Sunday, July 28, 2013

Land's End Leopard Print Cardigan



Women s Long Sleeve Print Fine Gauge Supima Cardigan from Lands End 1

I saw this and went, "ohhhh, cute."  Then I got real...

  • This woman is probably a size 2, tops
  • This woman is thirty-something
  • I'm sixty-three, and trying really hard to be a size 12!
  • Who am I kidding?

Old(er) woman just can't pull off major leopard prints, it just reeks of Thelma Roper and her leopard caftans on Three's Company.  Or heaven forbid, Peg Bundy and her leopard leggings.  A touch is good, tho, I love my leopard ballet Crocs I bought this summer, but I'm flashing back to 2011 when I had my last rodeo with a leopard print top.  A family picture was taken, and I looked absolutely, positively horrid.  I had let my hair grow and was wearing it in an updo, and even though I liked it that way, OMG, that picture was a reality check, that leopard top with a faux turtle neck.  That's when I decided  If it isn't v-neck this round face is not wearing it!  Well, most of the time i don't.

But if you're thirty something, and no bigger than a size 4, you might want to check this out.

Here's the link.

But wait, what am I saying???  Thirty-something size 0-4 women wouldn't be caught dead in Land's End, it's old(er)  lady clothes!!!    Now, go make it a good day...

~ Jan


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