Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The key to organization IS containment…


I preach this all the time, organize by containers and you eliminate reduce clutter. 

I always have a ton of things on my ottoman, the magazines slide off in the floor, or Maggie jumps on top of them and scatters them to the winds, they’re messy, the clickers get lost, my cell phone gets buried under the clutter, I can’t find my iPod, you get my drift…

My buddy, V, has a big basket on her ottoman with all of her items in it.  Soooooo, yours truly had a moment of enlightenment and realized that I needed to do the same thing.  Rectangular ottoman = round basket, and round ottoman = rectangular basket.

Easier said than done.  I searched all over Heavensville for a round basket that would work, and found el zippo.  So I ended up with a rectangular one, angled it, and it fits the bill.  You would think baskets would be easy, but they aren’t!  It’s hard to find a tray basket that is a workable size, I did however, find one that I loved at Pier One for $59, but I didn’t love the price, so I ended up at Trees ‘n Trends and found a workable one on sale for $10.

I don’t think baskets are as popular as they once were.  I’ve been a fan since I was a girl, loved them forever, but I seldom see great ones anymore, just the samo.  Pottery Barn has the best ones, but they’re pricey and then you have to pay shipping charges, too.

Now I’m practicing what I always preach, the secret to organization IS containment! 

And speaking of, I have the ultimate, I did this earlier in the week, but that’s for another post.  Check back and see what I’ve been up to.  This is my best idea yet, well almost…

Hope it’s cooler in your part of the world, we’re sweltering here today.

~ jan

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father’s Day to a wonderful Dad!

daddy1There is no greater joy in life than watching your child father his child.  Ryan is such an amazing Dad to Abby.  He’s so gentle and kind with her, he always stoops down to her level to interact with her, and she just soaks up his attention like a little sponge.  His patience amazes me, he always takes time to play with her, to guide her, to answer her constant questions.  It tugs at those heartstring just to watch the two of them interact.

Nobody one can set her off in a fit of giggles like her “Da-Da.”  Nobody makes her eyes light up like he does when he enters a room.  I feel to blessed this Father’s Day to have, along with LC, raised such a wonderful, good person as my son.

Happy Father’s Day Ryan, your mom is so proud of you!!!

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