Saturday, December 7, 2013

When a beauty treatment goes bad!


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It’s now day two of being snowed in and your truly isn’t handling it well.  I can stay home for days and days, be perfectly content, but just the fact that they haven’t plowed us out yet and I can’t get out and about drives me absolutely crazy.

So I’m schlepping around in my ratty bathrobe, and it ain’t pretty folks.  I look in the mirror, shudder and decide that I need a beauty treatment.  Enter the humongous jar of coconut oil, the very jar that I purchased to cook with for my low-carb lifestyle.  The coconut oil that smells intensely of coconut and ruins everything that I cook in it, because I wasn’t smart enough to buy the refined coconut oil with no flavor.

Well, I replaced that jar with the good non-smelling stuff, and relegated the smelly stuff to my bathroom because it works well for a hair conditioner, and it’s great for your skin. I looked so bad that I immediately grabbed that coconut oil and start smearing it all over my hair and face, hoping for some kind of late(r) life miracle.

Then I walk into the den, hubby didn’t say a word, but his pupils dilated, and not in a good way.  I looked like a badly dressed, coconut smelling, ragamuffin in that gawdawful bathrobe with greasy hair plastered to my head and a shiny face.

I leave it on until I’m about to gag from the smell, coconut is just not my favorite odor of choice, go to the shower, knowing that it’s extremely difficult to rinse it out.  I grab a huge glob of shampoo, put it through my hair and it’s just not lathering.  Oh great, I’m thinking that I really overdid it with that non-beauty treatment, so I grab yet another glob, put it on my hair, and still no lather!

Then I look down, and good grief, I had now put a half a bottle of conditioner on my hair on top of all that greasy coconut oil.   Jeezy pete, what a disaster, I thought  I was using shampoo.  So then I open the shampoo, lather once, then again, and  rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse, rinse.  And how does this all play out?

Well, my hair is definitely soft and sleek.  Oh get real, Jan.  My hair is as limp as a old dishrag.   There is no such thing as a beauty treatment at my age anyway.   Oh, if I only had a brain...


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