriously awesome.

 Angie also has a video about how to make your Vitamin C Serum last longer, her video for this is below.  Angie posts a lot of beauty videos and I’ve gotten lots of good tips from her, especially about brushes, she always seems to have a good buy with brushes.  I’ve bought several she suggested on eBay, and they’ve all been very good for the price.

 Angie gets these cobalt bottles from Specialty Bottle, I ordered from them as well, I had tried to find locally with no luck, it’s so much easier to sit here with Maggie on my lap and order than to drive all over town and get frustrated because I can’t find them.  Here’s the link, she ordered the 1/2 oz, one with a cap and the 1/2 oz one with a dropper, so of course I did the same.   

 Tammy from Uppiesbeads59, the very first Mature YouTuber I started watching,  makes her own every week, I just don’t want to do this, but some of you might.  However, she does use a facial scrub made of coconut oil and baking soda, I love this, and always use it before I shower.  So even if you don’t want to make your own serum, it’s worth watching the video to see how she makes the exfoliater.


 This is Patti from rckstrmom, she’s a lovely 72 years old, I enjoy watching her so much, and like Tammy she makes her own.  Check out her channel, she has some good videos.  I just have this thing for women with southern accents, it’s so charming...


 And finally, this is Elle from Elle is For Living, she makes her Vitamin C Serum daily,  Wow, I’m impressed that she takes the time to do this, I would never have that much discipline.  Check out some of Elle’s other videos, she uses a lot of drug store/dollar tree products and I’ve found several products from her site, one of which I’m going to post about soon.

So, watch these ladies, subscribe to their channels, they all have wonderful videos about life, health, cosmetics and skincare, and they’re all living proof that aging can be done with grace and beauty.  ~ Jan


Friday, April 1, 2016

Betty Crocker Lemon Drop Cake, It's Amazing!


I posted this recipe today on Jan Can Cook.  Super easy to make and absolutely yummy.  This is seriously good.

You might want to hop on over to that board and take a look at.  I made it for Easter, it was a huge hit!  ~ Jan

Click for recipe...

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Review


It’s time to share more good stuff. I’ve been on a kick lately, haven’t I? But every evening I watch the “mature’ ladies on YouTube and they have such good ideas, I want you all to share in the great things they’ve introduced me to.

Dickinson’s Original Witch Hazel.  It’s $5.59 at Walgreens for an 18 oz. bottle.  Don’t spend big bucks for a small bottle of toner from the department store, this is just as good.  It works absolutely wonderfully, not irritating, doesn’t burn, a squirt on a cotton pad and you will be amazed at the residue that you get off of your face.

I’ve been using this for a few weeks and it’s wonderful.  Just another one of those products that have been around for years that are as good as the pricey new stuff...

Thursday, March 24, 2016

S'well Bottle Review



Okay, I did it, after contemplating over this for weeks, I coughed up the big bucks and bought this water bottle.  It was $35, way beyond my threshold of pain for a water bottle, but I have four friends that have it and it’s a hit with them, so I jumped on the band wagon, too.

S’well’s claim to fame is that it keeps cold drinks cold for 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for 12 hours.  And does it, yep, sure does.  If I put ice in one morning and don’t drink it all, it still has ice the next morning.

But, who doesn’t drink it all in one day, I refill it multiple times, and since I’m not a water drinker, I squirt liquid flavor enhancer in it.  My brand of choice is Crystal Light Liquid, favorite flavor seems to be Strawberry Lemonade.  I’ve tried them all and like them, but I reach for the Strawberry Lemonade more than the others.  I started with Mio, they’re both made by Kraft, the hype is Crystal Light appeals to the older generation, Mio, the younger.  Need I say more...

So once I made the monumental decision to spend $35 on a water bottle, for some reason that price just seemed excessive, next came color choice.  I got opinions from my girlfriends, waffled back and forth between this color, Blue DenimOpal Marble and Lily Wood were all in the running.  The problem is that they have a badzillion fifty-seven choices.  I finally decided on Birds of Paradise, pretty melon color, catchy name, I ordered it (free shipping, no tax) it arrived, I took it out of the box and whoa doggies, was it ever bright.  NEON MELON DAY GLO BRIGHT.  I was horrified at first and was going to return it for a more subdued color, but then I realized I was just being silly and the color is now growing on me.  It is definitely a summer color!

Would I purchase it if I had to do over?  Sure I would, I’m a bells and whistles girl and this meets all the necessary requirements.  In fact, I’m such a fan I’m thinking of ordering hubby one in Teak Woodgrain.  So that would be $70 dollars for two water bottles.  I just won’t think about the cost, seriously, it’s well worth the money, I’m a huge fan.

You interested?  Here’s the click, go for it, see if you can decide which color you want. :)

Monday, March 14, 2016

Overseas Prescriptions

 I saw this on the news and it’s certainly something to think about if the high cost of your prescriptions is a factor in your monthly budget.  Stacy Johnson from Moneytalks news suggests a site, Pharmacy Checker, for a list of reputable online pharmacies.

Here’s the link to Pharmacy Checker

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