Saturday, October 27, 2012

We're in Music City

Having a great weekend with the kids, John and Deanna. Yesterday we went to Nashville Flea Market, which is a huge deal in Nashville in October. I found treasures, including a Blingy collar for Maggie and jewelry drawer liners! So next week the organizing saga continues. Bet you all can't wait for that!

And this picture is from John and Deanna's great adventure last weekend. Deanna and her sisters blog regularly at Harris Sisters GirlTalk. You can read all about their ride in a hot air balloon by clicking on the following link

Today the guys were up early, John tore out their fireplace a couple of weeks ago, then rebuilt it with a ventless fireplace insert and now they're grouting the new tile. They always have a project. Then were off to the country for a little antiquing, where lunch will hopefully be beans and cornbread and this evening were going to dinner with Barb and Wally, our friends who are also in town for the weekend.

Tomorrow were going home where yours truly will work on organizing that jewelry.

I just love fall, October is the prettiest month of the year, I think. Next we visit the grandkids. I remember when Abby was born, we were sitting in the waiting room, and there was this older lady talking to me about her grandchildren. She said that about after a month she starts getting the "itch." Now I totally understand, its been a month now since I last saw them, and I'm starting to "itch" like crazy!



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