Friday, September 6, 2013

Campbell's Soup for the Keurig


Cymbals crashing, lights flashing, hot damn, look what's coming next, Campbell Soup for your Keurig Coffee Maker!  Apparently you put the little Seasoned Chicken Broth K-Cup in the machine, brew it and then stir in the noodles, veggies, etc.

This is the ultimate for lazy people, and I'm thinking the price will probably be pretty ultimate, too!

But I'm a sucker for easy, and this would be a great snack.  Oh wait, I can't have noodles, I'm eating low carb.  Hubby will be thrilled I'm not on this bandwagon.  

But not so fast, even though Campbell Kitchens say they don't have nutritional information yet, I took out my magnifying glass, and even though I can't quite read it all, it appears calories are in the 100 calorie range, and carbs are single digit.   Sorry LC, looks like this might be a winner after all, so have you wallet ready  ;o)))


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