Friday, December 6, 2013

Well, we're having weather!



First we had freezing rain, then sleet, now we’re having snow.  It’s intermittent, coming in waves, and not supposed to stop until tonight.  They aren’t sure about accumulation, we’ll be lucky if we get no less than six inches.

So hubby decides to open the front door, which is frozen solid, so then of course he has to go out and bang on it with a shovel to unfreeze it.  He’s out there in his Santa Claus PJ’s, I’m in the house, worried about him falling, but he makes it back alive!  This isn’t a great picture, the door was steamed, but some things are best seen not so clear, if you get my “drift.”  hehehe

If I were younger I would be enjoying this, but I’m old(er) now, my head hurts, my legs hurt, this front is intense, and I’m not a particularly happy camper.  Maybe tomorrow I will be, or maybe not.  Stay tuned...


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