Thursday, October 17, 2013

Tang Pitcher Update



If you read me regularly, you will remember a post earlier in the month about this Mother's Tang Pitcher from the 70's and how I found this and wanted to update it.

Well, just look at it now!



Isn't it amazing what a $3.00 can of spray paint for plastic will do?  It's so retro, but SO cool now.

Here's the original post...

Poach It, it's a REALLY good thing...



I was mindlessly clicking through Facebook links today and stumbled on to 10 Shopping Tips for Bargain Hunters from MORE Magazine.  So I'm going through their slide show, thinking some of these tips are pretty good when I came to Tip #8, an application called "POACH IT" that you register for and then drag their little icon to your toolbar.

When you are buying something online and have it in your shopping cart, you just click on the "POACH IT" button and it instantly finds any discount coupons that are available for the item you are purchasing.  I tested this on both Lands' End and Kohls, two online stores that always have coupons, and it worked!!!!!  AND, after you register when you go to, they will show you tabs for trending items nd deals.

You're gonna love this, Peeps!  You seriously need to grab this POACH IT button for your toolbar if you shop online.  You will save yourself a bundle!  ~ Jan

Here's the POACH IT link

And, here's the link to all of the 10 Shopping Tips for Bargain Hunters

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Livin' Low Carb, it's a lifestyle not a diet. well today, anyway ;)


I've lived the low carb lifestyle since May of this year, May 23rd, 9:30 am to be exact, only veering away  for a few meals, mostly pizza. and never eating sugar.  And how's it working out for me? Oh, I did gangbusters at first, dropped eighteen pounds, then stalled, and have gained and lost the same pound since the beginning of September.

I keep telling myself that it's a lifestyle, but we all know I've lost and gained back a badzillion pounds over the years and have little hope for anything long term.  But that's not the point of this post to talk about my success or lack there of with what I put in my mouth, I merely wanted to share this picture, because it's just hilarious, and some recipes because they're really good.

You seriously don't eat many veggies on 30 carbs a day, and even less fruit, but ya know, it's not all that bad.  I'm sitting here sipping a cup of that wonderful Trader Joe's Ruby Red Chai tea, liberally laced with cream. It's a perfect treat on a cool fall day.

And dinner tonight?  Sausage pumpkin soup, such a good recipe,  (I'm trying it tonight with Italian sausage) you really don't taste pumpkin at all, it just thickens it and gives it depth and richness.  Also Cheddar Bay Biscuits (leaving out the Old Bay Seasoning, I'm not a fan), they're almost a dead ringer when they're warm for Red Lobster's Biscuits, except made with almond flour.

And dessert?  Warm, Brownie in a mug with a scoop of Breyers Carb Smart Ice Cream.  It's pretty awesome, too.

I know, I know, you're saying to yourself, "no wonder she hasn't lost weight."  But this shouldn't affect any weight loss, it's the way you eat on low carb, it's normal to stall for a month or two, and at least I'm not gaining.

So, do you want a look at the recipes?  Just click on the following pictures.  I've made all of these, they're  "tried 'n true."  It's what I do, I cook, and I'm always trying something different.   If anybody is interested in low carb links and more recipes, just email me.


Soup Tweaks:  Simmer the soup uncovered so that it reduces and thickens.  Warm the cream in the microwave for 1 minute before you add it to the soup.  Cream curdles easily if you pour cold cream into hot soup, heating it prevents that.  I don't add the half cup of water at the end with the cream, I just stir in the half cup of cream and simmer it for a minute until it all blends.  If you add water, then you have to reduce it again.  Too much trouble.  I also added diced red pepper to this.  I prefer the Italian sausage to regular sausage, it gives it a really good flavor.





Cathy, we ALL can relate...


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I Love Lucy, it's their anniversary!



Today marks the 62nd anniversary of their debut.  They will always be the best…   Enjoy ~ Jan





Monday, October 14, 2013

Who doesn't love boots...


This line of Tom's Nepal Boots have me drooling this fall.   These have so many styles, it's hard to choose.

You can see them here...

And since I've loved moccasins since I was a girl, many, many moons ago (hehehe) I ordered these fringed ones from Nordie's.



I love them, I really do, but back in the day, I would have never bought boots with just one row of fringe.  I would have bought these!



And yes, I realize I would look really stupid traipsing around in these three layer boots, I'm old now, darn it!  So I didn't.  No, I didn't even consider them, but I do love them.  I'm a descendant of Pocahontas after all.  Seriously, I really am….

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