Thursday, July 4, 2013

The Queen of Versailles, Excess like you've never seen before...


This show literally had my mouth hanging open.  It's a documentary that was on Bravo earlier this year and I had taped it.  I was cleaning out my queue last night, found it and LC and I thought it would be interesting to watch.  Well, it certainly is, I've never seen so much excess and flamboyance in my entire life.   These people have no grip on reality, none!

You can find it on Netflix Instant or Hulu Plus, if you have some free time, you might want to give this a go, it's definitely not boring.

After it was over, I Googled to see what happened since it filmed, as the show ended,  their 90,000 square foot house, the largest in America, was going into foreclosure.  Looks like their back on top of the heap, the bills are paid and construction is ongoing.  Amazing, simply amazing...


  1. I saw that when it was being promoted originally. While I don't care what most people do with their lives or how they spend their money, it seemed to me that all these things they had - including that small city they were calling a house - was not making either of them happy so distracting themselves with bigger and bigger things was working. It's that psychological thing those who had a parent with alcohol or drug or some other addiction have - they go from projects to crisis to projects to crisis etc... There is no stability. But apparently, Americans like the Romans like to see others tear each other to bits!


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