Friday, September 7, 2012

Williams Sonoma Chicken Coops for the Gentleman Farmer’s Wife..



Williams Sonoma has gone into the chicken coop business.  Don’t you just love Williams Sonoma, you never know what they’re going to come up with next, and every catalog is a treasure!

I have a feeling that my oldest son is not going to be happy about this post.  His pretty little wife is a sucker for any kind of animal, they would have quite the menagerie if it were left up to her.  Hubby saw this picture, and he was all over it like mayo on white, he’s ready to build a scaled down version of this for their backyard!  But then LC is always “egging” it on, this spring he was trying his best to talk them into a duck, but that just didn’t “fly” with John.  A duck would have been cute, but ducks poop everywhere, so that idea didn’t go over so well.

So now he’s really into this chicken coop idea and can just picture it nestled between the birch trees against the fence, next to the neighbor’s baying basset hound.  Oh dear, I don’t know how this one is going to play out, John is not a happy camper right now anyway, as sweet little Petunia, their mini-lop bunny, took a chunk out of his finger last week.

But on with the show…


This is pretty darn cute, I must admit, and who would have thought that raising chickens would ever be trendy.  Ma would have loved this, she would thought the coop was wonderful.  We had chickens when I was a child, the chickens are fine, but the roosters can be mean.  You don’t need a rooster for a chicken to lay eggs, however, and chickens don’t crow, they just cluck, so how noisy could a couple of chickens be, really...

marthachickI think the trendy chicken fad started with none other than that famous trend setter, Martha Stewart, who is famous for her chickens.  She has raised chickens for thirty years and has all kinds of exotic breeds, and I must admit, some of them are absolute beauties.  She even taped a show about chickens, you can watch the video here.


But back to Williams Sonoma, last year John was interested in bee keeping, and Williams Sonoma just happens to be selling this backyard beehive starter kit.  Yes, that’s right ladies, looks like good ‘ole Williams Sonoma is embracing the country life. 

Oh, John is not going to be happy about this at all, not happy at all! 

That coop is pretty amazing, though, you have to admit…


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