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The Lone Ranger Remake, There will NEVER be another Lone Ranger


Year after year the movie industry churns out remakes of classic movies and yes, television shows.  They never work, they’re never good like the originals, but they continue to do it.  Is it because the baby boomers are dying off and they think the younger generation won’t remember how fabulous the originals were?

Well, I’m not dead yet, and it frosts my cake when they do this.  Now they’re remaking the The Lone Ranger.  I don’t care if it does star Johnny Depp, You just don’t mess around with The Lone Ranger!

Will I pay money to see it?  Oh hell no, I wouldn’t waste my time!  It’s desecration, people, DESECRATION and I am not happy about it either!!!

And yes, Linds, if you’re reading this, I did like the remake of Bewitched.  But it was for shallow reasons, I liked Nicole Kidman’s cottage.  The movie itself was lame.  But this isn’t the same thing, no siree, not the same thing at all!!!!!  At least Johnny Depp isn’t The Lone Ranger, he’s playing Tonto.  But do you know who’s playing The Lone Ranger?  Armie Hammer.  Armie Hammer??? Now what kind of name is that! He looks like he’s barely shaving in the promos.  And V, I know you are enamored of Mr. Depp, but we’ll take that conversation private.

Just look at this picture of Armie and Johnny.  I’m shaking my head and rolling my eyes!


Now you tell me, do these two bozo’s look The Lone Ranger and Tonto???? Of course they don’t!  Johnny Depp is a paleface with white makeup for crying out loud, and what’s the wings on his head?  Tonto wouldn’t be caught dead with a bird on his head, Jeez people!


But this, now this is the real deal, when men were men and injuns were injuns.  Surely this remake isn’t some kind of gay Lone Ranger!  Oh, puh-leez!

I’m all worked up here, this is just so wrong on so many levels!!!!!

Hi-Yo Silver, Awayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Sometimes she just takes my breath away…

Oh Abby, you are the most precious little girl....







Happy Anniversary John & Deanna

It was a year ago today that John and Deanna stood on a beach in Hawaii and exchanged their wedding vows. It’s been a wonderful year for the two of them, and it’s a mother’s greatest joy to see her child so happy.  There are so many good things going on in my life right now, and I am grateful for every moment of it.

Happy Anniversary, Dear Hearts, what an amazing couple you are.




Wednesday, September 26, 2012

A bacon shortage is coming…


“Experts” say that pork production will drop to the lowest per capita since 1975.  And they say that if you get a sticker shock from pork, you’ll have a heart attack when you look at beef.

My friend V, bought a freezer to stock up, Hubby and I are thinking of doing the same thing.  The added bonus is that you can buy local pork and beef that’s grass fed.  Of course we could just eat chicken and fish, but have you flipped over those frozen fish packages, most of it is imported from China, and that’s scary as hell, too.

Something to think about, buying now and freezing.  I think I’ll check out those freezer prices right now…

Why does comfort food always evoke fond memories?


Yesterday was stormy, it was such a gloomy, dreary day, we had just gotten home from visiting dem grandbabies, the house was too quiet and we were  in much need of comfort food.  Well, not really, but it was a good excuse.  I had a pound of ground sirloin, so I was attempting to tell myself that this wasn’t really that many calories, umhmmm, sure it wasn’t!  But anyway, I made not only goulash, but corn and then I took it to a whole other level with mashed potatoes.  It was just the way mother made hers when I was a child.  LC thought it was amazing, or maybe it was just the night for it, who knows, all I can tell you is that it was so good that I’m posting the recipe on Jan CAN Cook.

Now this is simple, peasant food, with few ingredients, so if you’re looking for something more upscale, this isn’t the recipe for you.  However, if you want something that just satisfies you to the bone, then this is the recipe.  And whatever you do, don’t forget the mashed potatoes, that’s the key.  Trust me on this one.  It was so, so good!

Here’s the quick click.  Enjoy!

~ Jan

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

We’ve been to visit the grandkids…

Oh, where do I start.

Well, first an update on Ben, who is 8 weeks old tomorrow. 


He eats, he sleeps, he fusses, he’s a normal little guy.  He makes noises, lots and lots of sounds, he’s a noisy eater, a noisy sleeper, he’s a cutey patootie, and of course, snuggly and adorable.

And now Abby.  Oh my, she cracks us all up, you never know what she’s going to do or say next.  For instance, when they go through the drive-thru for her “hots” (french fries) she has to talk to the person at the window. 

And she has to go to Old McDonalds for her “hots”, and she’s just sure that Donald Duck lives there.  Why?  Who knows, it’s just Abby.  So we’re in the drive-thru at Old McDonald’s, she’s in the back behind her Daddy who’s driving, and here’s how the conversation goes.

Abby: “Roll down my window Daddy, roll down my window!!!” 

Daddy: “Okay, hang on a minute, Abby, I’m trying to order.”

Abby: “Hi lady, I’m Abby.”

Window Lady: “Well, hello Abby, how are you?”

Abby: I’m fine thank you, you got my hots?

Now the window lady was a bit perplexed but she quickly figured out that Abby wanted her french fries.

Window Lady:  “Here you go.”

Abby flashed her a huge smile as we’re driving away she was yelling, “T’anks for the hots, lady.”

This little scenerio is pretty much repeated wherever we go, she stops and talks to people, and if they aren’t too interested in her, she stares them down and smiles until they say something to her. 

She helped make pizza one night, didn’t want to eat it, but she had fun helping.


She sat beside me the other night playing on the iPad, I kid you not, for two and a half hours, she just sat there, playing all the little games, she doesn’t fidget, she doesn’t move around, she just sits there and concentrates on what she’s doing.  I took this picture of her below when we were watching The Lion King, she’s a huge fan, just as my friend Angi’s Sam was at this age. Oh, how can she be this old already.


I have more pictures, these were from my phone, I haven’t opened the memory card on the camera yet.

It’s always fun to visit the family, now time to regroup, but first maybe a nap.  Grammie is tired!

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