Sunday, January 19, 2014

I seriously HATE winter...


Okay, so by last night I had worked myself into a tizzy.  LC was happily enconsed in the den watching hour after hour of the Barrett Jackon car auction, only surfacing long enough to tell me some ridiculously crazy price that was being paid for some stupid car that I had no interest in.

Meanwhile, I was bored to distraction, I was tired of the computer, it was grey, gloomy and damp outside, I finally settled down to watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix, was just getting interested when it stopped and I got an error message on my television that it wasn’t available at the moment.  Probably because so many other people were bored that they overloaded Netflix looking for something to do as well.

So then I went on Facebook, p*ssing and moaning about how much I hate winter, and warning the Snowbirds to shut their mouths about being in a warmer climate, got lots of sympathetic responses, too.  I think everybody has had it with this gawdawful winter.  I  look outside and the snow is pelting down, I can’t face cooking one more lowcarb meal, so I go into the den, sit down and pout!

HUBBY TO THE RESCUE.  He said, “I’ll just record the auction, let’s just go out to dinner, and forget low carb tonight.”  Well I was onboard with that and we were out of the house in a New Yawk minute headed to Deerhead, our favorite haunt.  Apparently everybody else in Heavensville was escaping their houses, too because the place was packed and we managed to snag the last table.

After consuming an entire sausage pizza, it was a small one, but still…  I was in a carb enduced coma, and felt so much better.  We were having such a good time that we decided to go to the movie.  Not much was on that interested us, I wasn’t into action, adventure or black comedies, but Last Vegas was playing at the second run theater, it was old guys, so we decided to give it a go.

Oh my, I don’t know if it’s because I’ve been stuck in this house so much, or if the movie was really that good, but we, along with the rest of the audience were absolutely howling with laughter.  Robert  Deniro, pretty boy Michael Douglas (who his friends called Hazelnut due to his fake tan and dyed hair) Kevin Kline and Morgan Freeman, who still has it, his scene on the dance floor in his red suit was so good!    And the love interest, Mary Steenburgen, who looked amazing, and who i’m convinced had hair extensions, oh, she was so good in this movie, too, it was perfectly cast!

Rotten Tomatoes didn’t particularly like the film, but looking at the pictures of the 20-30 something reviewers, I don’t take much stock in what they said.  I thought it was funny and entertaining, everything a movie should be.  And the best part, my  mood is much improved.  Maybe I just need to eat pizza and watch movies every day until spring.  Here’s the trailer, this movie was such a good time...



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