Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Talk about Scary, now THIS is Scary!!!!


I’ve always put on  my makeup using a 5X stand magnifying mirror. Well, I’ve dropped my mirror a badzillion times, it has cracks on both sides, and last week was the last straw when the bottom fell out of it and hubby had to duct tape it together.

He’s been after me for weeks months to get a new mirror, so I decided on a swing-away scissor arm one, since it would mount on the wall and give me more counter space.

I found one on Amazon that got good reviews, the price was right, but it was 7X.  I told myself I’m older now, cataracts will probably be setting in soon, so I might as well bump up the magnification.

It came in two days, thanks to Amazon Prime, which is the greatest thing since sliced bread, hubby installed it, I sat down, swung it toward me.

OMG.  O . M . G!!!!!  I saw things that no woman should EVER have to see on her face.  It magnifies every bump, blemish and age spot, it’s totally unforgiving, and not only that, the thing gives me vertigo when it swings back and forth.

But I’ll get used to it, I’m sure, the vertigo part, anyway.  I doubt if I ever recover from seeing this almost sixty-three year old face magnified SEVEN times. 

What! was I thinking???

Whatever you do, don’t bump the magnification of your makeup mirror to 7X ladies.  It will scare the living beejesus right out of you!!!!  Pinky swear it will…

DevilBOO!!!!! Angry smile


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