Friday, June 20, 2014

Tammy's Baby Foot Review


I really admire Tammy (Uppiesbeads59) as you well know if you’re a regular read of my blog.  This beautiful woman  just lays it all out there and tells it like it is.  There is no pretense with Tammy, she’s the real meal deal, and genuinely does her best to help women in our life long quest to be anti-aging.

She uploaded this video about Baby Foot, it’s a must see if your feet need attention, and at the end of the video, it is unbelievable what a difference this treatment makes.  

She say’s its difficult to find, I found it on Amazon for $21.48 a pack, not Prime, but a good price.  Obviously this won’t work for me, but I bet a lot of you can identify with dry cracking feet.  Give this a watch, this woman is pure gold!!!!  And if you haven’t subscribed to her YouTube channel, do it, she will teach you so much.

Love you, Tammy, you’ve the best!  

Bisous my friend, Bisous!!!


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