Wednesday, February 25, 2015

The Barnyard...


IMG 9929

First came roosters, then came pigs, then Clover the cow came to live on my cabinet door.  And now more cows have invaded the dining room.

Where will it end?  Is this it, am I finished.  Nope.

That clock and those plates just don’t look right with that cow, they’re too fussy.  They need to go, and that lamp on the shelf, it’s not right now either.  And I don’t like the pitcher with the grapes.  One thing leads to another and the search is on!

IMG 9931NewImage

What I really like this is this Holstein cow head.  Just having a hard time pulling the plug on the price, and it’s too big, the scale is off.  And hubby isn’t a fan, one mounted cow head in the kitchen is enough.  


Antique Farmhouse does have this mounted pig head.  But it’s kinda creepy, definitely passing on this.  But, a mounted rusty rooster head now would be nice, that would work.

I think I’ll email Decor Steals about it.  Yeah, sure thing, like that’s going to do any good.

And why am I posting all of this?  It’s February, it’s snowy, there isn’t a lot going on and I’m seriously lacking any ideas for content.  And if I work this through in my head, maybe it will help.  And yes, I know I have too much stuff on my dining room table, but Mikey likes it...

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Industrial Warehouse Cart Redo

 IMG 9886

IMG 9884

Back in November I blogged about the industrial warehouse cart we bought at an auction.  Here’s a link to the the original post.

Hubby redid it for me, it took several days and Mother Nature didn’t always cooperate.  But he finished it on a warm November day and it’s now in the den.  It had a wooden handle that the workers used to pull and push the cart with, we weren’t going to use it, but decided it needed to be complete, and it’s a great hat rack.

The picture below is the what we started with, and above is how it looks now.  He sanded the top but left some of the paint, the wheels were rusty beyond belief, I wish I wouldd have had a before picture.  He soaked each piece of steel  in vinegar overnight and then wire brushed to remove the rust.  We stained the top, then applied several coats of polyurethane, and it turned out even better than I expected.   It was such a fun project, and our total cost, including materials and several gallons of vinegar was under $150.  Great price, great job, hubby!  


He also finished our vintage door mounted on a barn door slider.  It’s coming soon….  ~ Jan

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