Saturday, April 18, 2015

Purple Ball Jars Have Arrived...


Oh my, I think this is the best color yet.  I got mine at Target today.  Won’t they be pretty filled with fleurs this summer...

And then, of course you need a Chicken Wire Flower Frog.  

51 SFw9J+jL SY355

$6.99 on Amazon

Want it more rustic?  Description says this is a crackle black/red lid.

61pJEIfdk3L SL1000


Here’s the rustic link

Are you cheap and want to make them yourself.  Not worth it to me for $6.99 but hey, go ahead, knock yourself out if you’re in a creative mood.


Here you go, a DIY Tutorial

I love options.  BTW, if you order from Amazon, check the width on your jar, I haven’t measured yet to see if these are for standard or wide mouth jars.  It says 3” so I’m thinking it’s for widemouth.


~ Jan ~


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