Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Now I’m organizing the dog’s clothes!

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I’m in an organizing frenzy.  My closet is finished, jewelry isn’t, I’m struggling with what I’m going to line my drawers with, so now I’m tackling Maggie’s clothes.  I’m going to line a dresser drawer with plastic tubs and put her clothes in the tubs.  Why?  Because, the secret to organization is containment.  How many times have I preached that on here?  And why do I get in huge messes anyway?  Because I have a messy gene, that’s why!  Egads, I would hate to think what everything would look like if I didn’t contain it!

Actually, this is pretty embarrassing.  This little five pound Yorkie has this big pile of clothes and I don’t even let her wear them that much, because the friction of fur against fabric mats her really badly and it’s a pain to untangle.

So why did I just buy her another winter coat?  A cute little red fleece one with white lambs wool around the neck and sleeve openings, oh, it’ so Christmasy and pretty.

I buy her all these clothes because she’s little and cute and looks adorable in everything I put on her, that’s why. Embarrassed smile

And you’re probably thinking, “dog clothes are expensive, why does she spend all that money on clothes for her dog.”  Well, I’m a bargain shopper, and most of her clothes come from Tuesday Morning, because they have great doggie duds for $5.99-$6.99-$7.99.  Cute, cute things and you can’t beat the price.  In fact, last week, they had so many cute styles and somebody had bought all of the size Smalls, there wasn’t a Small in the store.  And, in all fairness, I’ve been doing this for years now, it’s not like I replenish her wardrobe every year. Maggie is six now, I’ve bought her clothes since she was a pup, and a few of the things belonged to Munchie, my first Yorkie, and some of them I bought for sweet Mollie.  I’m trying to justify the pile, can you tell? 

Oh, she does have one drop dead gorgeous pale pink cashmere sweater from Neiman Marcus.  No, I didn’t spend all that money for a dog sweater, but my neighbor, the 94 year old lady with the Pomeranian does, and this was too little for Cha-Cha, so Maggie inherited it.  And every girl needs one dazzling, beautiful item in their closet drawer, right?

Actually it was probably a good thing somebody had bought all of the size Small or the pile would have grown even bigger! They had the cutest little red plaid coat with a corduroy collar and a cream quilted lining, no Small to be had,  so I bought it in an XS, hoping it would work, but it was too little for Mags, so Trish bought it for her London who just weighs 3 lbs.  It looked adorable on her, too.  London has a truckload of clothes, also.  And I hate to think how many Diane’s cutey patootie Miley has.  I’m not the only crazy dog lady, I’m in good company.

And speaking of winter coats, she has a purple one and suede one with a fur hoodie that aren’t in this pile. 

So, now I’m on the hunt for those!  Still going to tell you all about Flip ‘n Fold and post closet pix.


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