Sunday, June 23, 2013

Abby and the Golden Necklace

When Abby was visiting last week, every day we would go for rides on Milly down to the woods, and Milly would transform from a golf cart to a Magic Pirate Ship, and the woods became an Enchanted Forest.

When we would ride thru the field to the Enchanted Forest, the field became the ocean and it was pretty rough going, but we persevered.  Captain Hook, who was a bumble bee, led the way with us yelling "Ahoy Matey," and we were screaming the whole time because the bad pirates were chasing us, but we were faster than they were and always outran them.   We were looking for the Golden Necklace that the bad pirates had stolen, and every single day, we made this trip, some days,  two or three times, always looking through our telescope, trying to find the golden necklace.

Well, naturally grandparents want to make a little girl's dream come true, so Larry went to a tag sale and came home with two huge bags of Mardi Gras beads. 100+ necklaces.  Then the night before she left to go home, he went to the woods and dropped piles of beads along the path, ending with a whole pile of golden necklaces.  For those of you who know Larry, you are probably smiling, because he never does anything half way, he always takes it to the extreme, and of course, since it was for Abby, he really pulled out all the stops.

So the last evening, we went for one last treasure hunt, searching for that golden necklace, and the following video is the result.  It's rather long, but I couldn't bear to edit it, this will always be a real treasure for her in years to come.  The farther into the video we go, the more excited she gets, just watch and you'll see what I mean...









She was so excited, after we came home with her treasures,  she kept saying over and over again.  "I never saw anything like it."  "Never in my entire life."  It was as though she couldn't believe it had really happened.  Now what do Grammie and P-Pa do to top this?  I'm clueless right now, but it sure will be fun figuring out what we do for her the next time she comes to stay...


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