Monday, December 31, 2012

My day so far...

I was going to lunch with a girlfriend, I was!

Hubby and I were going to Angelo's, our favorite Italian restaurant for dinner tonight and then to a movie, we were!

Instead, I woke up this morning with a Tri-State Boomer of a headache and legs aching, due to the latest front coming in.  So much for girl's lunch out.  And rain/sleet/freezing rain is forecasted for this afternoon, so much for going to Angelo's, I had to cancel our reservation.  And there was el zilcho that I wanted to see at the movie anyway, I was all excited to see Quartet with Maggie Smith, but they've backed the opening until January 13th.

We had to rethink our New Years eve, which meant eating in and cooking, so we had to go to the grocery store, so despite the fact that I felt like el crappola, we trudged out in the weather this morning, hubby maneuvering me thru the ice patches on the driveway to get to the car.  The SUV has to sit out because Tootie is in the garage, heaven forbid Tootie sits out in the weather, and the golf cart is in the garage, as well,  no room for two cars.

Photo 2

 And, in an attempt to make me feel better, LC did take me to the Donut Bank for a maple pecan roll and a cup of the best coffee in Heavensville.  

Photo 3

The Donut Bank was packed this morning, and it's always interesting to people watch.  I sipped my coffee, ate my yummy roll while sitting at a window table watching the flag blow in the wind, the snow swirling around, and for awhile, life was good.  But, alas, it was a temporary fix, the sugar rush was gone by the time we got to the grocery store, where the entire population of Heavensville had congregated.  By the time we had waded through the aisles and checked out, my Tri-State Boomer, which was bad before, was now attacking me with a vengeance.

Now I'm home, not leaving either.  I ingested massive amounts of caffeine and Excedrin in order to soothe my aching body and throbbing head, which will no doubt result in the jitters.  But we do have a nice dinner planned, Country Club Chicken, which my friend Barb made recently and loved, a green salad, baby peas and a loaf of french bread to bake.  And dessert?  What we didn't get for Christmas, because we had to leave Ryan's early due to the weather, a comfort dessert we both love, homemade, warm banana pudding.

And that's my day so far.

Hope yours is going better than mine. 

~ Whiney Jan


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