Friday, July 6, 2012

George W. Bush, a great humanitarian…


Strip away the politics, look at the picture for what it is.  Such a kind man, doing such good work….

And no, I didn’t vote for him, but somehow I don’t see our current president doing this with white children post presidency.  I know what you’re thinking, and trust me, I’m the first to admit that race shouldn’t factor in here, and it doesn’t at all in my eyes, and I would think not for 99% of the women that read this blog,  but I’m just sayin….

And don’t worry, I’m not going all political on you, this, and my prior post, are just a coincidence, pinky swear ;o)

~ Jan, getting real this morning…

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Medicare Supplement Insurance just went up by 37%

Hubby has Mutual of Omaha supplemental Medicare plan, it’s a highly rated plan with good coverage, and it costs him $101 a month.

His insurance agent called yesterday, they just raised the premium to $138 per month, that’s a 37% increase, and I’m afraid that this is just the beginning!


Steaming madSteaming madSteaming madSteaming madSteaming mad

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy July 4th…


John and Deanna came yesterday to spend the 4th thru the weekend with us.  She brought me the loveliest flowers from her garden.


Veggies from her garden, too.  I sauteed squash, onions, and peppers in bacon drippings last night.  It was wonderful!


I went to the woods yesterday, and picked Abby’s very, very favorite flowers, Queen Anne’s Lace,  put them in a Ball Jar with red food coloring, just like Mother used to do.  John had a big smile on his face at the memory.  This morning they are starting to turn orange, I’ll post another picture once they are colored.  We’re visiting Lindsay and Ryan later this month, I want to color some for Abby, too.


They brought Petunia, the bunny, it was too hot to leave her at home.  They had just come in the house, Izzie is fascinated with Petunia.  She just lays and gazes at her in her crate, and Petunia inches up nose to nose with Izzie.  Aren’t animals the most wonderful thing?

And that’s our July 4th so far.  It’s another scorcher, already 95 degrees at 11 o’clock, so we’re obviously not going to be picnicking by the river to watch the fireworks like we normally do.

But, oh how I love having my family around me, so we’re in for a fun weekend.  John picked up my fabric for the bulletin board, so the guys are going to build it for me.  More pictures to come.

Keep cool and have a wonderful holiday!

~ jan

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Sirius Radio, Escape, Channel 69


I have my neighbor, Marti, to thank for this one.  She asked me this spring if I listened to "Escape” on Sirius Radio.  I told her I did, and I really thought I did, but I was so wrong.

One day I went to their station list, realized that Escape, Channel 69, was not what I was listening to and tuned in.

Well, first of all, you have to realize that I’m a huge fan of elevator music, but this is so much more, O!M!G! it’s a wonderful station.

The channel is described as "easy, Instrumental and vocal favorites and the great popular melodies popular over the last sixty years.”  I listen to it all the time, and last weekend the family was sitting in the living room later in the evening, Escape was playing, and Lindsay loved it, too.  It’s so relaxing, just a great mix of music.  So, if you’re a Sirius Radio person, and don’t know this channel, give it a listen.  It’s a goodie.  Pinkie swear it is!

~ jan

Now I understand why old women wear “dusters”


If you’re older than dirt like me, you remember dusters.  In fact, on any hot day you can go to Wally World and see old women still wearing something similar.  Dusters, housedresses, they used to be what women wore in the summer.

And now I get it, I really do.   After days of wicked heat, and more to follow, even in an air conditioned house, I don’t want anything touching me.  Now I’m not about to wear a housedress, so I’m living in my nightshirts right now, willing the doorbell not to ring.

And now I’m wondering if all of those old women wear underwear with their “housedresses?”  Ewwwww, what a thought, but I bet a lot of them don’t.

Actually the “dusters” in this picture are pretty cute.  I guess I’m being nostalgic, I think I actually had something similar to this way, way, back in the day when I was just a girl.

They probably sell these things at Sears, and even though it’s so ‘friggin hot I’m miserable, I think I’ll take a pass.  But give me five years and who knows…

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