Tuesday, September 9, 2014

I've aways loved to read...


"If you’re a reader, you may remember the book that took you down. The one that hooked you, that made you realize: I love to read."

I saw this quote and I knew immediately which one it was.   I was back in elementary school reading a little book I had gotten at the annual school book fair, and the name of it was The Trolley Car Family.

Here’s a synopsis:

This is a feel good story about a family of 6 and a once grouchy neighbor in the mid twentieth century.

The father is a trolley car driver who feels lost and upset when the trolley cars are suddenly replaced by busses. He not only refuses to drive a bus, but takes his trolley car instead of severence pay. During a family meeting to brainstorm their options grouchy neighbor Mr. Jefferson, who delivers milk in the wee morning hours and is usually unable to sleep due to all the noise, comes over to see why it is so quiet next door.

Thanks to contributions from all, the family decides to live in the car out in the country. And, the adventure begins . . . The new neighbors they meet there, the spring, the cherry trees, the curiosity, the changes some of them make . . . all make for a wonderful, warm reading experience.

I read this book over and over again.  I loved it so much that hubby bought it for me a few years ago on eBay and I read it again.  I tried to interest Abby in it last year with no luck, I’m hoping that in a few more years I may be able to entice her to read it with me.

I was also a Bobbsey Twin fan and as I got older I think I read everything Zane Grey ever wrote.
I remember being in the third grade, and every day after lunch we would have rest time.  We would put our heads on our desks, and Mrs. Wageneck would read us chapters of books.  One in particular was so fascinating, it was the story of children who lived in adjoining large castle like homes, they were forbidden to play together and so they dug an underground tunnel from one home to the next.  I’ve tried in vain to find out the name of the book, with no luck at all, but I remember it being a wonderful story.
And then our 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Wilson, read us Uncle Tom’s Cabin. It horrifying and frightening, I was not a fan!
And so it goes, a little literary trek down memory lane on this cool Tuesday afternoon in Heavensville...



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