Monday, December 3, 2012

I think I’ve wrapped too many presents in my lifetime…


The thrill is gone, hubby rescued me again this year by wrapping all the Christmas presents, then  it was my job to decorate. 

Ryan is coming tomorrow, we decided to send the gifts back with him, since we’re going to their house for Christmas, so today was the day to decorate the packages.  I put it off as long as I possibly could, we bought gifts early this year, hubby wrapped days ago, I stalled decorating them until noon, took a deep breath, put on a taped Hallmark movie and went to work.

How did it go?  Not so good.  I never quite got in the mood, there was a mountain of them to decorate, and dear hubby once again bailed me out by decorating the last pile. 

Our family is growing, and we had such a good time buying gifts for the grandkids, the last count was fifty plus, and we still have more coming in the mail this week. So it was quite an ordeal, trying to wrap and decorate all those packages, but we did make a decision.

Next year, we’re taking all the gifts unwrapped, with a stack of tissue paper and gift bags, we’re plopping the gifts in the bag, sticking in the tissue paper, and voila, wrapped presents.  No more criscrossing and curling that ribbon, no more pinecones, jingle bells, bows, and various sparkly things  attached to the packages, we’re finished with that!

I remember back in the day I loved the whole idea of wrapping gifts.  I would make my own tags, use all kinds of special trimming, so what happened to me???  Age, that’s what happened.  Maybe I’ll get the thrill back again when we just have to stuff the gifts in the bags.

Adapt and move forward, that’s what I have to do…

And a HUGE thanks to LC for doing the majority of this, he definitely has hero status this evening.  I just get overwhelmed in my old(er) age and all of the mess just drives me wild. 

So now I’m going to go make that man something good for dinner, thank goodness, I still enjoy cooking!


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