Saturday, October 5, 2013

Tang Pitchers, a blast from the past...




Does anybody remember this?  It's a Tang pitcher from the 70's.  You bought the Tang, they gave you the pitcher.  Well my mother never threw anything away and for years this very same style of Tang pitcher sat in her fridge.  It was filled with tea, or water, or duh, TANG!   Mother did love her a cold glass of Tang.

So yesterday when hubby and I were on the 200 mile Garage Sale trek thru Kentucky, I spotted this pitcher, and since I'm so nostalgic these days I had to have it.  LC, the big spender coughed up 25 cents for it and I brought it home.

But it's 2013, time to update that pitcher.  



I'm going to buy a can of Kyrlon Plastic Paint and have hubby spray the lid!  Oh the possibilities, Sun Dried Tomato looks good, Ivy Leaf is another possibility, or Sunbeam, it's fabulous and yellow is my favorite color!.  But nah, it's fall and I'm in a Pumpkin Orange kinda mood, so Pumpkin Orange it will be!

Perfect isn't it, orange juice, orange lid.  Tada.  But wait, I don't drink orange juice these days.  It's gonna have to be Crystal Lite Orange Sunrise faux orange juice.  Sounds classy doesn't it, "faux orange juice."  Hey, a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.

I'll update you with the finished picture.  Bet you can't wait for that, huh...


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